Scorecard | HBS vs HCC | 08.05.22

1-Innings Match Played At Craeyenhout, Den Haag, 08-May-2022, Topklasse
HBS I Win by 17 runs
Round A4
Toss won by HCC I
Umpires N Bathi – DJ Kalloe
Scorers MAP Wiegers – K Pattiselanno
Home Side HBS I
Points Awarded HBS I 2, HCC I 0
HBS I 1st Innings 224/8 Closed (Overs 50)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
RP Mason c BHG Gorlee b HC Overdijk 2 19 0 0
TP Visée+ c YJ Patel b HC Overdijk 1 2 0 0
T Walbrugh c YJ Patel b RR Bijloos 19 34 2 0
G Kaplan   b HC Overdijk 53 66 8 0
Navjit Singh   b C Floyd 23 56 1 0
W Barresi c AJ Staal b TJG Pringle 30 40 5 0
R Klein not out   58 48 2 4
JI de Mey c YJ Patel b HC Overdijk 16 24 2 0
FJ Vink* lbw b HC Overdijk 5 6 0 0
BFL Boddendijk not out   3 5 0 0
SP Vink dnb          
extras   (b0 lb0 w14 nb0) 14      
TOTAL   8 wickets for 224      
1-2(TP Visée) 2-14(RP Mason) 3-53(T Walbrugh) 4-95(G Kaplan) 5-117(Navjit Singh) 6-147(W Barresi) 7-179(JI de Mey) 8-191(FJ Vink)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
TJG Pringle 10 1 40 1 5
HC Overdijk 10 1 50 5 3
C Floyd 10 1 42 1 4
RR Bijloos 10 0 33 1
P Charumbira 2 0 24 0
OO Klaus 5 0 22 0 1
Z Worden 3 0 13 0 1
HCC I 1st Innings 207/9 Closed (Overs 50)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
C Floyd c T Walbrugh b FJ Vink 2 13 0 0
AJ Staal c TP Visée b R Klein 0 1 0 0
Z Worden c JI de Mey b W Barresi 66 125 3 0
BHG Gorlee* c T Walbrugh b JI de Mey 19 38 2 0
DG Crowley lbw b JI de Mey 3 16 0 0
HC Overdijk c JI de Mey b SP Vink 41 40 1 4
YJ Patel+   b JI de Mey 12 14 0 1
TJG Pringle not out   40 42 1 2
P Charumbira c JI de Mey b FJ Vink 2 5 0 0
OO Klaus   b R Klein 0 1 0 0
RR Bijloos not out   3 5 0 0
extras   (b1 lb1 w17 nb0) 19      
TOTAL   9 wickets for 207      
1-2(AJ Staal) 2-3(C Floyd) 3-45(BHG Gorlee) 4-60(DG Crowley) 5-130(HC Overdijk) 6-149(YJ Patel) 7-172(Z Worden) 8-181(P Charumbira) 9-181(OO Klaus)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
FJ Vink 10 1 30 2 4
R Klein 10 2 44 2 7
JI de Mey 10 2 48 3 1
SP Vink 10 0 40 1 2
G Kaplan 1.2 0 1 0
Navjit Singh 2.4 0 8 0
W Barresi 6 0 34 1 3

Voorburg, Punjab, HBS all win again

Rod Lyall 09/05/22

Victory came in very different ways, but by the end of the fourth round of Topklasse matches there were still three unbeaten teams who are seemingly forging an irresistible path to the Championship group.

The easiest win of the weekend came at Het Schootsveld in Deventer, where Group B leaders Voorburg were untroubled in seeing off their hosts, Salland.

Put in to bat, Voorburg ran up the round’s highest total, 281 for four,  with Janneman Malan making 92 and sharing a second-wicket stand of 142 with Bas de Leede (57).

After they had gone Delano Potgieter piled on the agony for Salland, belting an unbeaten, 43-ball 82 which included two fours and seven sixes.

Salland had no answer to this, and although skipper Victor Lubbers made a dogged 28 they were all out for 73, their misery compounded by three run-outs.

Elsewhere in Group B, Excelsior ’20 Schiedam had an almost equally comfortable win against Dosti Amsterdam at Thurlede, dismissing their opponents for 105 and then knocking off the runs in 17.3 overs for the loss of only two wickets.

Opener Waqas Raja top-scored for Dosti with 28 and Kuldeep Diwan chimed in with 22 not out at the end, but with Tom Heggelman taking three for 14 in ten overs the Amsterdammers’ travails with the bat were otherwise fully evident.

Excelsior’s star of the show, however, was Tim Etman, who hammered 79 not out in their total of 106 for two, facing 65 deliveries and hitting 11 fours and two sixes.

There was a somewhat more even contest at the Hazelaarweg, where VRA Amsterdam had a 60-run victory over VOC Rotterdam.

VRA were given a rapid start by Eduard Visser, whose 21-ball 35 included four sixes, and his opening partner Vikram Singh went on to make 68, with smaller contributions from the rest of the side enabling the Amsterdammers to reach a solid 262 for nine; spinners Pieter Seelaar and Max O’Dowd did most of the damage for VOC, each taking three for 29.

VOC’s reply was dominated by Scott Edwards, who posted his second century of the season with 120, made from 129 deliveries with seven fours and two sixes, but he received too little support from the rest of the side, and with Peter Borren taking four for 45 the Bloodhounds came no further than 202 for nine, 60 runs short.

In Group A, Sparta 1888 rocked leaders and defending champions Punjab Rotterdam at the Bermweg by reducing them to 29 for four inside twelve overs, with Steph Myburgh, Rehmat and Asad Zulfiqar and Sharafat Khogyani all removed by Ahsan Malik and Mudassar Bukhari.

Punjab recovered to 169 thanks to 63 from Saqib Zulfiqar, who shared valuable partnerships with Teja Nidamanuru and Sikander Zulfiqar, while Malik finished with four for 21 for the home side.

The champions then struck back hard when Sparta replied, and the combination of Saqib’s leg spin, which earned him figures of four for 28, and the seam bowling of Sikander (three for 8 from 24 deliveries) was sufficient to dismiss the Capelle side for just 109.

At Craeyenhout on Sunday HBS, the other unbeaten team, had to work very hard to maintain their record against determined challengers HCC.

The Lions’ attack was spearheaded by Hidde Overdijk, who removed Tobias Visée in the second over of the game and went on to claim five for 50, and although Gavin Kaplan helped to rebuild their fortunes with a steady 53 it needed a last-ditch 58 not out from Ryan Klein, including four sixes, to get HBS to 224 for eight.

Klein and Ferdi Vink opened with hostile spells when HCC replied, but Zac Worden again anchored the innings with his fourth consecutive half-century, again supported by Overdijk with 41.

HBS built the pressure effectively, Julian de Mey taking three for 48, and when Worden fell for 66, trying to increase the momentum, the asking rate had risen to nine an over.

Tim Pringle fought to keep his side in the game with an unbeaten 40, but the task was too great and HCC finished on 207 for nine, 18 runs short of their target.

ACC recorded their first win of the season on Saturday, beating Kampong Utrecht by 59 runs at Het Loopveld.

Patient half-centuries by Anis Raza (55) and Shreyas Potdar (51) enabled the Amsterdammers to reach 225 for eight, and although Cole Briggs made 63 for Kampong, Mees van Vliet’s five for 36 was instrumental in the Utrecht side being all out for 166.


Sparta vs Punjab at Bermweg | Round 4 | 07.05.2022

Scorecard | Exceslior vs Dosti | 07.05.22

Excelsior 20 I Vs Dosti I
1-Innings Match Played At Thurlede, Schiedam, 07-May-2022, Topklasse
Excelsior 20 I Win by 8 wkts
Round B4
Toss won by Dosti I
Umpires AND van den Dries – Z Hussain
Scorers EM Heggelman
Home Side Excelsior 20 I
Points Awarded Dosti I 0, Excelsior 20 I 2
Dosti I 1st Innings 105/10 All Out (Overs 35)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
S Ghori c J Kroesen b NT Etman 6 12 0 0
WA Raja lbw b TJ Heggelman 28 71 4 0
A Hanoeman c RTF Verhagen b BR Hampton 17 37 2 0
RI Ahmed+ run out RTF Verhagen   7 10 1 0
VAB Tewarie lbw b TJ Heggelman 2 17 0 0
S Raji   b LT Ingram 5 12 1 0
M Hans* lbw b TJ Heggelman 1 13 0 0
K Diwan not out   22 24 4 0
H Bhutta c LT Ingram b RWA van Troost 4 5 0 0
Asief Hoseinbaks c UF Baker b RWA van Troost 0 4 0 0
W Masood c BR Hampton b UF Baker 1 5 0 0
extras   (b0 lb1 w11 nb0) 12      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 105      
1-21(S Ghori) 2-51(A Hanoeman) 3-62(RI Ahmed) 4-66(WA Raja) 5-72(VAB Tewarie) 6-76(S Raji) 7-78(M Hans) 8-89(H Bhutta) 9-97(Asief Hoseinbaks) 10-105(W Masood)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
NT Etman 3 0 19 1 1
RWA van Troost 7 0 28 2 5
BR Hampton 6 1 13 1 1
TJ Heggelman 10 0 14 3 2
LT Ingram 7 0 17 1 2
UF Baker 2 0 13 1
Excelsior 20 I 1st Innings 106/2 (Overs 17.3)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
TC Etman not out   79 65 11 2
RTF Verhagen+ lbw b K Diwan 5 16 1 0
TJ Heggelman* c A Hanoeman b W Masood 9 6 2 0
LT Ingram not out   9 18 1 0
J Kroesen dnb          
LA Kroesen dnb          
BR Hampton dnb          
SL van Troost dnb          
NT Etman dnb          
RWA van Troost dnb          
UF Baker dnb          
extras   (b0 lb0 w4 nb0) 4      
TOTAL   2 wickets for 106      
1-28(RTF Verhagen) 2-43(TJ Heggelman)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
H Bhutta 3 0 23 0 1
K Diwan 5 0 14 1 1
W Masood 4 0 23 1 1
Asief Hoseinbaks 3 0 32 0
WA Raja 2 0 11 0 1
M Hans .3 0 3 0

Scorecard | VOC vs VRA | 07.05.22

1-Innings Match Played At Hazelaarweg, Rotterdam, 07-May-2022, Topklasse
VRA I Win by 60 runs
Round B4
Toss won by VOC I
Umpires ML Hancock – WPM van Liemt
Home Side VOC I
Points Awarded VRA I 2, VOC I 0
VRA I 1st Innings 262/9 Closed (Overs 50)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
E Visser   b PM Seelaar 35 21 1 4
V Singh   c&b MB Hoornweg 68 97 5 1
L Scully c F Fourie b JD Schoonheim 32 34 3 1
J Smal lbw b PM Seelaar 3 11 0 0
A Dutt c A Jain b MB Hoornweg 16 33 0 1
SR Rasool lbw b MP O’Dowd 19 21 3 0
PW Borren* c SA Edwards b MP O’Dowd 24 36 1 0
LA Turmaine lbw b MP O’Dowd 8 13 0 0
MB Lees+   b PM Seelaar 23 19 1 1
U Nashier not out   8 10 0 0
A Abid not out   5 6 0 0
extras   (b1 lb1 w18 nb1) 21      
TOTAL   9 wickets for 262      
1-50(E Visser) 2-100(L Scully) 3-111(J Smal) 4-153(A Dutt) 5-174(V Singh) 6-192(SR Rasool) 7-210(LA Turmaine) 8-242(PW Borren) 9-248(MB Lees)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
A Jain 9 0 47 0 3
MB Hoornweg 6 0 52 2 1 1
PM Seelaar 10 1 29 3
B Niaz 3 0 18 0
JD Schoonheim 8 0 52 1 12
SB van Wingerden 7 0 33 0
MP O’Dowd 7 0 29 3 2
VOC I 1st Innings 202/9 Closed (Overs 50)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
MP O’Dowd c MB Lees b U Nashier 23 57 1 0
SA Edwards+ c V Singh b PW Borren 120 129 7 2
TIM de Kok lbw b U Nashier 0 3 0 0
A Jain c V Singh b U Nashier 2 11 0 0
PM Seelaar* c PW Borren b LA Turmaine 24 35 0 1
F Fourie c J Smal b PW Borren 10 19 0 0
B Niaz lbw b PW Borren 0 2 0 0
JD Schoonheim c PW Borren b A Dutt 6 4 1 0
R Harhangi not out   4 34 0 0
SB van Wingerden c V Singh b PW Borren 0 2 0 0
MB Hoornweg not out   1 6 0 0
extras   (b1 lb1 w8 nb2) 12      
TOTAL   9 wickets for 202      
1-66(MP O’Dowd) 2-68(TIM de Kok) 3-70(A Jain) 4-126(PM Seelaar) 5-151(F Fourie) 6-151(B Niaz) 7-160(JD Schoonheim) 8-200(SA Edwards) 9-200(SB van Wingerden)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
A Abid 8 1 19 0 1
E Visser 5 0 23 0 3
V Singh 3 0 15 0
U Nashier 10 0 37 3
A Dutt 9 1 32 1 1 1
LA Turmaine 6 1 29 1
PW Borren 9 1 45 4 3 1

Scorecard | Salland vs VCC | 07.05.22

Salland I Vs Voorburg I
1-Innings Match Played At Het Schootsveld, Deventer, 07-May-2022, Topklasse
Voorburg I Win by 208 runs
Round B4
Toss won by Salland I
Umpires R Mahabier – E Ruchtie
Home Side Salland I
Points Awarded Voorburg I 2, Salland I 0
Voorburg I 1st Innings 281/4 Closed (Overs 50)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
MN Ahmad lbw b H Khan 21 33 4 0
JN Malan c J Ullah b H Khan 92 117 7 2
BFW de Leede* c PP Ottachchige b A Gopinath 57 96 5 0
D Potgieter not out   82 43 2 7
PRP Boissevain c PP Ottachchige b G van Molen 3 8 0 0
TN de Grooth not out   0 3 0 0
M Hingorani+ dnb          
AA Qasim dnb          
VJ Kingma dnb          
S Ahmad dnb          
ST Mulder dnb          
extras   (b4 lb0 w22 nb0) 26      
TOTAL   4 wickets for 281      
1-36(MN Ahmad) 2-178(BFW de Leede) 3-222(JN Malan) 4-252(PRP Boissevain)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
H Khan 10 0 62 2 6
A Sherzad 6 0 34 0 5
J Paulbritto 5 0 18 0 2
G van Molen 6 0 50 1 8
A Gopinath 10 1 50 1
J Ullah 8 0 33 0 1
D Hemapriya 1 0 8 0
VS Lubbers 4 0 22 0 1
Salland I 1st Innings 73/10 All Out (Overs 28)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
PP Ottachchige+ c JN Malan b VJ Kingma 8 15 1 0
I Webber   b VJ Kingma 0 2 0 0
VS Lubbers* c M Hingorani b S Ahmad 28 71 3 0
G van Molen c M Hingorani b D Potgieter 2 8 0 0
G Ginsburgh run out   0 7 0 0
A Gopinath   b ST Mulder 1 11 0 0
J Paulbritto c JN Malan b AA Qasim 4 21 0 0
D Hemapriya run out   0 1 0 0
H Khan run out   7 12 1 0
J Ullah   c&b PRP Boissevain 5 17 1 0
A Sherzad not out   7 3 0 1
extras   (b0 lb4 w7 nb0) 11      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 73      
1-1(I Webber) 2-18(PP Ottachchige) 3-24(G van Molen) 4-26(G Ginsburgh) 5-36(A Gopinath) 6-50(J Paulbritto) 7-53(D Hemapriya) 8-53(VS Lubbers) 9-66(J Ullah) 10-73(H Khan)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
VJ Kingma 5 1 13 2 2
PRP Boissevain 4 0 17 1
D Potgieter 4 2 4 1 1
AA Qasim 6 0 15 1 4
ST Mulder 6 1 13 1
S Ahmad 3 1 7 1

Scorecard | ACC vs Kampong | 07.05.22

ACC I Vs Kampong I
1-Innings Match Played At Het Loopveld West, 07-May-2022, Topklasse
ACC I Win by 59 runs
Round A4
Toss won by Kampong I
Umpires AND van den Dries – P Muthucumaru
Home Side ACC I
Points Awarded ACC I 2, Kampong I 0
ACC I 1st Innings 225/8 Closed (Overs 50)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
MA Raza* c SY Butt b PJ Jacod 55 93 5 0
TG Hobson c RTF van der Harten b A Roy 2 8 0 0
S Potdar c SY Butt b PJ Jacod 51 108 5 0
R Smith+ c CJ Briggs b KM Nana 21 38 2 0
F Wegener c S Abhyankar b RTF van der Harten 25 28 2 0
CEM McInerney st MR Alphonse b MU Malik 34 32 2 0
R Ackermann   b MU Malik 1 2 0 0
M van Vliet not out   0 1 0 0
A Zaidi run out MR Alphonse   2 2 0 0
D Arya dnb          
JS Reddy dnb          
extras   (b6 lb9 w17 nb2) 34      
TOTAL   8 wickets for 225      
1-5(TG Hobson) 2-121(S Potdar) 3-140(MA Raza) 4-157(R Smith) 5-217(F Wegener) 6-222(CEM McInerney) 7-223(R Ackermann) 8-225(A Zaidi)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
KM Nana 8 0 48 1 7
A Roy 10 1 45 1 4 2
MU Malik 10 1 30 2 1
S Singh Jhala 6 1 21 0 1
PJ Jacod 10 0 40 2 2
RTF van der Harten 6 0 26 1 2
Kampong I 1st Innings 166/10 All Out (Overs 38.4)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
S Abhyankar run out   21 23 2 0
CJ Briggs c TG Hobson b M van Vliet 63 95 6 1
MR Alphonse+ lbw b D Arya 0 1 0 0
MU Malik* lbw b R Ackermann 4 11 0 0
PJ Jacod run out   31 45 5 0
V Chaturvedi c R Ackermann b JS Reddy 0 6 0 0
S Singh Jhala c R Smith b M van Vliet 14 19 1 0
SY Butt c R Smith b M van Vliet 7 7 1 0
A Roy not out   15 15 2 0
RTF van der Harten   b M van Vliet 2 10 0 0
KM Nana c R Smith b M van Vliet 0 1 0 0
extras   (b4 lb0 w4 nb1) 9      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 166      
1-27(S Abhyankar) 2-27(MR Alphonse) 3-38(MU Malik) 4-104(PJ Jacod) 5-104(V Chaturvedi) 6-126(S Singh Jhala) 7-137(SY Butt) 8-160(CJ Briggs) 9-166(RTF van der Harten) 10-166(KM Nana)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
M van Vliet 9.4 1 36 5 1 1
MA Raza 5 1 20 0
D Arya 8 0 29 1 2
TG Hobson 5 0 22 0
R Ackermann 7 1 34 1 1
JS Reddy 4 1 21 1

Scorecard | Sparta vs Punjab | 07.05.22

Sparta I Vs Punjab I
1-Innings Match Played At Sportpark Bermweg, Capelle a/d IJssel, 07-May-2022, Topklasse
Punjab I Win by 60 runs
Round A4
Toss won by Sparta I
Umpires RJ Akram – FLA van Lent
Scorers AO Smelt – AQ Khawaja
Home Side Sparta I
Points Awarded Punjab I 2, Sparta I 0
Punjab I 1st Innings 169/10 All Out (Overs 47.4)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
RU Zulfiqar lbw b M Bukhari 7 27 1 0
SJ Myburgh   b AAJ Malik 0 2 0 0
S Khogyani c SB Gohil b AAJ Malik 8 19 0 0
AA Zulfiqar+ c A Raza b AAJ Malik 6 19 0 0
AT Nidamanuru c R Allen b JM Snoep 25 47 0 0
SM Zulfiqar st A Raza b SB Gohil 63 110 4 0
SA Zulfiqar c R Allen b SB Gohil 27 36 2 0
Y Usman c A Raza b AAJ Malik 8 11 1 0
S Salarazai run out   0 5 0 0
S Tariq* not out   2 8 0 0
Mubashar Hussain run out   1 7 0 0
extras   (b2 lb4 w11 nb0) 17      
penalty runs     5      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 169      
1-7(SJ Myburgh) 2-15(S Khogyani) 3-29(AA Zulfiqar) 4-29(RU Zulfiqar) 5-79(AT Nidamanuru) 6-154(SA Zulfiqar) 7-160(SM Zulfiqar) 8-161(S Salarazai) 9-166(Y Usman) 10-169(Mubashar Hussain)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
AAJ Malik 9 2 21 4 1
M Bukhari 10 1 34 1 2
SB Gohil 9.4 3 18 2
K Ahmadi 6 1 33 0 1
JM Snoep 7 0 27 1 1
Manminder Singh 3 0 15 0
N Ibrahimkhil 3 0 10 0
Sparta I 1st Innings 109/10 All Out (Overs 38.5)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
R Allen lbw b S Salarazai 13 33 0 1
A Raza+   b S Tariq 0 6 0 0
SB Gohil lbw b S Tariq 6 22 1 0
M Latif c RU Zulfiqar b SM Zulfiqar 8 28 0 0
M Bukhari*   c&b SM Zulfiqar 28 34 3 0
Manminder Singh   b SA Zulfiqar 18 41 1 0
N Ibrahimkhil c RU Zulfiqar b SM Zulfiqar 0 5 0 0
K Ahmadi c S Salarazai b SM Zulfiqar 10 22 1 0
AAJ Malik c S Tariq b SA Zulfiqar 11 20 0 0
PB Balwantsingh not out   6 19 1 0
JM Snoep   b SA Zulfiqar 0 2 0 0
extras   (b0 lb2 w4 nb3) 9      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 109      
1-2(A Raza) 2-22(R Allen) 3-22(SB Gohil) 4-56(M Latif) 5-67(M Bukhari) 6-67(N Ibrahimkhil) 7-88(K Ahmadi) 8-91(Manminder Singh) 9-109(AAJ Malik) 10-109(JM Snoep)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
S Tariq 10 4 27 2
S Salarazai 9 0 30 1 1 3
SM Zulfiqar 10 0 28 4 1
Mubashar Hussain 6 1 14 0 1
SA Zulfiqar 3.5 0 8 3 1

Preview Round 4

Bertus de Jong & Rod Lyall 29/04/22

We’re still just two weeks into the 2022 Season, but it’s fair to say that the pre-season favourites on both sides of the draw have already established a degree of dominance, with VCC, Punjab and HBS all three from three and the former especially having stamped their authority on Group B. While it’s still early days, it does look like most of the tension will be in the mid-table(s) for the first phase at least.

Group A

BdJ: Defending champions Punjab Rotterdam will look to consolidate their spot at the top of the Group A table when they take on Sparta 1888 at Bermweg, though having made something of a meal of a two-figure chase against ACC last week they have reason to be wary of a Sparta attack that has begun to find its stride. Belgium international Khalid Ahmadi currently leads the wicket-taking tables in the competition, and together with Mudassar Bukhari and Ahsan Malik Sparta have the makings of a pace attack that could trouble the title-holders. Nonetheless it should be noted that Stephan Myburgh did not bat on Sunday and Punjab’s batting card is stronger than anything the Spartans have yet bowled at, while the Bermweg side’s own batting has looked suspect at best. While another two points for Punjab is not a foregone conclusion, a win for the hosts would be a significant upset.

RL: Nor should we forget Nasratullah Ibrahimkhil when we tally up Sparta’s seam resources, but Punjab have picked up Ashiqullah Said and Safiullah Salarazai over the winter, and the latter in particular has looked like an extremely valuable acquisition. With Suleiman Tariq on the spot as ever and Sohail Bhatti having rejoined the ranks on Sunday, the champions’ seam attack looks even stronger than it was last year, when it consistently kept opposing batting line-ups under the cosh. And notably, Sikander Zulfiqar has barely had a bowl so far. How successful Sparta’s bowlers are likely to be against Punjab’s formidable top six is, of course, another matter, and even with the odd sign of frailty in that department the Rotterdammers appear strong enough to make sure of the points.

BdJ: At the toe-end of the table the still winless ACC welcome the likewise thrice-beaten Kampong to het Loopveld, with both teams needing to break their duck if they’re to keep any realistic hope of avoiding the relegation pool. ACC’s renovated team has looked rather less than the sum of its parts thus far, with their trio of South African signings yet to find any consistency and single digit scores the norm for the rest of the batting. The sole consistent performer thus far has been ACC’s own Mees van Vliet, who has taken three wickets in each of the first three games. Similarly for Kampong it has been young Alex Roy that has stood out with the ball, his seven wickets thus far accounting for more than half their total tally for the season. With Cole Briggs yet to find his feet in the competition Kampong have certainly felt the absence of their headline overseas signing in Pite van Biljon, Ratha Alphonse the only Kampong bat to have passed 100 runs for the season so far. With early signs suggesting both sides might end up in the lower pool for the second phase, they’ll be doubly keen to get points on the board on Saturday given that said points could well stay there all season.

RL: Another four-pointer at the lower end, with Kampong having looked a little more convincing so far than their opponents this week. They gave HBS a run for their money last Saturday, and if they struggled for runs against HCC the following day, it took the combined efforts of Zac Worden and Hidde Overdijk to raise the tempo for the first time in the match. Both sides have produced bits-and-pieces efforts in their first three games, ACC fighting hard in the field to defend impossibly low totals, but they really need their batters to find some consistent form if they are to lift themselves away from the depths of looming relegation. Usman Malik has occupied the crease for long periods for Kampong, but his side’s bowling, Roy apart, has been rather pedestrian, and if ACC are to bat themselves into form they may not get a better opportunity than this throughout the first phase.

BdJ: Of the unbeaten sides, HBS Craeyenhout have looked the most beatable, and in third-placed HCC face their sternest test of the season thus far on Sunday. The HBS batting has been somewhat inconsistent so far in the season despite its enviable depth, bowled out for just 137 at Bermweg last week and needing Ryan Klein to bail them out with the ball. HBS do lead the century count for the season though with both Tayo Walbrugh and Toby Visée both tonning up against ACC and Kampong respectively, and should the Crows’ line-up fire at once they could put the game beyond HCC. Nonetheless this is probably the toughest match of the week to call, with HCC’s new overseas Tim Pringle and Zac Worden both settling in well and Hidde Overdijk in fine form with bat and ball HCC look entirely capable of breaking their hosts’ nascent winning streak.

RL: The move from Saturday is part of the HBS club’s Super Sunday, but as m’colleague observes, HCC undoubtedly have the potential to spoil the party and move level with their hosts. More important, perhaps, with both sides very likely to proceed to the Championship pool, points garnered now could be crucial in the battle for play-off places at the back end of the season. With three half-centuries in as many innings Worden really looks the part, and the comparison between the Australian and HBS’s Walbrugh will be one of many fascinating features of this encounter. HCC certainly have the more balanced attack, although the combination of Ryan and Kyle Klein gives additional cutting edge to the Crows’ line-up, and they bat deeper than their opponents. But the fact that this has been evident reveals a certain fragility in the top order, and all in all HCC probably start as favourites here.

Group B

BdJ: 2021 runners-up Voorburg will be the first team to make the trip out to Deventer to take on newly-promoted Salland, and with Logan van Beek back to strengthen an already intimidating team they’ll be confident of bringing points back. Though Janneman Malan has not looked entirely at home on the rather sluggish early-season Dutch wickets, VCC have had little trouble so far, with Delano Potgieter adjusting quickly and Bas de Leede in fine form with the bat. Salland have had a tough reintroduction to the top flight so far, the form of skipper Victor Lubbers of particular concern, though they showed against VOC that if they can get runs on the board they have a sufficiently disciplined slow bowling attack to choke teams out. With a general reluctance to force the pace with the bat and particularly cautious approach to spin the closest thing to a weakness in the VCC side, Salland may think the match-up rather suits them. Nonetheless the Voorburgers are pre-season favourites for good reason, and an awful lot would have to go right for the hosts if they are to orchestrate an upset.

RL: Salland’s victory over VOC last Saturday was the one big upset of the season to date, but a win against Voorburg would surpass that and then some. Venkat Ganesan has been the Deventer side’s main asset in their initial games, especially against VOC, with Sahir Naqash and Elam Bharathi also making useful contributions. But that’s a long way short of a winning combination, and when one views Voorburg’s assembly of potential match-winners it’s hard to see anything other than a comfortable victory for the group leaders.

BdJ: Third-placed VRA will also be hitting the road for the first time in the season when they head down to Hazelaarweg to take on VOC Rotterdam. Given the winter exodus at Amstelveen, VRA will be fairly pleased to be in the top half of the table, and a win against the struggling VOC could go a long way toward keeping them there. Though Eric Szwarczynski and Ben Cooper have been hard to replace in the batting line-up, unheralded newcomers Eduard Visser and Anish Shah have proved their talents with the new ball, and if Johan Smal turns out as effective with the bat then VRA may suddenly look a surprisingly strong outfit. Conversely VOC continue to look dependent on their trio of internationals, with Max O’Dowd and Scott Edwards forced to adopt a cautious approach at the top of the order owing to the fragility of the rest of the batting, and Pieter Seelaar shouldering more responsibility with the ball than he might like. They remain a tough team to beat at home however, and it’s doubtful whether VRA’s new pair of pacers will find much reward at Hazelaarweg. Rather the visitors will likely look to young slow bowlers Udit Nashier and Aryan Dutt together with the experienced Leon Turmaine to try to replicate Salland’s success.

RL: The traditional rivalry between these two sides has taken on a new dimension this season, with both likely to be in a tough contest for one of two spots in the Championship group. VOC had a nightmare weekend, losing to Salland as well as to Voorburg, while VRA, having been demolished by Excelsior, recovered with a thoroughly convincing victory against bottom-of-the-table Dosti. VOC have suffered further with the knee injury to the dependable Bobby Hanif, and although the advent of Max Hoornweg has compensated to a degree for the loss to Sparta of the experienced Ahsan Malik, the Rotterdammers’ attack looks less than overwhelming. The batting is, of course, always dangerous if O’Dowd or Edwards gets going, but even the contribution of teenager Burhan Niaz has failed to lend conviction to the line-up. VRA’s own frailties were all too evident against Excelsior, but Peter Borren and Jack Balbirnie remain key to the Amsterdam side’s success, and in Vikram Singh and Shirase Rasool they have young talents more than capable of taking on the VOC bowling.

BdJ: Finally Dosti will also be heading south to take on Excelsior ‘20 at Thurlede. The Drieburgers have yet to find their first win of the season despite impressing in patches, and there’s little to suggest that they’ll break their streak on Saturday. Wahid Masood remains the only Dosti bat to have managed a half-century, and while the bowling has looked disciplined they have yet to bowl a team out. Conversely Excelsior are coming off the back of two emphatic wins, having bowled out VRA and then Salland last week for less than 200 runs combined, and lost just four wickets over the entire weekend. Though one might make the case that Excelsior’s batting was found wanting on the one occasion that it’s been genuinely tested, nonetheless bar the arribval of belated reinforcements at Dosti it’s difficult to see them turning over the Schiedammers on their own turf.

RL: In a highly-competitive group every win is vital, not only for the points gained but potentially for net run rate as well, and Excelsior will be looking for a convincing victory over the still-hapless Dosti. Strikingly, no-one has yet posted a fifty for the Schiedammers, Lorenzo Ingram’s 41 against Voorburg their best so far, but Excelsior are, as they have so often been, more than the sum of their parts, and they have unquestionably been boosted by the arrival of Brett Hampton, who proved his worth in the demolition of VRA. In the absence of the promised reinforcements Dosti continue to look out of their depth, even with the battling efforts of Wahid Masood with both bat and ball, and the Drieburgers will be looking for more decisive contributions from Kuldeep Diwan if they are to lift themselves out of their three-year doldrums.

BdJ’s picks: HBS, ACC, Punjab, VRA, VCC, Excelsior

RL’s picks: HCC, Kampong, Punjab, VRA, VCC, Excelsior.

Kampong vs HCC at Maarschalkerweert | Round 3 | 01.05.2022