Scorecard | Excelsior vs HBS | 31.07.22

Excelsior 20 I Vs HBS I
1-Innings Match Played At Thurlede, Schiedam, 31-Jul-2022, Topklasse
No result
Round C6
Toss won by HBS I
Umpires N Bathi – DJ Kalloe
Scorers EM Heggelman – MAP Wiegers
Home Side Excelsior 20 I
Excelsior 20 I 1st Innings 175/5 (Overs 39.5)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
TC Etman c K Klein b R Klein 1 2 0 0
TJ Heggelman lbw b G Kaplan 25 37 2 0
RTF Verhagen*+ lbw b FJ Vink 70 110 6 0
LT Ingram c T Walbrugh b W Barresi 0 7 0 0
J Kroesen c R Klein b JI de Mey 46 65 3 0
BR Hampton not out   19 18 1 1
SG Shankar not out   0 0 0 0
UF Baker dnb          
RWA van Troost dnb          
JJ Blankestijn dnb          
GG Kroesen dnb          
extras   (b0 lb7 w7 nb0) 14      
TOTAL   5 wickets for 175      
1-2(TC Etman) 2-71(TJ Heggelman) 3-72(LT Ingram) 4-153(J Kroesen) 5-175(RTF Verhagen)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
R Klein 7 0 34 1 2
FJ Vink 6.5 0 29 1 2
G Kaplan 7 1 25 1
W Barresi 10 3 28 1
JI de Mey 6 0 30 1 2
SP Vink 3 0 22 0
HBS I 1st Innings
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
T Walbrugh dnb          
RP Mason dnb          
G Kaplan dnb          
W Barresi dnb          
R Klein dnb          
JI de Mey dnb          
K Klein dnb          
FJ Vink* dnb          
MM Scholte+ dnb          
SP Vink dnb          
J van der Raad dnb          
extras   (b0 lb0 w0 nb0) 0      
TOTAL   0 wickets for 0      
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb

Scorecard | Punjab vs VCC | 31.07.22

Punjab I Vs Voorburg I
1-Innings Match Played At Zomercomplex, Rotterdam, 31-Jul-2022, Topklasse
Voorburg I Win by 10 wkts
Round C6
Toss won by Voorburg I
Umpires AND van den Dries – M Prabhudesai
Home Side Punjab I
Comment Rain stopped play, Voorburg 3-0 (0.4 overs), match reduced to 33 overs; revised DLS target 240.
Points Awarded Punjab I 0, Voorburg I 2
Punjab I 1st Innings 312/7 Closed (Overs 50)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
SJ Myburgh c SA Engelbrecht b BFW de Leede 41 51 5 2
R Jappie c BFW de Leede b AJ Malan 19 32 3 0
AA Zulfiqar+ c TN de Grooth b VJ Kingma 65 88 7 0
JD Vandiar c M Hingorani b AJ Malan 88 79 10 4
AT Nidamanuru c MN Ahmad b BFW de Leede 17 10 1 1
SA Zulfiqar c M Hingorani b LV van Beek 18 12 2 1
Y Usman run out AJ Malan   12 11 0 1
RU Zulfiqar not out   17 11 1 1
SM Zulfiqar not out   12 7 2 0
Mubashar Hussain dnb          
S Tariq* dnb          
extras   (b4 lb3 w15 nb1) 23      
TOTAL   7 wickets for 312      
1-60(R Jappie) 2-76(SJ Myburgh) 3-230(JD Vandiar) 4-248(AT Nidamanuru) 5-255(AA Zulfiqar) 6-279(SA Zulfiqar) 7-285(Y Usman)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
VJ Kingma 9 1 66 1 2 1
LV van Beek 10 1 44 1 11
BFW de Leede 9 0 62 2 1
AJ Malan 10 1 51 2
PRP Boissevain 7 0 36 0 1
S Ahmad 5 0 46 0
Voorburg I 1st Innings 240/0 (Overs 27.3)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
MN Ahmad not out   100 82 12 3
AJ Malan not out   131 84 14 7
BFW de Leede* dnb          
SA Engelbrecht dnb          
LV van Beek dnb          
TN de Grooth dnb          
M Hingorani+ dnb          
S Ahmad dnb          
PRP Boissevain dnb          
S de Leede dnb          
VJ Kingma dnb          
extras   (b0 lb2 w6 nb1) 9      
TOTAL   0 wickets for 240      
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
S Tariq 4 0 25 0
AT Nidamanuru 6 0 38 0
SM Zulfiqar 6 0 75 0 1
Mubashar Hussain 4 0 27 0
SA Zulfiqar 4 0 33 0 1
R Jappie 3 0 22 0 1
Y Usman .3 0 18 0

Scorecard | VOC vs Sparta | 31.07.22

VOC I Vs Sparta I
1-Innings Match Played At Hazelaarweg, Rotterdam, 31-Jul-2022, Topklasse
VOC I Win by 9 wkts
Round R6
Toss won by Sparta I
Umpires RJ Akram – Z Hussain
Home Side VOC I
Points Awarded Sparta I 0, VOC I 2
Sparta I 1st Innings 83/10 All Out (Overs 30.1)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
K Ahmadi   b PJ Fletcher 0 2 0 0
M Latif lbw b B Niaz 2 6 0 0
A Raza+ c SA Edwards b PJ Fletcher 4 7 1 0
SB Gohil c SA Edwards b A Jain 18 34 2 0
M Bukhari* st SA Edwards b PM Seelaar 21 40 1 2
R Noor lbw b MB Hoornweg 1 33 0 0
Manminder Singh   b A Jain 5 13 1 0
AAJ Malik   b A Jain 0 1 0 0
PB Balwantsingh c MP O’Dowd b MB Hoornweg 11 29 1 0
JM Snoep st SA Edwards b ML Smit 7 16 0 0
U Saleem not out   0 0 0 0
extras   (b2 lb4 w8 nb0) 14      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 83      
1-2(M Latif) 2-2(K Ahmadi) 3-7(A Raza) 4-48(SB Gohil) 5-54(M Bukhari) 6-59(Manminder Singh) 7-59(AAJ Malik) 8-68(R Noor) 9-83(PB Balwantsingh) 10-83(JM Snoep)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
B Niaz 5 1 14 1
PJ Fletcher 5 1 19 2 1
A Jain 10 3 20 3 1
PM Seelaar 5 2 12 1 3
ML Smit 2.1 0 3 1 1
MB Hoornweg 3 0 9 2 2
VOC I 1st Innings 84/1 (Overs 7.5)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
MP O’Dowd c AAJ Malik b R Noor 35 23 5 1
SA Edwards+ not out   32 23 2 1
ML Smit not out   1 1 0 0
TIM de Kok* dnb          
PM Seelaar dnb          
B Niaz dnb          
A Jain dnb          
JD Schoonheim dnb          
RR Upadhyaya dnb          
MB Hoornweg dnb          
PJ Fletcher dnb          
extras   (b4 lb1 w11 nb0) 16      
TOTAL   1 wickets for 84      
1-80(MP O’Dowd)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
AAJ Malik 3 0 32 0 2
M Bukhari 3 0 26 0 1
SB Gohil 1 0 16 0
R Noor .5 0 5 1

Scorecard | Dosti vs ACC | 31.07.22

Dosti I Vs ACC I
1-Innings Match Played At Sportpark Drieburg, 31-Jul-2022, Topklasse
No result
Round R6
Toss won by Dosti I
Umpires D Das – PGHA van Giezen
Home Side Dosti I
Dosti I 1st Innings 41/0 (Overs 4)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
RI Ahmed+ not out   10 16 2 0
WA Raja not out   23 8 2 2
VAB Tewarie dnb          
A Singh dnb          
M Hans dnb          
K Diwan dnb          
T Ahmad dnb          
Asief Hoseinbaks dnb          
Arief Hoseinbaks dnb          
W Masood dnb          
S Ghori dnb          
extras   (b0 lb1 w7 nb0) 8      
TOTAL   0 wickets for 41      
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
M van Vliet 2 0 13 0 1
MA Raza 1 0 21 0 1
JS Reddy 1 0 6 0 1
ACC I 1st Innings
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
TG Hobson dnb          
MA Raza* dnb          
S Potdar dnb          
R Smith dnb          
A Zaidi dnb          
F Wegener+ dnb          
AJM Verbeek dnb          
RA Kumar dnb          
M van Vliet dnb          
D Arya dnb          
JS Reddy dnb          
extras   (b0 lb0 w0 nb0) 0      
TOTAL   0 wickets for 0      
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb

Scorecard | Salland vs Kampong | 31.07.22

Salland I Vs Kampong I
1-Innings Match Played At Het Schootsveld, Deventer, 31-Jul-2022, Topklasse
Salland I Win by 5 wkts
Round R6
Toss won by Salland I
Umpires P Muthucumaru – E Ruchtie
Home Side Salland I
Points Awarded Kampong I 0, Salland I 2
Kampong I 1st Innings 134/10 All Out (Overs 39.3)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
MR Alphonse+   b RA Lubbers 6 19 0 0
V Chaturvedi lbw b VS Lubbers 1 2 0 0
CJ Briggs lbw b V Ganesan 53 85 6 0
MU Malik* c PP Ottachchige b RA Lubbers 3 15 0 0
TLW Cooper c PP Ottachchige b V Ganesan 36 49 4 0
RTF van der Harten c RA Lubbers b SV Elam Bharathi 0 9 0 0
SD Bakker c TA Khan b V Ganesan 13 17 3 0
PJ Jacod st PP Ottachchige b V Ganesan 5 13 1 0
A Roy lbw b SV Elam Bharathi 3 16 0 0
KM Nana not out   0 8 0 0
G Swanepoel c RA Lubbers b V Ganesan 1 4 0 0
extras   (b0 lb0 w13 nb0) 13      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 134      
1-7(V Chaturvedi) 2-20(MR Alphonse) 3-28(MU Malik) 4-93(TLW Cooper) 5-103(RTF van der Harten) 6-120(SD Bakker) 7-124(CJ Briggs) 8-129(PJ Jacod) 9-133(A Roy) 10-134(G Swanepoel)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
VS Lubbers 6 0 27 1 5
RA Lubbers 8 0 24 2 5
GA Nasir 7 0 18 0
SV Elam Bharathi 9 1 28 2 2
V Ganesan 9.3 0 37 5 1
Salland I 1st Innings 135/5 (Overs 34)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
V Ganesan c TLW Cooper b A Roy 32 24 6 0
T Machiavello   b A Roy 0 10 0 0
TA Khan c MR Alphonse b A Roy 14 21 1 0
PP Ottachchige+ not out   58 83 7 0
VS Lubbers* run out PJ Jacod   7 32 0 0
SV Elam Bharathi c MU Malik b TLW Cooper 0 5 0 0
RA Lubbers not out   12 29 0 0
H Khan dnb          
GA Nasir dnb          
J Ullah dnb          
I Webber dnb          
extras   (b0 lb0 w12 nb0) 12      
TOTAL   5 wickets for 135      
1-23(T Machiavello) 2-41(V Ganesan) 3-52(TA Khan) 4-83(VS Lubbers) 5-85(SV Elam Bharathi)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
KM Nana 3 0 24 0 2
A Roy 9 2 27 3 6
MU Malik 7 0 34 0 4
PJ Jacod 7 0 21 0
TLW Cooper 6 1 17 1
G Swanepoel 2 0 12 0

Voorburg beat the rain – and Punjab

Rod Lyall 01/08/22

Successive bands of rain disrupted the Topklasse schedule on Sunday, but the three matches which reached a conclusion served to clarify some of the outstanding issues, if not conclusively then to a very definite degree.

The most significant outcome was at Het Zomercomplex, where leaders Voorburg pulled off a notable ten-wicket victory over defending champions Punjab Rotterdam.

Punjab had, for the second week in a row, posted a formidable total, this time putting on 312 for seven, and whereas their 281 against Excelsior last week had been dominated by Jonathan Vandiar’s mammoth innings, this was much more of a combined effort: Rushdie Jappie (19) and Steph Myburgh (41) contributed an opening stand of 60, and then Asad Zulfiqar and Vandiar added 154 for the third wicket in just 23 overs.

Vandiar missed out on another hundred, falling to Andre Malan for a 79-ball 88 which included ten fours and four sixes, and after Asad went for a more restrained 65 the lower order chipped in to get the total past 300.

All Voorburg’s bowlers suffered, Logan van Beek the most economical with one for 44 from his ten overs.

The reply had barely started when there was a rain delay, and Voorburg were set a revised target of 240 from 33 overs, at a rate of 7.27 per over.

Last season Punjab built their title campaign in large measure on a parsimonious attack, but as Excelsior had demonstrated a week ago, they are currently much less effective at staunching the flow of runs, certainly once opposing batters are settled.

This Musa Ahmad and Andre Malan, Voorburg’s openers proceeded to do, and the reply quickly gained momentum, the leaders reaching their target without loss in just 27.3 of the available overs.

Malan was particularly brutal, reaching his century from just 78 deliveries and, once he had passed this milestone, smashing Saqib Zulfiqar for four consecutive sixes; in all he faced 84 balls for his unbeaten 131, which included 14 fours and seven sixes.

Musa had gone along more quietly, but then, on 82 and with 18 needed, he hit Yasir Usman for three sixes to reach an 82-ball century with the winning blow, having struck 12 fours to go with those three sixes.

The win preserves Voorburg’s unbeaten record in the championship pool, and with four games to go they seem virtually certain, not only to finish in the top two but also to go into the finals at the head of the table, thus ensuring home advantage in the play-offs.

The other two games in the pool were abandoned, the match at Thurlede after Excelsior ’20 had reached 175 for five in 39.5 overs against HBS Craeyenhout, thanks to a fourth-wicket stand of 81 between Roel Verhagen (70) and Joost Kroesen (46), while only two overs were possible in the Amsterdamse Bos, where VRA Amsterdam reached 5 without loss against HCC before proceedings came to an end.

The relegation pool match between Dosti Amsterdam and ACC at Sportpark Drieburg managed just four overs, Rahil Ahmed and Waqas Raja reaching 41 without loss for the home side, Raja belting 23 from eight deliveries before the rain set in again.

The other two games in this pool, however, did reach a conclusion, wins for Salland Deventer against Kampong Utrecht at Het Schootsveld and for VOC Rotterdam against Sparta 1888 at the Hazelaarweg significantly reducing any residual fears of relegation the victors may have been suffering.

For Sparta and Kampong, by contrast, the anxiety will have increased: Sparta, dismissed for 83 after collapsing to 61 all out against Salland last week, are now in serious danger of finishing in the bottom three, and potentially occupying one of the two automatic relegation spots.

Pierce Fletcher and Burhan Niaz reduced them to 7 for three inside four overs, and although Samit Gohil (18) and Mudassar Bukhari (21) brought about a partial recovery, Arnav Jain’s three for 20 ran through the lower middle order, and then Max O’Dowd (35) and Scott Edwards (32 not out) made short work of knocking off the runs in just 7.5 overs.

Kampong were reinforced by the advent of Tom Cooper for their journey to Deventer, but despite 53 from Cole Briggs and 36 from Cooper the Utrecht side collapsed from 93 for three to 134 all out, Venkat Ganesan doing much of the damage with five for 37.

Ganesan then hit a 24-ball 32 when Salland replied, but with Alex Roy taking three early wickets the home side had to work hard to reach their fairly modest target, Pasan Ottachchige’s 58 not out turning the innings around after they had lost five wickets for 85.

Ottachchige was supported by Reinder Lubbers in an unbroken stand of 50, and Salland took the points with 16 overs to spare.

Phase 2: Round 2 Preview

Rod Lyall & Bertus de Jong 29/07/22

The second phase of the competition could scarcely have got away to a more dramatic start than it did last Sunday, and this week’s match-ups suggest that we could be in for more of the same. We’re at the stage where every game’s result is vital for at least one of the participants, and whatever the limitations of the format it can’t be denied that it has produced lots of excitement – with plenty more in prospect.

RL: The encounter between Excelsior ’20 and HBS Craeyenhout at Thurlede is a case in point: currently level on points but with HBS having the advantage of having played a game fewer, one of these sides is likely to finish second on the table and thus gain a crucial double chance of reaching the championship final on 10 September. HBS survived a roller-coaster ride of a match against VRA last week, Ferdi Vink instrumental in reducing VRA to 83 for eight, only to see them recover to 251 and then take the Crows into the final over of their reply. They were saved by Tayo Walbrugh’s superb not-out century, and they will need him to maintain his form all the way to the end of the season if they are to have a real chance of their first title since 1980. Walbrugh’s knock was matched by Brett Hampton’s for Excelsior, which enabled them to chase down Punjab’s 281, an effort which will have given the Schiedammers great confidence for the run-in. These are two well-matched sides, and we could see one of the most absorbing games of the season, with home advantage perhaps giving Excelsior the edge.

BdJ: The IPL-style final four system does tend to show its worth this time of the season, as teams in the top half jockey for position while those further down retain some hope of sneaking in deeper into the summer. With the difference between second and third arguably greater even than first and second, this encounter will be a true four-pointer. It was the overseas pros that shone with the bat for both sides last weekend, but as m’colleague observes, home advantage is traditionally a substantial factor at Thurlede, not least in neutralising big-hitting bats. What sort of wicket to expect the day after T20 finals day is probably the Crows’ chief worry, though their own absence on Saturday may at least alleviate their chronic availability issues.

RL: Having been unable to defend their 281 against Excelsior, Punjab Rotterdam will again be at home when they face Voorburg, who are four points clear at the top of the table. Last year’s champions could slip out of the top four if they lose here and HCC beat VRA, but they will be encouraged by the fact that the leaders needed a dogged effort from skipper Bas de Leede to get them over the line against HCC last Sunday. On the other hand, Punjab’s top order hasn’t been nearly as imposing this season as it was in 2021: whereas the four Zulfiqars, for example, scored 1497 runs between them last year at a combined average of 35.51, this time they have 545 so far, averaging 20.96. The advent of Vandiar obviously makes a difference, but with the attack looking less settled as well, despite the contribution of Samiullah Salarazai, they will need to raise their game considerably to best a Voorburg side which, while not unbeatable, has proved a class too good for most opponents this season.

BdJ: A lack of form is a common factor in the Rotterdammers’ long batting line up, though on paper one of the league’s most intimidating. Adjusting to playing on turf again after a first phase played almost exclusively on artificial seems to be an issue for bats and bowlers alike, and it’s worth noting Punjab haven’t won on turf since their season opener against Kampong. It will consequently come as a relief that they won’t be playing this game on grass, as with the New Zealand games coming up Westvliet is in perparation mode. Voorburg have also looked surprisingly vulnerable of late, and with the New Zealand series looming both van Beek and de Leede may be on restricted overs. They will likely need the rest of their line-up to provide de Leede with stronger support if they’re to extend their unbeaten streak, and without Janneman Malan and Delano Potgieter they arguably start as underdogs for the first time this season.

RL: Down but not quite out in the battle for a place in the top four, VRA Amsterdam will take on nearest rivals HCC in the Amsterdamse Bos. A win for HCC, essential for them if they are to have a realistic chance of squeezing into the four, would put them four points ahead of Peter Borren’s side as well as giving them a chance of leapfrogging Punjab. The batting of both sides has been highly inconsistent all season, but HCC’s much more experienced attack could well be a trump card, both here and in the remaining four games as they try to keep their chance of a shot at the title alive. VRA began in T20 mode against HBS last week, but once they’d been rescued by Johan Smal and Leon Turmaine’s record-breaking partnership their bowlers did well to keep their side in the game. A win for the Amsterdammers would shake things up considerably, but they will need their top order to buckle down if that’s to be a realistic possibility.

BdJ: Given the winter exodus at the Bos VRA will be happy enough to be safe in the top half of the table, but if they’re to be anything but also-rans for phase two they will need to start winning games quickly. Again home advantage will give them some hope this week, with HCC’s attack out of the habit of bowling on turf, much less the bat-friendly sort of deck that VRA will likely produce. That said the home bowlers will have a tough job bowling at the likes of Zac Worden on grass, as turf-starved pros tend to cash in at Amstelveen.

RL: Salland brought their A-team to Sparta last week and produced their best performance of the season, and will doubtless be hoping to repeat that effort when they take on Kampong Utrecht at Het Schootsveld. Salland won the corresponding fixture last year, when both these promoted sides were in the Hoofdklasse, but a great deal of water has flowed under the bridge since then. The Deventer club has found it difficult to put out a consistent eleven and has already fielded 22 different players, but when their full contingent of German internationals is available they are genuinely competitive at this level. Kampong have a more stable set-up, but they needed a remarkable comeback – and a dramatic collapse by their opponents – to overcome Dosti last Sunday, and they know that every match is vital now if they are to work their way out of the relegation danger zone. Spinners Pierre Jacod and Tushar Sharma served them well against Dosti, while the success of Stijn Bakker with the bat was some compensation for the departure of Pite van Biljon. It may all depend on which Salland side actually takes the field.

BdJ: The late-breaking news this week is that Kampong have astutely arranged a replacement for va Biljon, the latter’s unfortunate illness (from which we wish him a swift recovery) opening a spot for the otherwise unoccupied Tom Cooper to return to Topklasse action (much to the chagrin of VRA, with the vagaries of the Competitieregelement barring him from turning out for his old club). Given how the new format has treated Kampong few could begrudge them of course, except perhaps Salland, who have done well to keep themselves out of the relegation zone thus far but even at the top of the lower table are still far from safe. The two encounters between Salland and Kampong could yet prove decisive in determining who escapes a relegation battle, with VOC and ACC favoured to take a top three spot on form if not current standings.

RL: After a rather surprising home defeat at the hands of ACC, VOC Rotterdam will again be at home this Sunday, when their opponents will be Sparta 1888, smarting from their nine-wicket hammering by Salland. VOC should have enough resources to stay well clear of the danger zone, but a convincing victory over Sparta here would certainly enable them to breathe a little easier. For the Capelle side the manner of their demolition by Salland will be a source of real concern, and they will be hoping that Samit Gohil will be able to make a much more substantial contribution at the Hazelaarweg, given the crucial role he plays in their all-too-vulnerable batting line-up. But quite apart from their three Dutch internationals, VOC have the all-round skills of Matt Smit, Burhan Niaz and the experienced Jelte Schoonheim to call on, while Sparta remain very dependent on Gohil, Mudassar Bukhari and Ahsan Malik.

BdJ: Fair to say that VOC’s current position in ninth evidences a remarkable under-performance for a side that would have hoped to be competing at the other end of the table, the Rotterdammers’ over-reliance on a handful of players for runs and general lack of threat with the ball telling against them. A loss to Sparta, who have not been close to their best this season either, does not look entirely out of the question. Whether last week’s defeat will be enough to concentrate minds at Hazelaarweg given the distractions of T20 both international and domestic is a key question, but the Bloodhounds can ill afford to sink deeper into trouble.

RL: Having battled their way into a strong position against Kampong last Sunday Dosti Amsterdam threw it all away, and if they are not yet mathematically certain of relegation it’s very hard to see them escaping the hole they have dug for themselves. Losing is a habit as much as winning is, and it will take a massive effort from them if they are to break their duck by defeating ACC at Sportpark Drieburg. ACC’s victory over VOC gives them a distinct edge in the race to finish in the top three of the relegation pool, but they will need to avoid all potential banana skins to keep it that way, and although even the presence of Amitoze Singh and Kuldeep Diwan has proved insufficient to end Dosti’s winlessness, the visitors will want to stay sharp here, perhaps even steering their NRR into positive territory.

BdJ: The writing does appear to be on the wall for Dosti’s run in the top flight, having benefitted from two seasons without relegation their losing streak looks set to finally tell against them if they can’t break it this weekend. It’s worth noting though that they’re only two wins and a little luck away from a potential jailbreak, and with three games to come against their two nearest relegation rivals their fate is at least partly in their own hands. ACC’s overseas together with Mees van Vliet have kept them afloat thus far this season, but there’s still a lot of cricket to play this season and defeat at the hands of a long-losing Dosti would look rather like blood in the water.

RL’s picks: Excelsior, Punjab, HCC, Kampong, VOC, ACC.

BdJ’s picks: Excelsior, Punjab, VRA, Kampong, VOC, ACC

Scorecard | VOC vs ACC | 24.07.22

1-Innings Match Played At Hazelaarweg, Rotterdam, 24-Jul-2022, Topklasse
ACC I Win by 3 wkts
Round R5
Toss won by VOC I
Umpires MA Din – AND van den Dries
Home Side VOC I
Points Awarded VOC I 0, ACC I 2
VOC I 1st Innings 203/10 All Out (Overs 40.1)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
MP O’Dowd c AJM Verbeek b MA Raza 71 72 10 2
SA Edwards+ c S Potdar b M van Vliet 11 12 2 0
ML Smit c RA Kumar b TG Hobson 27 56 3 0
A Jain c F Wegener b TG Hobson 0 2 0 0
TIM de Kok* c F Wegener b D Arya 35 32 1 3
F Fourie c TG Hobson b MA Raza 2 5 0 0
B Niaz   c&b MA Raza 0 3 0 0
PM Seelaar c F Wegener b RA Kumar 13 31 1 0
JD Schoonheim   b D Arya 21 16 3 1
PJ Fletcher c F Wegener b RA Kumar 3 9 0 0
MB Hoornweg not out   0 3 0 0
extras   (b4 lb10 w6 nb0) 20      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 203      
1-34(SA Edwards) 2-99(ML Smit) 3-99(A Jain) 4-132(MP O’Dowd) 5-146(F Fourie) 6-146(B Niaz) 7-169(TIM de Kok) 8-189(PM Seelaar) 9-203(PJ Fletcher) 10-203(JD Schoonheim)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
MA Raza 8 0 34 3
M van Vliet 6 1 38 1 2
D Arya 9.1 2 32 2
RA Kumar 6 1 39 2 3
JS Reddy 2 0 12 0
TG Hobson 6 0 17 2 1
R Smith 3 0 17 0
ACC I 1st Innings 204/7 (Overs 49.1)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
S Potdar lbw b ML Smit 9 36 2 0
R Smith+ c TIM de Kok b ML Smit 44 29 5 3
TG Hobson lbw b A Jain 64 81 6 2
F Wegener lbw b PM Seelaar 1 7 0 0
MA Raza*   c&b ML Smit 47 91 4 0
AJM Verbeek c F Fourie b A Jain 0 2 0 0
RA Kumar not out   18 36 1 0
Arav Mishra c JD Schoonheim b ML Smit 0 2 0 0
M van Vliet not out   6 12 0 0
D Arya dnb          
JS Reddy dnb          
extras   (b0 lb2 w12 nb1) 15      
TOTAL   7 wickets for 204      
1-57(R Smith) 2-58(S Potdar) 3-78(F Wegener) 4-172(TG Hobson) 5-172(AJM Verbeek) 6-184(MA Raza) 7-184(Arav Mishra)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
A Jain 10 2 39 2 3
B Niaz 7 1 34 0 2
PM Seelaar 10 1 22 1 2
ML Smit 10 0 48 4
JD Schoonheim 5.1 0 23 0 2
MB Hoornweg 3 0 20 0 2 1
PJ Fletcher 4 0 16 0 1

Scorecard | Sparta vs Salland | 24.07.22

Sparta I Vs Salland I
1-Innings Match Played At Sportpark Bermweg, Capelle a/d IJssel, 24-Jul-2022, Topklasse
Salland I Win by 9 wkts
Round R5
Toss won by Salland I
Umpires R Mahabier – JP Wentink
Home Side Sparta I
Points Awarded Sparta I 0, Salland I 2
Sparta I 1st Innings 61/10 All Out (Overs 31)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
M Latif c V Ganesan b VS Lubbers 0 1 0 0
R Noor c PP Ottachchige b RA Lubbers 3 32 0 0
SB Gohil lbw b VS Lubbers 7 26 0 0
M Bukhari* lbw b SV Elam Bharathi 10 21 2 0
Manminder Singh c V Ganesan b GA Nasir 4 13 0 0
AAJ Malik c I Webber b GA Nasir 3 13 0 0
K Ahmadi   b GA Nasir 19 12 0 3
K Bhatti   b GA Nasir 7 24 0 0
JM Snoep not out   2 25 0 0
U Saleem lbw b SV Elam Bharathi 1 5 0 0
F Iqbal lbw b GA Nasir 1 13 0 0
extras   (b2 lb0 w2 nb0) 4      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 61      
1-0(M Latif) 2-10(SB Gohil) 3-11(R Noor) 4-24(Manminder Singh) 5-29(M Bukhari) 6-29(AAJ Malik) 7-54(K Ahmadi) 8-57(K Bhatti) 9-58(U Saleem) 10-61(F Iqbal)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
VS Lubbers 7 3 10 2
RA Lubbers 10 2 16 1 2
GA Nasir 9 2 13 5
SV Elam Bharathi 5 4 20 2
Salland I 1st Innings 62/1 (Overs 8.5)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
V Ganesan not out   41 27 4 1
I Webber c Manminder Singh b M Bukhari 4 13 1 0
PP Ottachchige+ not out   11 13 2 0
TA Khan dnb          
VS Lubbers* dnb          
RA Lubbers dnb          
SV Elam Bharathi dnb          
S Naqash dnb          
J Paulbritto dnb          
J Ullah dnb          
GA Nasir dnb          
extras   (b1 lb0 w5 nb0) 6      
TOTAL   1 wickets for 62      
1-35(I Webber)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
AAJ Malik 2 0 17 0
M Bukhari 4 2 24 1 4
K Ahmadi 2.5 0 20 0 1

Scorecard | Kampong vs Dosti | 24.07.22

Kampong I Vs Dosti I
1-Innings Match Played At Maarschalkerweerd, Utrecht, 24-Jul-2022, Topklasse
Kampong I Win by 56 runs
Round R5
Toss won by Dosti I
Umpires DJ Kalloe – WPM van Liemt
Home Side Kampong I
Points Awarded Kampong I 2, Dosti I 0
Kampong I 1st Innings 177/10 All Out (Overs 44.5)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
MR Alphonse+ c M Hans b K Diwan 17 24 2 0
T Sharma   b W Masood 13 27 0 0
CJ Briggs lbw b T Ahmad 51 70 2 0
MU Malik* c RI Ahmed b T Ahmad 0 8 0 0
RTF van der Harten   b T Ahmad 3 14 0 0
PJ Jacod lbw b Asief Hoseinbaks 13 25 0 0
SD Bakker lbw b W Masood 41 55 3 1
M Hoffmann   c&b K Diwan 4 4 1 0
KM Nana c Arief Hoseinbaks b T Ahmad 0 1 0 0
S Kumar not out   16 32 2 0
G Swanepoel   b Asief Hoseinbaks 0 8 0 0
extras   (b0 lb1 w18 nb0) 19      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 177      
1-27(T Sharma) 2-49(MR Alphonse) 3-50(MU Malik) 4-65(RTF van der Harten) 5-89(PJ Jacod) 6-133(CJ Briggs) 7-140(M Hoffmann) 8-143(KM Nana) 9-165(SD Bakker) 10-177(G Swanepoel)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
Asief Hoseinbaks 8.5 0 32 2 6
W Masood 7 0 38 2 4
K Diwan 9 1 25 2 3
T Ahmad 10 0 34 4 4
M Hans 8 1 36 0 1
VAB Tewarie 2 0 11 0
Dosti I 1st Innings 121/10 All Out (Overs 31.4)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
RI Ahmed+ c MR Alphonse b S Kumar 6 5 1 0
WA Raja c CJ Briggs b PJ Jacod 27 65 0 1
VAB Tewarie lbw b MU Malik 12 23 2 0
A Singh c MU Malik b PJ Jacod 43 47 8 0
M Hans* c PJ Jacod b T Sharma 0 2 0 0
Asief Hoseinbaks c KM Nana b MU Malik 6 18 1 0
K Diwan c SD Bakker b MU Malik 12 17 0 1
Arief Hoseinbaks c RTF van der Harten b PJ Jacod 0 4 0 0
S Ghori c CJ Briggs b MU Malik 0 5 0 0
W Masood c MU Malik b PJ Jacod 0 5 0 0
T Ahmad not out   0 0 0 0
extras   (b0 lb0 w14 nb1) 15      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 121      
1-11(RI Ahmed) 2-40(VAB Tewarie) 3-97(A Singh) 4-98(M Hans) 5-107(WA Raja) 6-112(Asief Hoseinbaks) 7-121(K Diwan) 8-121(Arief Hoseinbaks) 9-121(W Masood) 10-121(S Ghori)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
KM Nana 5 0 21 0 3 1
G Swanepoel 2 0 17 0 1
S Kumar 3 0 18 1 4
MU Malik 8.4 1 30 4 5
T Sharma 7 1 29 1 1
PJ Jacod 6 1 6 4