Topklasse Live | Round 1 | As it Happened

 Bertus de Jong  18:27
That’s a wrap for the first round here, a big thanks to the scorers and our other sundry informants. A weekend of surprises with the widely-tipped VOC and HBS both going down to defeat. Saqib Zulfiqar led from the front for ACC, supported by brother Sikander as they knocked over HBS, whilst here it was Taruwar Kohli who orchestrated a remarkable opening upset, with Rahil Ahmed and Muhammad Hafeez both turning in vintage performances for Dosti. VRA also stumbled out of the blocks with a shambolic batting display that they just couldn’t make right with the ball, Quick’s new signings Sean Davey and Jay Bista promising to make quite an impression in their first Dutch seasons. Of the pre-season favourites only Excelsior looked the part, winning comfortably away at Punjab, Ingram and Hilditch doing the business as usual and Tim Etman also carrying his form through from last season. Sparta meanwhile made a winning start to their return season despite being under-strength in their first game against HCC, Tim de Kok the star for them, together with new overseas Mike Pollard. Looks like this season may turn more interesting than anticipated.

And there’s your points table at the end of this first round, Dosti go top with a convincing win

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  18:07
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 165 all out in 45.1 overs
Kohli puts an end to it, big top edge and Hanif watches it drop into the hands of Hans.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  18:07
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 165-9 in 45 overs
Hanif and Fletcher putting up a defiant last wicket stand here much to the chagrin of, well everyone really.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  17:52
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 153-9 in 41.2 overs
Klaassen holes out too. Hits Kohli back over his head and Hans comes round for a running catch on the rope. Five wickets in ten balls. Fletcher last man in.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  17:47
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 153-8 in 40.5 overs
Malik goes too, big top edge on the pull off Hafeez and doesn’t even wait for it to come down. Vimal Tewarie under it for his third catch of the innings. Klaassen and Baker in. And Baker out flashing at a wide one and edged through to Ahmed. Four for Hafeez. Hanif in.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  17:43
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 153-6 in 40 overs
Always the most likely outcome this, Seelaar looking to pull Kohli high and away, doesn’t get enough on it and Arief Hoseinbaks bags it on the rope. Jelte Schoonheim in. Schoonheim out. Smashed straight to Asief Hoseinbaks at cover.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  17:32
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 144-4 in 38 overs
We seem to be witnessing the slow death of the innings here. Require rate up toward nine as Seelaar and Malik now look to hit out. The pitch won’t help them though and the outfield actively hinder them. Seelaar pulls Kohli in front of square and just beats the man, but he’s had to put a lot into that shot. Fireworks called for.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  17:17
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 126-4 in 35 overs
Masood returns from the korfball end, hustled ones and twos still the order of the day. Looks like the plan is to get somewhere near and then hit out big at the death.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  17:04
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 111-4 in 32 overs
Nelson on the board and Asief Hoseinbaks into the attack. Required rate over 7.5 now and VOC less than half-way. This pair will need to start taking some risks.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  16:54
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 101-4 in 29 overs
Hundred belatedly up for VOC as Seelaar and Malik look to rebuild, there’s not much time for consolidation though as the required rate creeps up towards sevens.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  16:42
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 90-4 in 26 overs
Wicket! And another gone. Van Baren on the sweep to Hoseinbaks and into his pads. Sound like a gunshot on the way through but no bat says the umpire. Malik in and VOC in real trouble.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  16:38
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 85-3 in 25 overs
Wicket! Hafeez has another. Full and wide of off and he has O’Dowd reaching for it. Regulation edge and Tewarie at first slip again. Seelaar in and a frantic shout for LBW on his second ball. He was a long way forward though.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  16:30
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 79-2 in 23 overs
Wicket! and it’s a big one for Dosti. Hafeez a little flatter and fuller, Rutgers forward and prodding and the edge carries low to Vimal Tewarie at first slip. O’Dowd in at four.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  16:23
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 73-1 in 22 overs
And van Baren continues where he left off, sending Hoseinbaks onto the Korfball courts right after drinks. Hafeez takes over from Masood at the other end and is driven straight for four. Van Baren suddenly making the running here.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  16:12
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 56-1 in 19 overs
Van Baren takes a while to have a look, scratchy singles and then finally a handsome straight drive to send Masood to the rope. Rutgers looking more comfortable, he’s on 36* and that will be drinks.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  15:59
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 42-1 in 15 overs
That wicket seems to have killed VOC’s momentum somewhat, and both Rutgers and Van Baren are finding the bowlers difficult to get away. Just two singles in 17 deliveries as Dosti turn the screw.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  15:49
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 40-1 in 12.1 overs
Waheed Masood has come on from the Amstel Station End, and it’s he who gets the breakthrough, knocking back Edwards’ off stump with the first ball of his second over. Dirk van Baren comes in at three.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  15:41
 Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 34-0 in 10 overs
Rutgers is clearly the more aggressive of the pair, and he has moved on to 24, with Edwards on 9. Davids has also come for some punishment as well as Hans, but it’s Hans who gives way to Asief Hoseinbaks, bowling for the first time for his new club.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  15:20
Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 12-0 in 5 overs
Spin from the Korfbal Court End in the person of Mahesh Hans, and Rutgers opens the scoring with a well-run three. Another maiden from Davids, but four come from Hans’ second, the pick of them a fluent drive in front of point by Rutgers which yields a couple. Then the first runs off Davids, as Rutgers pulls him meatily through midwicket, adding a fine edge for a single to complete the over.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  15:08
Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
 VOC: 0-0 in 1 over
Rod Lyall getting us under way again, as Bertus de Jong puts up yesterday’s scorecards and has some well-earned lunch. And it’s all change as Dosti’s newly-recruited left-arm seamer, Anees Davids, opens with a lively maiden from the Amstel Station End to VOC’s newly-recruited keeper/opener Scott Edwards, with another newcomer in Corey Rutgers at the non-striker’s end.

 Bertus de Jong  14:24
So a strong start and a decent finish with the ball from VOC, but Dosti’s top order were admirably patient through the early overs and the lack of wickets at the top of the innings told in the end. VOC didn’t help their cause with some awful drops and generally sloppy ground fielding. Kohli’s knock the basis of a decent total on what is a slowish wicket and a slower outfield, Ahmed’s contribution equally admirable coming back from a tough couple of seasons. Looked his old self out there today. VOC will have their work cut out, but safe to say they have the line-up to make a go of it.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  14:19
Dosti United : 246-3 in 50 overs
Klaassen and Malik do well to keep things from getting out of hand as Dosti push for 250. No boundaries in the last two overs until the final ball, when Davids pulls Malik down Baker’s throat at deep midwicket and Baker contrives to spill it over the rope. Kohli finishes unbeaten on 115 – the 2018 season’s first century.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  14:11
Dosti United : 228-3 in 48 overs
Big shots coming out now as Hafeez slog-sweeps Klaasen over deep midwicket for six. Brief delay as a search party is dispatched to retrieve the ball. And Kohli goes to a hundred off the first ball of the 48th, Sweeping Malik square for a hard-run two. Two balls later he dumps him back over his head onto the Korfball courts. Strong finish from Dosti here. Hafeez perishes by the sword however, Edwards pouching a top-edged pull, he’s gone for 34. Anees Davids in on Dosti debut.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  13:59
Dosti United : 203-2 in 46 overs
Kohli into the 90s as Dosti look to kick on as we head into the death. Malik from the Korfball end, strays down leg and is glanced fine for four, then Kohli brings up the 200 with a flick square. Back on strike a ball later and looks for the slog sweep, top edge lands just too far back for Edwards to reach it.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  13:45
Dosti United : 180-2 in 43 overs
Scorers running out of room here as Seelaar turns to his 8th bowler, Max O’Dowd into the attack from the Korfball end. Big shout for LBW on Hafeez on the second ball, the next is swept square for four. Hanif on at the other end. Kohli into the 80s.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  13:30
Dosti United : 159-1 in 39 overs
And the break brings the breakthrough. Ahmed looking to skip a few gears and goes straight for the outlandish rolling scoop off Klaassen’s second ball after drinks. It’s a slower one, Ahmed connects but there’s no distance on it. Edwards tracks back and takes it half way to the boundary. Ahmed gone for 70. Hafeez in.

 ☀ Weather Update ☀  13:22
It really is properly lovely weather. Get down to Drieburg if you can.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  13:21
Dosti United : 155-1 in 38 overs
Ahmed welcomes Malik back into the attack with another straight six, another quick single to get off strike. These two putting the field under pressure and more overthrows the result. Heads going down at drinks.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  13:12
Dosti United : 136-1 in 36 overs
Kohli moving through the gears now, past fifty and sweeps Seelaar hard behind square for four, brave decision to not bother running with this outfield. He’s caught up to Ahmed now, on 62 and 61 respectively. VOC looking a bit out of ideas. Klaassen back.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  12:58
Dosti United : 115-1 in 32 overs
Hundred up for Dosti in the meantime and Kohli closing in on a half century too. Jelte Schoonheim succeeds Fletcher at the Korfball end, the 7th bowler for VOC. Ahmed flicks his first ball square to bring up the century partnership. And a heinous drop two balls later as Ahmed spoons Schoonheim up toward long off where O’Dowd shells a sitter.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  12:44
Dosti United : 97-1 in 28 overs
Fletcher back taking over from Baker, Ahmed drives out to long on for one, Kohli emulates, then Ahmed goes up and over extra for two runs and Fifty.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  12:40
Dosti United : 90-1 in 27 overs
Kohli drives Baker hard through extra, O’Dowd with a rather spectacular stop on the rope and they run three. Not all the fielding is so adept however, overthrows and fumbled pick ups. It’s getting hot out there and VOC look to be feeling the heat. Ahmed closing in on a half-century, he’s on 48*.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  12:30
Dosti United : 80-1 in 24 overs
Seelaar takes over from Hanif, so spin at both ends now. Three from his first. Baker not so lucky though, Ahmed down the track and goes big and straight again, then strokes the next out to long on to get off strike. Kohli repeats the shot and then Ahmed pulls out a classy backfoot drive only to be denied a well-earned four by the rather sluggish outfield.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  12:20
Dosti United : 63-1 in 21 overs
Ahmed’s seen enough of Hanif, steps down and lofts him handsomely back over his head for six. Fifty partnership up for these two.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  12:14
Dosti United : 53-1 in 19 overs
Drinks here and Kohli and Ahmed have put something of a partnership together, still no sign of spin from VOC but they’re deep in conference. Thinking caps on. Sure enough, Umar Baker with the ball after the break.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  12:04
Dosti United : 43-1 in 17 overs
Another maiden for Malik and the pressure starts to build again, still just deep backward square out and its been all medium pace fullish and straight so far. Tight singles and calls of “yes, yes, NO!” have been the theme of the morning.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  11:57
Dosti United : 41-1 in 15 overs
The change doesn’t really work for VOC, Hanif goes for 7 in his first over. Malik staring to leak at the other end too. Better from Hanif in his next, just one from it as Ahmed punches out to mid off and steals one to move on to 25*.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  11:47
Dosti United : 29-1 in 12 overs
Three maidens on the trot between Klaassen and Malik before Kohli finally digs one out through the ring for one. Next ball from Malik is fuller and has Ahmed pinned back and rapped on the pads, nothing wrong with the shout on height but can’t read the line from here. VOC sounded pretty convinced though. Bobby Hanif takes over from Klaassen at the other end.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  11:39
Dosti United : 28-1 in 10 overs
The prodigal Ahsan Malik has returned, he takes over from Fletcher for the 10th over, bowling a fullish length and varying his pace, just one man out at deep backward square. Maiden.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  11:28
Dosti United : 28-1 in 8 overs
And Kohli finds the rope for the first boundary of the innings, flicking Fletcher off his toes and up over square leg. Fletcher and Klaassen still pitching it up but Ahmed and Kohli look to be settling in.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  11:18
Dosti United : 13-1 in 5 overs
Wicket! Klaassen had been looking dangerous, bowling full and straight and getting some movement through the air, and he gets his man. Tewarie pinned in front, finger goes up, Kohli to the crease.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  11:08
Dosti United : 8-0 in 2 overs
And Bertus back, taking over here whilst m’colleague gets to work on yesterday’s scorecards. Fred Klaassen and Pierce Fletcher sharing the new ball for VOC, Rahil Ahmed and Vinoo Tewarie opening for the hosts. Plenty of oohs and ahhs in Klaassen’s first over, appeal for a catch at short leg as it deflects up off Ahmed’s pads but no bat says the umpire and I’m inclined to agree. Ahmed looking busy and pushing for twos, positive start from this pair.

 ☀ Weather Update ☀  10:44
Much as yesterday, the weather is absolutely delightful. Not a cloud in the sky here at Drieburg.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  10:41
Dosti United : 0-0 in 0 overs
Today’s teams:
Dosti United: Vinoo Tewarie*, Rahil Ahmed+, Taruwar Kohli, Anees Davids, Mohammed Hafeez, Mahesh Hans, Asief Hoseinbaks, Arief Hoseinbaks, Vimal Tewarie, Waheed Masood, and Shadab Ghori.
VOC: Pieter Seelaar*, Scott Edwards+, Corey Rutgers, Max O’Dowd, Jelte Schoonheim, Dirk van Baren, Fred Klaassen, Ahsan Malik Jamil, Bobby Hanif, Umar Baker, and Pierce Fletcher.

 Dosti United vs VOC Rotterdam  10:31
Dosti United : 0-0 in 0 overs
And this is Rod Lyall at Drieburg, with the news that VOC have won the toss and invited Dosti to bat. Team news to follow.

 Bertus de Jong  10:10
Good morning everyone and welcome back to the second installment of our live coverage of Topklasse Round 1. I’m on my way to Drieburg for the rescheduled encounter between Dosti United and VOC. Plenty of excitement and a couple of surprises already in the round, can the unfancied 2015 champions spring an upset today too?


So here’s the points table as it stands, though of course the round is not yet done, join us back here tomorrow for the round’s final match; Dosti-VOC at Drieburg.

 HBS vs ACC  20:11
 ACC : 233-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 215 all out in 47.2 overs
Gomes wicket was the key that unlocked the win in the end, HBS subside to a surprise opening defeat, 215 all out in the end and a big win for ACC to start the season.

 HBS vs ACC  19.50
 ACC : 233-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 205-8 in 46 overs
Gomes gone for 64, Westdijk loses de Mey too, Khan in at 10, looks like it’s going down to the line at the Bosjes van Pex.

 HBS vs ACC  19.13
 ACC : 233-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 155-4 in 37 overs
HBS seem intent on making this exciting and/or dragging it out as long as possible. Gomes and Ahmed(?) still, 13 overs to go, 69 runs to get, Gomes closing in on a half century.

 HBS vs ACC  18.54
 ACC : 233-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 145-4 in 34 overs
The anticipated technical difficulties finally hit here, so apologies for the delay. Whilst we’ve been tearing our hair out HBS have been patiently building a platform, Gomes and Adil Ahmed in the middle we’re told.

Sparta 1888 vs HCC  18:29
 HCC : 176-9 in 50 overs

 Sparta : 177-4 in 46.1 overs
Pollard goes to a maiden Topklasse half-century on debut with a second massive six over midwicket, and then a single to Buurman is the winning run. An outstanding opening win for Sparta.

 Punjab vs Excelsior  18:19
 Punjab : 231 all out in 49.1 overs
 Excelsior : 232-2 in 47.2 overs
Ingram and Hilditch see them home again, Ingram 5 short of a century and Excelsior’s championship defense off to a fine start.

Sparta 1888 vs HCC  18:02
 HCC : 176-9 in 50 overs

 Sparta : 142-3 in 40 overs
Pollard has moved on to 37 from 51 balls, and with Iqbal on 25 Sparta are closing in on the win. 35 needed off the last ten.

 Punjab vs Excelsior  17:38
 Punjab : 231 all out in 49.1 overs
 Excelsior : 178-2 in 37.3 overs
Meanwhile Ingram’s racked up another half-century at the Zomercomplex, and Hilditch on to 29, looking an easy win for the Champions from here.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  17:36
 VRA : 124 all out in 39.2 overs
 Quick : 125-8 in 44 overs
And that’s the game, Ekelmans whips Borren square off the pads for a couple, fair to say that the hosts lost it with the bat. Another poor start for a much-fancied VRA side and Quick starting as they mean to continue.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  17:18
 VRA : 124 all out in 39.2 overs
 Quick : 120-7 in 40 overs
Lots of really top-level appealing going on out there, but no joy for the hosts. Ekelmans and Vierling set to close out the win for the visitors. You feel like 15 more runs might have been enough for VRA.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  16:56
 HCC : 176-9 in 50 overs

 Sparta : 95-3 in 30 overs
It all seemed to be going Sparta’s way, but Qasim has broken through, trapping De Kok in front for 45. Faisal Iqbal joins Pollard, who has struck three boundaries in reaching 15, one of them an exquisite cover drive off Ninan.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  17:04
 VRA : 124 all out in 39.2 overs
 Quick : 107-7 in 35 overs
Kingma still believes, yorks Rooda and van Schelven in succession, stumps everywhere, three balls two wickets. Ekelmans in and trapped in front first ball, can’t judge the line but the appeal was excellent. Umpire unmoved by the chorus, Ekelmans survives. Just 18 to get.

Meanwhile the Ladies’ season’s also underway, the Schiedam combine celebrating a T20 win over Groen-Geel at Thurlede. – Photo Lidia Moret

Sparta 1888 vs HCC  16:56
 HCC : 176-9 in 50 overs
 Sparta : 72-2 in 25 overs
Fours off both Joost van Kessel and Ninan take De Kok along to 37, and with Pollard getting under way with a stylish late cut the Sparta innings is starting to gain some momentum.

 Punjab vs Excelsior  16:54
 Punjab : 231 all out in 49.1 overs
 Excelsior : 117-2 in 23 overs
Etman goes for 62, caught of Bamunusinghe who is presumably not keeping wicket. Ingram and Hilditch in, Excelsior still well-set.

 HBS vs ACC  16.44
 ACC : 223-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 13-1 in 1 over
HBS of to a brisk start but Barresi falls in the first over, looking increasingly like a specialist strike bowler…

 VRA vs Quick Haag  16:40
 VRA : 124 all out in 39.2 overs
 Quick : 95-5 in 30 overs
VRA still fighting, Davey finally caught off the bowling of Dunlop by Szwarczynski at gully for 39, but looks like too little too late. Vierling and Rooda at the crease and just 30 to get.

Sparta 1888 vs HCC  16:38
 HCC : 176-9 in 50 overs

 Sparta : 52-1 in 20 overs
Bukhari frees himself from the bonds with a straight four off Overdijk, but generally speaking Sparta’s progress continues to be measured. De Kok, for whom Jonkman sets a 7:2 offside field responds by pulling Overdijk behind square for another boundary, but otherwise it’s largely singles. But it’s wickets HCC need; they won’t win this by attrition, methinks.

 Punjab vs Excelsior  16:26
 Punjab : 231 all out in 49.1 overs
 Excelsior : 81-0 in 13 overs
Etman notches his half century, Verhagen still with him and Excelsior look like cruising this.

 HBS vs ACC  16.23
 ACC : 223-8 in 50 overs
So fifties for Saqib and Sikander Zulfiqar and a handy unbeaten 31 from Raza, Wesley Barresi the pick of the bowlers with 2-34.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  16:12
 HCC : 176-9 in 50 overs

 Sparta : 34-1 in 15 overs
Hidde Overdijk and Bryce Street into the attack, with Bukhari still in first gear: after those initial fours, he’s managed only three scoring shots from 32 deliveries, and the frustration is beginning to show. De Kok, on the other hand, is scoring reasonably freely, largely through backward point and third man. HCC need to keep taking wickets, though.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  16:04
 VRA : 124 all out in 39.2 overs
 Quick : 76-4 in 20 overs
The Quick skipper perishes trying to put Borren over the top only to find his opposite number at mid on, but the hosts need to get Davey and soon. He’s on 33 with Rooda for company.

 ☀ Weather Update ☀  15.57
It’s still really nice weather.

 HBS vs ACC  15.50
 ACC : 223-8 in 50 overs
ACC finish on 233-8. Details to follow. Gotta say they’ll have to bowl well to defend that at Craeyenhout.

Sparta 1888 vs HCC  15:37
 HCC : 176-9 in 50 overs

 Sparta : 18-1 in 10 overs
Ali Ahmed Qasim, who replaced Reinier Bijloos after his opening over from the Schollebos End went for successive fours from Bukhari, is putting together a tidy spell and keeping even the aggressive Bukhari quiet. And Jonkman is looking sharp from the other end.

 Punjab vs Excelsior  14:51
 Punjab : 231 all out in 49.1 overs
 Excelsior : 39-0 in 6 overs
They’re back after lunch at the Zomercomplex too, Etman and Verhagen opening for the defending champs, Tariq and Khan for the hosts. Etman’s racing out of the blocks – he’s on 29 off just 24, Verhagen happy to take a back seat on 8.

Sparta 1888 vs HCC  15:37
 HCC : 176-9 in 50 overs

 Sparta : 13-1 in 6.3 overs
Mark Jonkman comes on for Ninan at the Bermweg End, and with his third ball he induces an edge from Ambrose, low to Lagas’ right behind the stumps. Tim de Kok in at three.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  15:32
 VRA : 124 all out in 39.2 overs
 Quick : 56-3 in 16 overs
Fifty up for Quick in the meantime, Brand and Davey at the crease rebuilding after the initial Barrage from Kingma and Gunning, Davey looks intent on punishing the hosts for their catching shortcomings. Borren takes over from Gunning and Raja from Kingma, Davey quite happy with the change it seems, Raja now none for 17 in two, Turmaine observes.

 HBS vs ACC  15.20
 ACC : 178-5 in 38.5 overs
Another run-out at Craeyenhout, Rasool the victim and Morgan the perpetrator, looked pretty flash doing it too we’re told.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  15:10
 VRA : 124 all out in 39.2 overs
 Quick : 35-3 in 9 overs
And Davey has been shelled behind the wicket twice in the last two overs, once off Kingma and once of Gunning. Our guest commentator has nothing publishable to say.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  15:03
 VRA : 124 all out in 39.2 overs
 Quick : 28-3 in 7 overs
Had my head down here as the wickets have been falling, so over to Leon; “Bista’s debut brought to an end as he smashes Gunning to point for a promising 17, Stokkers and Mol follow him to the shed, Kingma got Stokkers LBW and Mol edged a short one from Gunning through to Lees”

 HBS vs ACC  14.53
 ACC : 142-4 in 33 overs
And Frenz goes for 23 as Niels Wisse finds his stumps, ACC have a platform but will need to kick on if they are to hold off HBS’ belligerent top order. Sikander Zulfiqar still there on 13, and on feels he’s the one to do it.

 Punjab vs Excelsior  14:51
 Punjab : 231 all out in 49.1 overs
Excelsior finish strongly. A third run-out, this one effected by Gijs Kroesen, brings an end to Tariq and his side’s innings. 232 will be the target.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  14:41
 VRA : 124 all out in 39.2 overs
 Quick : 19-0 in 3 overs
Great strokeplay for Jay Bista on his Topklasse debut, hitting Gunning over square leg for six and driving him relentlessly through the covers for couples, intones guest commentator Leon Turmaine.

 Punjab vs Excelsior  14:38
 Punjab : 229-9 in 48.4 overs
A cracking 8th wicket partnership between Saleemi and Latif comes to an end as both are run out in quick succession, Saleemi for 37 and Latif for 58, down to the skipper and number 11 to try to push for 250.

Sparta 1888 vs HCC  14:33
 HCC : 176-9 in 50 overs
The usual scamper towards the end, but it goes more Sparta’s way than the visitors’. Two run-outs, first of Lagas, then of Joost van Kessel, with Ali Ahmed Qasim trapped in front by Dost Muhammed first ball into the bargain. Bukhari demonstrates his value as a death bowler, and HCC finish well short of the 220 or so they seemed on course for after 30 overs. From 111-1 to 176-9 represents a disappointing last 20 overs for the Hagenaars, and the momentum is with Sparta going into the second innings.

 HBS vs ACC  14.25
 ACC : 108-3 in 24 overs
Saqib goes to fifty but then falls victim to a rather unfortunate run out at the non-strikers.

 Punjab vs Excelsior  14:09
 Punjab : 189-7 in 43 overs
Saleemi finds some support in Latif, both move into the thirties as Punjab push toward the 200 mark. 50 partnership up and Punjab fighting their way back into this seesaw innings.

Sparta 1888 vs HCC  14:06
 HCC : 161-6 in 45 overs
Bukhari returns to bowl the last four overs from the Schollebos End, and ends a useful little partnership between Jonkman and Lagas by yorking the former for 13. Tyrone Peters joins Lagas, as Muhammed comes back at the Bermweg End.

 HBS vs ACC  14.05
 ACC : 79-2 in 19.2 overs
Apologies, been a bit off the pace with HBS-ACC, but Navjit Singh’s done for Rehmat Zulfiqar (see below) the eldest of the clan gone for 37. Saqib’s still there though and Richardt Frenz is with him now.

Navjit Singh pegs back a stump – photo Remco van Oosterom

Sparta 1888 vs HCC  13:45
 HCC : 143-5 in 39 overs
Drama in Het Schollebos, as first Gorlee, after batting with great discipline, tries to hit Usman Saleem over the top as is caught by Snoep at mid-on. And next ball Overdijk is bowled. Laurens Jan Lagas joins Mark Jonkman in the middle, survives the hat-trick ball, and then takes a bye. A Jonkman prod narrowly avoids giving Saleem his third wicket of the over.

 Punjab vs Excelsior  13:40
 Punjab : 153-7 in 35 overs
Saleemi soldiers on, moves on to 23, but loses Usman – trapped LBW by Shankar for 10.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  13:32
 VRA : 124 all out in 39.2 overs
A dogged ten-over last-wicket stand between the captain and Viv Kingma comes to an end when van den Burg holes out off Stokkers for 20, Kingma left stranded 40 short of a half-century. VRA finish on 124, about 100 short of par I’d say.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  13:25
 HCC : 126-2 in 35 overs
Ninan takes on Faisal Iqbal with an enterprising reverse sweep, while at the other end Gorlee continues to pick up the singles. They take a drink with HCC still looking well set for a challenging total.

Nice day for it at VRA – photo Kate Holdsworth

 Punjab vs Excelsior  13:11
 Punjab : 125-6 in 29.2 overs
Excelsior coming back strong at the Zomercomplex, Ingram leading the way with the wickets of Masood and Bamunusinghe, whilst Gij Kroesen removes overseas Bernard Vorster for 20. Young Asad Saleemi still there on 11, Yasir Usman joins him.

Sparta 1888 vs HCC  13:05
 HCC : 112-2 in 30 overs
The Admiral strikes, as with the score on 111 Street comes looking for an impossible single to Bukhari at midwicket, and the throw to bowler Iqbal beats his despairing dive. Ryan Ninan joins Gorlee, who has reached 21.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  12:55
 VRA : 107-8 in 28.1 overs
The collapse continues here, van Schelven nicks off Lees, then traps Gunning LBW. Skipper still there but running rapidly out of partners. Bista gets rid of Dunlop, driving to extra cover. Raja in, and just Kingma to come.

Sparta 1888 vs HCC  12:49
 HCC : 90-1 in 25 overs
Confident start from Gorlee against Snoep and Faisal Iqbal, the latter operating from the Bermweg End..

 HBS vs ACC  12:40
 ACC : 13-1 in 4 overs
And some news from HBS, where some straggling youth footballers have occupied the ground until recently. The game is underway, ACC batting of their own volition, and Westdijk has first blood – Asad Zulfiqar caught behind.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  12:37
 HCC : 75-1 in 20.5 overs
No sooner written, than Staal misjudges an attempted flick against Snoep and is bowled for 39. First blood to Sparta, and Boris Gorlee in at three.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  12:35
 VRA : 98-5 in 23 overs
Cooper gone now, LBW to Bista. VRA well on the back foot now.

 Bertus de Jong  12;28
Hoping to bring you some news from Craeyenhout soon but our little birds are still in hibernation, gather that the hosts are fielding first but not sure if that was their idea. If you’re at the game, get tweeting! #TKlive

 VRA vs Quick Haag  12:24
 VRA : 92-4 in 20 overs
Cooper brings up his half century, pretty crucial in the circumstances but he’ll want to kick on. Van den Burg looking positive if not convincing at the other end, Davey finds his outside edge on the drive and a tough chance put down low and wide of slip.

 Punjab vs Excelsior  12:16
 Punjab : 84-2 in 16 overs
Punjab continue to make brisk progress at the Zomercomplex, Khan and Massod have taken them on to 84-2. Still pace at both ends, Heggelman and Bhatti operating in tandem.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  12:07
 HCC : 49-0 in 15 overs
Usman Saleem and Joost-Martijn Snoep have replaced Muhammed and Bukhari respectively, but the immediate result is an acceleration in the scoring rate. Staal has proceeded to 24, with Street on 22. A good, solid opening for HCC, with some excellent running between the wickets by this new pairing.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  12:05
 VRA : 76-4 in 15 overs
Controversy now, Borren looking to sweep Bista and doesn’t connect, keeper misses the stumping on first attempt but takes the bails off on the backswing, Borren’s convinced he’s back, umpire disagrees. Captain to the crease.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  11:59
 VRA : 73-3 in 14 overs
Borren and Cooper rebuilding for VRA, first sight of Sean Davey’s right arm seam as he takes over from Spruit, who never really found his line – fully ten wides in his opening spell – currently second top scorer behind Cooper who’s now on 39*.

 Punjab vs Excelsior  11:55
 Punjab : 59-2 in 0 overs
Meawhile at the Zomercomplex Steph Myburgh has gotten his new side off to a breezy start, but Heggleman has him out for 35, caught Gijs Kroesen. Key breakthrough for the defending champs.

Sparta 1888 vs HCC  11:51
 HCC : 29-0 in 10 overs
Sparta have been doing a reasonable job of pegging HCC back, with Bukhari in particular extracting life and fire from the Schollebos End. A couple of shouts for a catch at the wicket have failed to impress umpire Muthucumaru, and Street and Staal continue to chalk up singles and the occasional brace.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  11:39
 VRA : 38-3 in 8 overs
Wicket! And another wicket maiden for Khan, the key wicket of Szwarczynski forward to a full ball looking to work it to leg, no connection and no hesitation from the umpire. Borren in

 VRA vs Quick Haag  11:31
 VRA : 34-2 in 7 overs
Wicket! VRA two down, Singh this time another flick off the pads full off the face and a spectacular grab from van Schelven. Wicket maiden for Khan, Szwarczynski in.

Sparta 1888 vs HCC  11:25
 HCC : 19-0 in 5 overs
A steady start for HCC by lefthander Bryce Street and Tonny Staal. Mudassar Bukhari is operating from the Schollebos or Scoreboard End, Dost Muhammad from the Bermweg End. Staal survived a big appeal for LBW from the latter, but otherwise no alarums. A no-ball by Bukhari, though, yielded a scooped legside six from Street. With his third over, however, he steadies things with a maiden.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  11:21
 VRA : 14-1 in 3.2 overs
Wicket! Ter Braak down the track to Spruit, flicks off the pads straight to square leg. Cooper in at 3.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  11:20
 VRA : 14-0 in 3 overs
Khan and Spruit share the new ball for Quick, Singh and ter Braak opening for the hosts, Applause for ter Braak as he scores his first run for VRA with a glance down to fine leg off Khan in the first over. Spruit having trouble with his lines, two wides in the next over and four runs. Fourth ball was a good one though and beats Singh’s edge. Khan keeps it tight at the other end until ter Braak drives attractively through extra for three, well chased down.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  10:57
 VRA : 0-0 in 0 overs
Selection news here at the Bos, Leon Turmaine out for VRA, Dunlop in. Meanwhile some new faces for Quick, Sean Davey and Jay Bista the new overseas, and Spruyt and Ekelmans getting a call up.
VRA: Singh, ter Braak, Cooper, Szwarczynski, Borren, vd Burg, Lees, Gunning, Dunlop, Raja, Kingma.
Quick: Brand, Vierling, Rooda, G Mol, Stokkers, Bista, Davey, T van Schelven, Ekelmans, Spruit, Khan.

Sparta 1888 vs HCC  10:53
 HCC : 0-0 in 0 overs
Some new names here:
Sparta: Joost-Martijn Snoep*, Mudassar Bukhari, Craig Ambrose, Faisal Iqbal, Tim de Kok, Usman Ishfaq, Atse Buurman+, Sawan Sardha, Usman Saleem, Dost Muhammad, and Michael Pollard.
HCC: Mark Jonkman*, Bryce Street, Tonny Staal, Boris Gorlee, Ryan Ninan, Hidde Overdijk, Joost van Kessel, Laurens Jan Lagas+, Reinier Bijloos, Ali Ahmed Qasim, and Tyrone Peters.

 Sparta vs HCC  10:45
Meanwhile down at Bermweg Mark Jonkman has called correctly for HCC, and they’re going to have a bat.

 Punjab vs Excelsior  10:37
News from the Zomercomplex too, where Excelsior have won the toss and likewise elected to bowl first.

 VRA vs Quick Haag  10:35
And word news the middle here at the Bos is that Quick have won the toss and invited their hosts to bat. VRA perfectly content with that outcome we’re told.

 ☀ Weather Update ☀  10.13
It’s a glorious day for the opening round and hardly a cloud in the sky here at Amstelveen. The temperature out there is creeping up toward 20 degrees, though it’s still rather cool here on the terrace. And word is the rest of the country looks much the same as here, if there are to be any abbreviated matches today, the bowlers will have to organise it.

 Bertus de Jong  10.10
Good morning all and welcome to the new Topklasse live blog, may be a bit of trial-and-error day for us today so I do hope you’ll all bear with us as we work out the last kinks. I’ll be bringing you the action from the Amsterdamse Bos where VRA will be taking on Quick Haag, while the good professor will be down at Sparta-HCC, and of course we’ll be keeping you updated on proceedings at the Zomercomplex and Craeyenhout too. We’re about 20 minutes out from the toss (except at Craeyenhout where they’ll be starting an hour later today, and of course at Drieburg where Dosti-VOC has been pushed back to tomorrow). In the meantime why not check out Rod’s preview for the round and our season previews?