Topklasse Live | Round 11 | As it Happened

 Bertus de Jong  19.46
So win the toss, bat first and win very much the theme this round. We’re left with a congested top of the table and Punjab running away with it in the relegation stakes. It’s been a long, hot day of cricket, extended unnecessarily by some extremely poor over-rates almost across the board. We’ll be back next week, join us again then.

The Topklasse table after Round 11

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  19:19
 ACC : 320-2 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 286 all out in 49.4 overs
And it’s all over, Punjab all out for 286 with two balls remaining.

 Bertus de Jong  19.06
Looking forward to a bunch of captains getting fined and or suspended for today. The over rates have been a disgrace.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  18:59
 HBS: 259-8 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 175 all out in 41.3 overs
Usman Saleem hits a couple of fours off Coster. Then he’s caught at mid-on when he skies Khan high and Morgan’s under it. An apparent catch off a Buurman reverse sweep is rejected for somreason, but two balls later Hoorweg goes back to De Mey, is bowled, and it’s all over. Buurman remains not out on 39.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  18:57
 ACC : 320-2 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 257-8 in 45 overs
At the Zomercomplex Punjab are limping to another defeat. Qadri’s innings of 55 has got them to respectability before Raza trapped him LBW, and Usman isn’t rolling over either. He’s on 44 not out but with 64 needed from the last five and just two wickets in hand it’s fair to say an ACC win is just a matter of time.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  18:53
 VRA: 260 all out in 49 overs
 Excelsior: 235 all out in 49.5 overs
Kroesen bowled by Borren’s last ball, van Troost holes out off Raja,and Khan bowled with one ball left. Raja finishes with 4-38 and it wasn’t close in the end.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  18:45
 VRA: 260 all out in 49 overs
 Excelsior: 227-7 in 48 overs
9 runs and the wicket of Symons from the 48th, Gijs Kroesen in and only getting harder. Big over needed to make this interesting. Borren to bowl.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  18:42
 HBS: 259-8 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 157-8 in 39 overs
A string of singles, and when they push for two off Khan a direct hit from Barresi accounts for Muhammad. Buurman’s still there on 34, but the cause now seems definitively lost.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  18:40
 VRA: 260 all out in 49 overs
 Excelsior: 218-6 in 47 overs
He’s kept them in it, but Joost Kroesen’s innings conmes top an end, clean bowled Borren for 74. Van Troost in. 43 needed off the last 3 overs. Raja to bowl the 48th.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  18:31
 HBS: 259-8 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 146-7 in 37 overs
Just as we were starting to think about HBS’s remarkable recovery against ACC a few weeks ago, and the runs were starting to flow here, Frashad Khan returns and with his second ball gains a vital leg-before decision against Bukhari, who had made a patient 37. Skipper Snoep succeeds, and is bowled first ball. Three slips, a gully and a leg slip for Dost Muhammad, who defends resolutely before swinging the final ball away for a single.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  18:27
 VRA: 260 all out in 49 overs
 Excelsior: 195-5 in 44 overs
Shankar with an ungainly mow at Turnmaine that disturbs only air, whilst the ball readjusts off stump, which is left at a jaunty angle, pointing at Mitch Lees’ delighted face. Symons in.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  18:22
 ACC : 320-2 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 200-6 in 37 overs
Meanwhile at the Zomercomplex Punjab have brought up the 200 in the 37th, Qadri unbeaten on 57*, They’ve left themselves rather too much to do though one suspects.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  18:14
 HBS: 259-8 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 123-5 in 33 overs
De Mey continues, now in tandem with Westdijk. Bukhari and Buurman are working hard to get the scoreboard moving, which is more than can be said for the game in general. Gone ten past six, and 17 overs left. Perhaps the advent of Ali Ahmed will speed things up.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  18:13
 VRA: 260 all out in 49 overs
 Excelsior: 175-4 in 40.2 overs
So we enter the last ten, 88 to get an wickets in hand. Scratch that, 86 to get and one fewer wicket in hand. Heggelman looks to cut a shortis ball from Cooper and edges behind. Shankar in to join Joost Kroesen who’s on 49.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  18:00
 Dosti : 201 all out in 48.5 overs
 Quick : 177 all out in 46 overs
All over a Drieburg too, Masood the pick of the bowlers with 3-48, Davey made 44 to keep them in it but just not the support for him.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  17:55
 VOC: 238-6 in 50 overs
 HCC: 161 all out in 42.1 overs
VOC with a convincing victory. Klassen and Fletcher started well again to have HCC 12-2 early. Staal and Street consolidated to put on a 80 run partnership and the match looked like it could be headed to a tight finish. But the introduction of O’Dowd, who capped off a fine day by taking 6 wickets means VOC will remain at the top of the ladder for another week

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  17:55
 VOC: 238-6 in 50 overs
 HCC: 161 all out in 42.1 overs
HCC capitulate, Max O’Dowd finishes with figures of 6-40 in ten. I’ve not checked the stats but I’m pretty sure that’s a personal best.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  17:43
 HBS: 259-8 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 100-4 in 27.2 overs
A full-pitched delivery from Vink removes Bell’s off stump, and Buurman joins Bukhari with Sparta now looking down the barrel.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  17:41
 HBS: 259-8 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 100-4 in 27 overs
This match is drifting away from Sparta with all the vivacity of a dead seagull on the outgoing tide. Bukhari and Bell are battling on against Vink and De Mey, but try as they might they can’t contrive more than a string of singles. And the over-rate remains criminally slow.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  17:35
 VRA: 260 all out in 49 overs
 Excelsior: 129-3 in 32 overs
Turmaine gets the wicket they wanted, Lorenzo “the game” Ingram down the track and skews it up toward Ben Cooper at deepish mid on, who jogs forward and makes no mistake. Heggelman in and 132 still to get.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  17:29
 VOC: 238-6 in 50 overs
 HCC: 128-6 in 36 overs
Big wickets at Hazelaarweg and Max O’Dowd has them both, Tonny Staal caught and bowled. Jonkman just plain bowled.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  17:18
 HBS: 259-8 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 83-4 in 21 overs
Julian de Mey into the attack, three singles, and then when De Kok gives him the charge he’s beaten and sees his off stump knocked back. Enter Warren Bell.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  17:17
 VRA: 260 all out in 49 overs
 Excelsior: 105-2 in 27 overs
It’s been a containment strategy here with Turmaine holding down the Mulder end and Cooper bowling medium seam-up from the city. Both batsmen in the twenties but they’ve let it drift rather. Required rate over 7s now.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  17:15
 Dosti : 201 all out in 48.5 overs
 Quick : 125-7 in 37.4 overs
Quick’s chase continues to falter as Kohli takes a cracking diving catch to get rid of Landheer, Hoseinbaks the bowler.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  17:04
 HBS: 259-8 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 75-3 in 18 overs
The over-rate here has been pedestrian all day, if we factor in that the pedestrian is walking with the aid of a zimmer frame. The scoring-rate has been showing signs of joining it, but as I write this Bukhari hoists Vink over the fence at long on. A single apiece to end the over.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  17:04
 VOC: 238-6 in 50 overs
 HCC: 105-4 in 30 overs
Tonny Staal has his half-century, but has lost more partners on the way, Street to a return catch and now Gorlee. Jonkman joins him.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  16:57
 VRA: 260 all out in 49 overs
 Excelsior: 73-2 in 20 overs
How much is that going to cost? Ten at least. Probably more. Ingram’s down the track and Turmaine throws it wide, stumping chance but no joy. Four and six from Ingram before the over is done.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  16:52
 Dosti : 201 all out in 48.5 overs
 Quick : 115-5 in 31 overs
And Quick lose another, Hafeez with the catch off his own bowling again, Mol the victim, Ekelmans in.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  16:45
 ACC : 320-2 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 108-4 in 17 overs
Another down at Zomercomplex, 321 looking impossible distant now.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  16:40
 VRA: 260 all out in 49 overs
 Excelsior: 58-2 in 17.5 overs
Two down here and that’s a good excuse for drinks. Fuller ball from Raja, Verhagen on the drive and chops on. Joost Kroesen in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  16:37
 HBS: 259-8 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 56-3 in 12.4 overs
The introduction of Farshad Khan and Ferdi Vink into the attack has slowed the scoring rate, and when Pollard tries to hit Khan over the top he can only smack it to Gomes at deepish md-off, who takes it well over his head. Pollard goes for 27, and Bukhari joins De Kok, who is on 21.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  16:37
 Dosti : 201 all out in 48.5 overs
 Quick : 111-4 in 26 overs
Nelson doing serious work today, Bista goes caught and bowled Hafeez, and van Gigch run out without further moving the scoreboard. Davey and Mol in, both scoreless.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  16:25
 VRA: 260 all out in 49 overs
 Excelsior: 45-1 in 13 overs
Borren finds the breakthrough, Etman LBW for 26. Ingram at 3. Raja still operating from the Mulder end.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  16:23
 ACC : 320-2 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 86-3 in 12 overs
Quite a collapse at the Zomercomplex, Bamunusinghe and Raza fall in quick succession, having added negative four runs if our information is accurate, which it may not be…

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  16:18
 VOC: 238-6 in 50 overs
 HCC: 51-2 in 17 overs
Staal and Steet putting together a partnership at Hazelaarweg as they go to drinks, Staal especially looking dangerous on 32*.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  16:16
 VRA: 260 all out in 49 overs
 Excelsior: 36-0 in 10 overs
Raja has slowed the scoring somewhat, Etman and Verhagen have treated him with what James Hilditch reckons is undue circumspection. Easy to say from the balcony of course.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  16:14
 HBS: 259-8 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 38-2 in 8 overs
After those initial setbacks, De Kok and Pollard are warming to the task – quite literally, one suspects, given the weather conditions. Pollard takes three fours off Westdijk’s fourth over, two straight drives and an even better one through the covers. Then De Kok hits two straight off wicket-taker Coster.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  16:10
 ACC : 320-2 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 88-1 in 11 overs
Sikander follows up his 150* with what you’d suspect is a match-winning wicket. Myburgh gone for 51, caught Rasool.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  16:04
 ACC : 320-2 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 79-0 in 10 overs
Myburgh and Raza enjoying themselves at the Zomercomplex, they’re on 40 and 27 and going hard.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  16:02
 Dosti : 201 all out in 48.5 overs
 Quick : 74-2 in 17 overs
Drinks meanwhile at Drieburg, and Dosti will have plenty to discuss. Dropped catches aplenty, and a missed run-out to boot. Bista and Gigch still there on 12 and 19 respectively.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  15:57
 VRA: 260 all out in 49 overs
 Excelsior: 22-0 in 6 overs
Van den Burg quickly turns to spin, Raja provides him with a maiden from the Mulder end, still Kingma from the city end but there’s not much help for him in the wicket.

HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888 15:53
HBS: 259-8 in 50 overs
Sparta: 9-2 in 3.5 overs
Ambrose edges to Barresi at slip, which brings Pollard to the crease.

HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888 15:51
HBS: 259-8 in 50 overs
Sparta: 8-1 in 3.3 overs
A fairly sedate start, but Ishfaq has shown signs of wanting to get on with it, and when he takes a wild swing at a full-pitched delivery, he has his stumps rearranged. Tim de Kok in at three.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  15:41
 HBS: 259-8 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 3-0 in 1 over
Berend Westdijk, from the Scoreboard End, opens with a yorker to Craig Ambrose, dug out behind square as the batsman overbalances but recovers to take the single. Another single apiece completes a tidy first over. Wessel Coster from the Sportlaan End.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  15:40
 ACC : 320-2 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 44-0 in 5 overs
Myburgh has got Punjab off to the requisite flying start, he’s on 30* after 5 overs.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  15:37
 Dosti : 201 all out in 48.5 overs
 Quick : 44-2 in 10 overs
Another wicket at Drieburg, Stokkers gone for 30. Van Gigch and Bista in the middle now.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  15:37
 VRA: 260 all out in 49 overs
 Excelsior: 7-0 in 1 over
Inauspicious start for VRA, Kingma opens the bowling and starts with a no ball, Verhagen slaps the free hit straight for four. Mix-up almost brings a run out but 7 from the over in the end. Mia from the other end.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  15:28
 VOC: 238-6 in 50 overs
 HCC: 15-2 in 5.2 overs
And Fletcher with an early wicket too, Street in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  15:24
 VOC: 238-6 in 50 overs
 HCC: 2-1 in 2 overs
And Klaassen with an early wicket at Hazelaarweg, Qasim caught and bowled. Staal in.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  15:17
 Dosti : 201 all out in 48.5 overs
 Quick : 23-1 in 6 overs
There back in action at Drieburg, and Vierling gone early.

Hot work, breaking records. photo via ACC twitter

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  14:55
 VRA: 260 all out in 49 overs
Bhatti brings the innings to an end with an over unused, two in two to keep VRA to 260, Raja with a big top edge held next to the stumps at the non-strikers, and Kingma cleaned up for 7. Could have been a lot more on a decent track, looked like it would be when Borren and Cooper were together. Excelsior have fought back well and anyone’s game one would say. They’ll miss the injured hilditch in this chase one feels, but VRA are without both Gunning and Ross ter Braak, and questions remain about Kingma’s fitness.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  14:53
 HBS: 259-8 in 50 overs
Bukhari uproots De Mey’s leg stump in the final over, but then Westdijk edges his next fine for four. A well-run two, an overthrow permitting another brace, yet another from a heave to midwicket, and HBS end on a decent 259, despite that flurry of wickets.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  14:49
 VRA: 256-8 in 48 overs
Kingma knows what’s needed, flamboyant drive through the on side for four off Heggelman and that’s in the bushes too.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  14:40
 HBS: 242-5 in 47.2 overs
And of course, Bukhari smashes one into Barresi’s stumps, and he departs for a 24-ball 30. Ferdi Vink joins Navjit Singh.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  14:39
 VRA: 245-8 in 47 overs
Meanwhile Cooper perishes in the final push here, Ingram tearing along the boundary to take a one-handed screamer off Heggelman, Cooper 11 short of a ton. Raja in to join Lees, but Lees doesn’t last. Bowled Bhatti for 3. Kingma in. Quite a fightback this.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  14:37
 HBS: 240-5 in 47 overs
Barresi is in his element here, whipping anything short away over fine leg, and pushing into the gaps for ones and twos. Bukhari and Bell to finish, but Bukhari bowls three wides in his first over back..

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  14:30
 ACC : 320-2 in 50 overs
An unbroken 249 run partnership between Asad and Sikander Zulfiqar gets ACC to 320 from their 50 overs. The former doesn’t quite get to what would have been a well-deserved century, finishing on 97*. Sikander notches 150*. That’s ACC’s biggest partnership since Aponso and Schölvinck’s 278* against VOC in 1993.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  14:28
 VOC: 238-6 in 50 overs
VOC end on 238/6 Klassen hitting the last ball for six. Overdijk the pick of the bowlers as the players take lunch.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  14:25
 VRA: 230-6 in 44.1 overs
Wickets belatedly falling here at the Bos, Gijs Kroesen has van den Burg LBW and Turmaine puts Heggelman into the blue, Joost Kroesen under it and well held. Damage limitation is the order of the day for Excelsior though with Cooper still at the crease on 85*. Singh joins him. But not for long as Bhatti skittles him with the first ball of the 45th. Lees in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  14:19
 HBS: 206-5 in 43 overs
The running has been a feature of this innings, especially from Gomes, but when Ahmed pushes for second to deep backward square he’s beaten by the throw from Pollard, smartly deflected onto the stumps by Buurman. That was tight, but the fielders get the benefit of the doubt. Navjit Singh in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  14:18
 VOC: 226-6 in 48.2 overs
Seelaar departs looking to clear the rope for a well made 80. Overdijk with his third.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  14:15
 Dosti : 201 all out in 48.5 overs
Dosti get to 200, but Singh falls one short of his century. He becomes Bista’s fourth victim, the mumbaiker finishing with figures of 4-31.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  14:11
 ACC : 260-2 in 45 overs
And a century for Sikander Zulfiqar, this partnership worth 189 now, a record for ACC for the 4th wicket. Still 5 overs to go

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  14:09
 HBS: 197-4 in 40.5 overs
Hoornweg strikes, bowling Gomes for 102 as he looks to force the pace. Ali Ahmed joins Barresi; two new batsmen at the crease now.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  14:08
 VOC: 210-5 in 45 overs
And bang, Seelaar really opening his shoulders, slog sweeps Ninan for six. That’s almost hit a plane it’s that big. He moves to 72*. 5 overs to go. Possibly looking for a 100.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  14:01
 HBS: 193-3 in 40 overs
The rate has slowed slightly as Gomes approaches his hundred, and that may have contributed to Morgan falling to Snoep, skying a lofted on drive to straight mid-off, where Pollard takes the catch. Barresi in, and two balls later Gomes posts his ton.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  14:01
 VRA: 207-3 in 40 overs
Fifties for Borren and Cooper both and the 200 up. Half that again in the last ten very much on the cards if these two stay together. But they won’t, as I type Borren tamely chips the ball back into the hands of Kroesen who holds on in his follow through, the second 50-and-out today. Van den Burg in to join Cooper, who’s on 70*.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  13:55
 VOC: 180-4 in 43 overs
Another milestone brought up at Hazelaarweg, Seelaar moves on to yet another 50.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  13:48
 VOC: 168-4 in 40 overs
There’s an important breakthrough, O’Dowd out for 57 caught behind from Ali. Which brings Edwards to the crease, who crisply hits his first ball through the covers for four.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  13:48
 HBS: 178-2 in 37 overs
De Kok has done pretty well is a situation where the batsmen are constantly threatening to cut loose, but Morgan finally plants him over long on. Gomes has proceeded to 87, but since he’s South African rather than Australian this won’t bother him too much.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  13:47
 ACC : 214-2 in 39 overs
Quite the partnership this between the brothers Zulfiqar.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  13:38
 Dosti : 139-6 in 40 overs
Singh resolute for Dosti, he’s on 60* with Mahesh Hans keeping him company. Could still get something competitive if he stays in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  13:36
 VOC: 160-3 in 39 overs
And that’s the 50 fifty for O’Dowd, a solid batting innings and good platform for VOC here now, and the hundred partnership comes up next over.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  13:33
 ACC : 180-2 in 34 overs
Zulfiqars still at the crease and ACC well set here, Sikander an 67*, Asad 46*.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  13:25
 HBS: 140-2 in 32 overs
Gomes has moved onto 70 as they take another drink, with Morgan taking a moment or two to settle in. Saleem has finished a valuable ten-over spell, Bell returning from that end. But the main action of the past ten minutes has been a particularly nasty gust of wind, which has demolished the large parasol protecting the players’ area. The home side retreat into more natural shade, while the scorers (and your correspondent) continue to live dangerously.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  13:22
 VRA: 154-2 in 32 overs
Sure enough it’s ball-hunting time as Borren puts Gijs Kroesen well back into the greenery to bring up the 150 for VRA.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  13:18
 Dosti : 111-6 in 34.4 overs
Nelson strikes at Drieburg too, Bista traps Gravesande in front for his third wicket. Singh still there on 42*.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  13:11
 VRA: 137-2 in 30 overs
Platform set and time to kick on it seems, Borren ramps Heggelman over his shoulder for four. He’s on 16, Cooper on 42, and Excelsior need a wicket here or one suspects they’ll be fishing balls out of bushes before too long.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  13:06
 VOC: 126-3 in 32 overs
Seelaar and O’Dowd looking more and more comfortable. Working singles around the ground with considerable ease. Seelaar’s moved to 32* and the latter 37*.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  13:05
 ACC : 144-2 in 27 overs
Zulfiqars still at the crease and more progress for ACC, Sikander on 43*, Asad 36*.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  13:01
 HBS: 119-2 in 26.5 overs
Tim de Kok is pressed into service to provide a slower option, and Coster, on 43, skies his fifth delivery to Hoornweg at deep backward square. Jaron Morgan joins Gomes, who is on 56.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  12:55
 Dosti : 84-5 in 27 overs
Dosti stumbling here, two successive wickets for Lesley Stokkers and a lot of pressure on Singh to try to hold the innings together.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  12:51
 HBS: 114-1 in 25 overs
The ultrareliable Gomes brings up another half-century, and Joost Martijn Snoep comes on himself after two overs from Hoornweg. This is beginning to look pretty worrying for the Lacedaemonian cause now.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  12:50
 VRA: 111-1 in 25 overs
Fifty for Dan ter Braak, but no more. Nelson and Khan combine to bring an end to his innings, clean bowled, Borren in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  12:44
 VOC: 89-3 in 25 overs.
Both O’Dowd 26* and Seelar 10* looking to build a decent score, on a slow but good pitch. Ninan into the attack, first look at spin today

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  12:40
 ACC : 117-2 in 22 overs
Zulfiqars at the crease and steady progress for ACC, Sikander an 32*, Asad 26*.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  12:38
 HBS: 100-1 in 22 overs
Gomes goes after Muhammad, smacking him over long off and long on for successive sixes, and then slicing him sweetly through backward point for four. Max Hoornweg takes over from that end, limiting the damage somewhat. But Gomes is looking increasingly dangerous, while Coster is lending him great support. They’re on 44 and 36 respectively, and without spinner Faisal Iqbal the Sparta attack is looking distinctly same-y.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  12:35
 VRA: 88-1 in 20 overs
Ter Braak playing some shots here, lovely straight drive for four off Bhatti the pick of them. Cooper not looking entirely comfortable but happy to put away a bad ball, Ingam offers some width and is cut away behind square for three.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  12:20
 VRA: 68-1 in 17 overs
Much needed drinks here at the Bos, ter Braak and Cooper putting together a handy partnership for the second wicket. Ingram into the attack.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  12:16
 VOC: 65-3 in 19 overs
Bijloos strikes at Hazelaarweg, van Baren caught Gorlee for 18.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  12:14
 HBS: 67-1 in 18 overs
Drinks at Craeyenhout, with Coster and Gomes laying the foundations for another solid total. Coster is beginning to play with greater assurance, creaming Saleem through extra cover and then, in his next over, lifting him back over his head. Dost Muhammad has replaced Bukhari at the Sportlaan End, Gomes using his feet well and hitting him over extra cover for another four. Buurman counters this by standing up for the big seamer. The breeze, meanwhile, is threatening to turn into a gale.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  12:12
 ACC : 71-2 in 14 overs
Double breakthrough at the Zomercomplex, both openers back in the box, Rehmat for 22 and Frenz for 35.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  12:05
 Dosti : 38-3 in 14.3 overs
And that’s the big wicket! Kohli looking to sweep Bista but nothing on it and into the pads. Up goes the finger. Singh in.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  12:02
 VRA: 56-1 in 14 overs
Oh dear, the skipper won’t like that, Heggelman finds ter Braak’s edge but a tough high chance is spilled by Ingram at gully.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  11:55
 Dosti : 34-2 in 12.4 overs
Tewarie is out now however, bowled Bista for 11. Hafeez in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  11:51
 VOC: 49-2 in 12 overs
VOC have recovered somewhat after two early blows, van Baren making the running on 17*, O’Dowd with him with just a single run to his name, our conveniently now available informant tells us.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  11:50
 HBS: 46-1 in 12 overs
Largely by dint of a series of fine edges, Coster has advanced to 17. He and Gomes are running well between the wickets, however, as Usman Saleem comes on for Bell. Gomes is as watchful and correct as ever, but when Bukhari drops short he’s onto it in a flash and pulls to the square leg boundary.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  11:50
 VRA: 45-1 in 11 overs
It’s been a long couple of overs here, Heggelman’s first yielding only a single single but he’s taking his time, nursing a niggle we’re told. Bhatti meanwhile gives away three wides in his first.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  11:40
 Dosti : 26-1 in 10 overs
Correction, we’re told it was in fact Rahil Ahmed that was caught behind. Tewarie is still in, Kohli with him.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  11:38
 VOC: 35-2 in 8 overs
VOC in early trouble meanwhile, Schoonheim and Rutgers gone, O’Dowd in with van Baren.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  11:35
 VRA: 38-1 in 9 overs
All happening here, Szwarczynski chips van Troost up toward mid off, it drops short but the throw in to the bowler’s end looks to have caught ter Braak out of his ground. The umpire was unsighted however, and ter Braak survives. Excelsior’s disappointment doesn’t last long though, as Szwarczynski is bowled next ball. Cooper at three.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  11:30
 ACC : 32-0 in 5 overs
Meanwhile at the Zomercomplex, Rehmat Zulfiqar and Richardt Frenz have taken ACC to 32 without loss after five overs.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  11:25
 Dosti : 21-1 in 6 overs
First wicket down at Drieburg, where Doc Mol has Vinoo Tewarie caught behind for 10.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  11:21
 HBS: 21-1 in 4.5 overs
The momentum continues with a scooped six over backward square leg off Bukhari, but his next shot is mistimed, and Usman Saleem gratefully accepts the catch at midwicket. Sharn Gomes in at three.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  11:19
 VRA: 24-0 in 6 overs
Kroesen comes back with a maiden to ter Braak, who has been the more circumspect of the pair, but beyond a speculative appeal for caught behind that’s been the highlight for the visitors so far.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  11:16
 HBS: 15-0 in 4 overs
Bukhari is bowling into a fairly stiff breeze, which is coming across from third man and helping any in-swing. Bell, conversely, has the wind at his back, maybe helping to take the ball away from the right-handers. Just singles at first, but when Bell feeds him a half-volley Visee despatches it through cover point, producing an immediate change in the field. The one goes between backward point and cover point, though, for another boundary. Visee starting to create some momentum.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  11:09
 VRA: 14-0 in 2 overs
Rens van Troost opening the bowling for Excelsior. Szwarczynski up the order to open with ter Braak and lashes the fourth ball away in front of point to the rope. Gijs Kroesen at the other end opens with a no ball, Szwarczynski misses out on the free hit, but then drives the next back past the bowler for a straight four. Lovely shot.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  11:04
 HBS: 1-0 in 1 over
Mudassar Bukhari opens from the Sportlaan End to Tobias Visee, who is partnered by Wessel Coster. He’s pretty much on the spot from the outset, and Visee has to be content with a single to fine leg when he strays onto leg stump. Warren Bell from the Scoreboard End.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs ACC Amsterdam  10:48
ACC rather spoil the streak of home toss victories, but follow the crowd in choosing to bat first.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Sparta 1888  10:37
And at Craeyenhout too. Toby Visée wins the toss for HBS and they’ll be batting.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  10:35
And luck is also with the hosts at the Bos, VRA win the toss and they’ll be batting first too.

 Dosti United vs Quick Haag  10:33
Similar story at Drieburg, where Vinoo Tewarie seems to have banished his jinx, winning the toss for Dosti and electing to bat first.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HCC  10:30
News from Hazelaarweg, where VOC win the toss and elect to bat first.

 ☀ Weather Update ☀  10.23
“☀” pretty much sums it up.

 Bertus de Jong  10.20
Good morning all and welcome back for the main business of the round. Yesterday’s bonus game saw Dosti add to Punjab’s woes with a convincing defeat again built on the foundation of a Taru Kohli century. The win will take some of the pressure off when they welcome Quick to Drieburg today, whilst Punjab’s match against ACC at Zomercomplex is beginning to look like a relegation showdown already. Meanwhile I’ll be at the Bos where VRA take on Excelsior, a must win game for the hosts if they’re to keep in touch with the top of the table. VOC currently occupy the top spot and will look to consolidate when they take on HCC at Hazelaarweg, whilst surprise contenders Sparta 1888 take on HBS at Creayenhout in another game that could shape the title race. Rod Lyall will be bringing you the latest there. If you put any stock in our pretensions to expertise, here’s what to expect from today’s action.

The table as things stand.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  17:48
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 157 all out in 43.3 overs
So Dosti consolidate their position in the middle of the table, thanks to yet another century from Taruwar Kohli, supported on this occasion by stand-in all-rounder Amitoze Singh, and by a very effective display of seam bowling by Waheed Masood, assisted by another parsimonious spell from Mohammad Hafeez. Punjab’s problems continue, and they remain at the foot of the table. Tomorrow’s match against ACC is, if anything, even more important now. We’ll be here again to bring you all the news, and we look forward to keeping you up to date as usual. This is Rod Lyall saying goodbye for now from sunny Sportpark Drieburg.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  17:32
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 145-8 in 38 overs
It’s more stalemate than checkmate at the moment, as Bajwa and Mubashir refend their way to the final drinks interval. Hafeez has one over left, but with 108 needed from 72 deliveries and only two wickets left, the issue has pretty much been settled. Surely.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  17:05
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 137-8 in 34.4 overs
We’re deep into the endgame now, as Masood returns from the Amstel Station End and castles Qadri for 17. Mubashir Hussain joins Bajwa, but the finish can’t be far off, one feels.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  16.55
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 134-7 in 33.1 overs
The runs had almost dried up here, until Faiz breaks out with a big straight six off Hoseinbaks. Then he winds up for a massive blow off Hafeez, is beaten, and is stumped by Ahmed. Bajwa joins Qadri.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  16.39
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 120-6 in 27.1 overs
Hafeez gets the breakthrough, bowling Usman for 12, and Punjab are in real trouble now. Rehan Faiz comes in.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  16.33
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 117-5 in 26 overs
Hafeez and Asief Hoseinbaks are operating to Qadri and Usman, with the latter lifting Hoseinbaks back over his head for a much-needed six. Qadri sweeps Hafeez for four, but the boundaries are few and far between.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  16.18
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 95-5 in 21.1 overs
Hafeez into the attack and immediately there’s a wicket, but it’s a run out. Vorster edges high to fine leg, it drops short of Ghori but the batsman has set off for an impossible single, and when he’s sent back his despairing dive is in vain. Yasir Usman in.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  16.03
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 87-4 in 18 overs
Vorster has proceeded pretty effortlessly to 44, but on the stroke of drinks he loses Latif, who is comprehensively bowled by Sheraz Khan. Rohan Qadri comes to the crease, with the game swinging Dosti’s way at this point.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  15:44
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 69-3 in 12 overs
Vorster has clearly decided to take matters into his own hands, and has played a series of fine attacking shots, the pick of them a straight six off Masood. That brings Sheraz Khan into the attack, with Hans resuming at the other end. Latif responds with a splendid off drive for four.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  15:25
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 39-3 in 7.2 overs
A third wicket for Masood, and this is a crucial one, as Myburgh is trapped in front for 19. Mamoon Latif in to join Vorster.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  15:16
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 26-2 in 5 overs
Amitoze Singh replaces Hans after he’s bowled just two overs, as Myburgh and Vorster set about rebuilding the Punjab innings. But eight come from his first, and Myburgh has already moved onto 18.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  15:03
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 7-2 in 1.5 overs
He lasts four deliveries, one of them a wide, before edging through to keeper Ahmed. Barend Vorster joins Myburgh.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  14:58
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 6-1 in 1.2 overs
And his second delivery uproots Raza’s off stump. One of the danger men goes, and Mudassar Hussain, on debut, comes to the crease.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  14:53
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 6-0 in 1 over
A moderately uneventful opening over by Myburgh’s standards: the third ball is lofted over cow for six, but the rest are played quietly. Waheed Masood starts from the Korfbal Court End.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  14:53
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
Punjab :
M’colleague having stepped aside to do other things, this is Rod Lyall bringing you the action from the Punjab innings. Stef Myburgh and Ali Raza are on their way out to the wicket, with Mahesh Hans opening from the Amstel Station End.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  14:15
 Dosti : 252-6 in 50 overs
Kohli dropped again, not that it matters now of course, high on the bat and a skier spilled at deep square. Puts the next over the rope in the same direction, but another miscue is held by Myburgh at extra next ball, goes for 123. Hans in for the last ball, just one from it. 252 the final total.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  14:11
 Dosti : 241-5 in 49 overs
A sloppy return to the bowlier sees Faiz spill it and they steal a run on the sly to keep Kohli on strike, and he takes advantage with a straight driven four bisecting long on and long off. Masood perishes too, well down the track and yorks himself, stumping a lot closer than it needed to be. Vimal Tewarie in for the last, Kohli on strike, Hussain to bowl it.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  14:07
 Dosti : 234-5 in 48 overs
Masood’s looking for the big bombs as Hussain returns from the korfball end, but not really connecting. Hard running gets them nine from it though. Faiz to continue.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  14:01
 Dosti : 225-5 in 47 overs
A hard run three brings Kohli on to strike, and he brings up his fourth century of the season with a late cut through third man.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  13:58
 Dosti : 218-5 in 46 overs
Khan perishes for the cause, down the track and launched over mid off but not enough on it, Usman takes it on the rope, gone for a more than useful 29 off 31. Masood joins Kohli in the middle, who dabs a single to third man to give the newcomer the strike. Masood returns the favour with the same shot, and a couple more singles leave Kohli at the non-strikers for the next over on 97*. Faiz to bowl it.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  13:50
 Dosti : 207-4 in 44 overs
Khan takes a liking to Tariq in the next, pulling him twice through square for four, Kohli brings up 200 for his side in the following over, pulling Qadri hard and square for four more to move into the nineties. He’s one hit away now on 94*.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  13:41
 Dosti : 186-4 in 42 overs
Spinners on as we head into the final phase, and Kohli brings out the sweep now as he moves into the eighties, the principle acceleration this over comes from four byes however, compounding the frustration of another missed stumping with Khan well down the track.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  13:20
 Dosti : 159-4 in 37.1 overs
Singh gets to fifty too, but not much further, Latif finally splits him and Kohli up one run short of a century partnership, drawing him forward and finding the edge, Bajwa makes no mistake behind the wicket. A more than creditcable half-century for Singh though, and he and Kohli have weathered the middle overs well after an early wobble to set a platform here. Khan in at six, Kohli still there on 74.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  12:54
 Dosti : 118-3 in 30 overs
Latif takes over from the korfball end, right arm over with the field spread. This pair look settled now though, fifty partnership up.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  12:41
 Dosti : 107-3 in 27 overs
Hussain returns from the korfball end, Kohli brings up Dosti’s hundred off the final ball of the over and lifts his bat as the team applaud, perhaps thinking it’s his fifty. He has to wait another ball for that, driving Faiz through mid off on the back foot.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  12:30
 Dosti : 92-3 in 24 overs
This pair content to look for singles and wait on the bad ball while the spinners are on, there’s been one almost every over thus far, the most recent adragged short by Qadri and put away over mid on by Singh. Not a huge amount of batting to come so a degree of circumspection required from this pair. Still spin at both ends as offspinner Faiz replaces Vorster.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  12:12
 Dosti : 61-3 in 18 overs
Kohli living a little dangerously now, a half-chance off Vorster is spilled low at short midwicket, then in Qadri’s next a lofted drive barely clears the leaping fielder, but it’s Ahmed that goes, going back to one from Qadri that floats on and turns into off stump via the inside edge. Singh in.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  12:00
 Dosti : 52-2 in 16 overs
Qadri serves up a full toss third ball and is duly slapped over his head by Tewarie for a straight four, then Vorster gets sent to the rope next over too as Tewarie comes down the pitch to drive him through extra. Clearly looking to up the pace now, the first ball of Qadri’s next is met on the full and driven over his head and through his hands to the rope to bring up the fifty, but it can’t last. The Tewarie drives straight into Myburgh’s hands at extra cover. Ahmed at four.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  11:50
 Dosti : 36-1 in 13 overs
First bowling change here as legspinner Vorster replaces Tariq for the 13th over, just three singles from it an no particular sign of urgency yet from these two. Kohli’s on 24, Tewarie still on nine though he’s not seen much of the strike. Qadri on from the korfball end.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  11:35
 Dosti : 27-1 in 9 overs
Tariq serves Kohli one in the slot and that’s put a good way back over square leg, but otherwise it’s all been rather sedate. Big shout for LBW on Tewarie last ball of the ninth as he goes back to a length ball and misses, but too high from here.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  11:22
 Dosti : 18-1 in 6 overs
Steady stuff from Kohli and Tewarie, Hussain had two slips and a gully in for Kohli early but that’s been dropped back to one. The outfield isn’t really helping the batsmen much, looking very green indeed. Kohli takes it out of the equation when Hussain goes short however, pulling him away square for a one-bouncer.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  11:08
 Dosti : 6-1 in 2 overs
Early breakthrough, and it’s a big one! Tariq moves Raza round from short fine to short square leg and the trap works next ball. Hafeez flicks Hussain uppishly off the pads and Raza holds a good low catch diving to his left. Kohli in at three.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  11:05
 Dosti : 4-0 in 1 over
And a change-up in the Dosti batting order, Hafeez opening with Vinoo Tewarie today. Tariq opening the bowling and Tewarie turns him off the pads for four through square first ball, watchful for the rest. Hussain from the other end.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  10:50
Some selection news in the meantime, and two big names missing. Anees Davids is suspended for this match and Bamunusinghe is also missing for reasons that are not yet clear.
Dosti: Tewarie, Ahmed, Kohli, Hafeez, Hans, Tewarie, Asif Hoseinbaks, Singh, Khan, Gaori, Masood.
Punjab: Tariq, Bajwa, Usman, Hussain, Vorster, Myburgh, Hussain, Qadri, Latif, Raza, Faiz.

 Dosti United vs Punjab Rotterdam  10:30
A delighted Vinoo Tewarie announces that he has broken his seven match losing streak with the coin. Dosti will bat first.

 ☀ Weather Update ☀  10.19
It is hot and getting hotter. Clear skies and we’re well into the twenties already, expecting to get somewhere near 30 degrees by this afternoon.

 Bertus de Jong  10.16
Morning all, we’re starting a day early this round as Dosti-United and Punjab Rotterdam catch up on their Round 7 encounter here at Drieburg, which was postponed until today. Still a good ten minutes from the toss, the preview is of course up and awaiting your judgement.