Topklasse Live | Round 14 | As it Happened

 Rod Lyall  18:37
So another big step towards the title for VOC with that exciting two-wicket win over ACC. VRA stay in contention with their victory here at Craeyenhout, but HBS have suffered a setback today and will to some extent depend on results elsewhere from here on in. We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s coverage: no Topklasse cricket next weekend, but we’ll be back in two weeks’ time when the campaign resumes. This is Rod Lyall saying goodbye for now from Craeyenhout.

The table after Round 14

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  18:25
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
 HBS: 187 all out in 49 overs
A thoroughly-deserved half-century for Singh, reached in style with a straight six off the first ball of Gunning’s final over. De Mey reverse sweeps Rippon for four, but then tries an over-ambitious second to Gunning and is run out. Singh is left not out on 55.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  18:25
 Excelsior: 209-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 157 all out in 47 overs
Kroesen wraps things up, Quick never really got close. The big blow was of course Bista’s early wicket, though Mol and Vierling kept them in the game Excelsior stayed on top throughout the chase.

 ACC Amsterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  18:20
 ACC: 217-7 in 50 overs
 VOC: 218-8 in 49.1 overs
Edwards joined by Fletcher for the 9th wicket and a quite remarkable innings from the young keeper-bat has seen VOC home with 5 balls to spare. ACC looked nailed on for an upset over the front-runners there, but Edwards’ 64* with the tail keeps VOC on course, and with HBS heading for defeat they look to be going into into the league’s final phase with a two win cushion.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  18:16
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
 HBS: 170-9 in 47 overs
This has been an outstanding partnership, but finally Vink skies Rippon for the bowler himself to take the catch. Westdijk joins Singh, who’s on 43, and lasts three balls, adding a single.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  18:14
 Excelsior: 209-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 145-9 in 45 overs
Ingram and Kroesen spinning Excelsior to victory at Thurlede, the tail can’t put up much of a fight and last pair van der Horst and de Mooij can only go through the motions now.

 ACC Amsterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  18:12
 ACC: 217-7 in 50 overs
 VOC: 199-8 in 47.1 overs
Edwards taking it down to the line for VOC, but he’s lost Klaassen and now Baker. He’s on 55*, 19 needed from the last 17 balls

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA 18:00
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
 HBS: 149-7 in 43 overs
Navjit Singh heaves Rippon over midwicket for six, a great shot, but 78 are still needed from 7.

 Sparta 1888 vs Dosti United  17:55
 Dosti: 183 all out in 49.1 overs
 Sparta: 83 all out in 38.3 overs
And all over at Bermweg. 100 runs exactly the margin.

 ACC Amsterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  17:47
 ACC: 217-7 in 50 overs
 VOC: 170-6 in 43 overs
Edwards and Klaassen for VOC, the former on 37* the latter on 6*, and not a lot of batting to come. 48 needed from 42 balls, not impossible but would be quite an innings to see them home from here.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  17:47
 Excelsior: 209-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 124-6 in 39.1 overs
And Gijs Kroesen gets him, Woutersen the catcher, Vierling gone for 37 and with him the game you’d think.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  17:45
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
 HBS: 118-7 in 38 overs
A tight run-out call goes in the batsman’s favour, but with 109 needed off 12 it’s unlikely to make much difference.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  17:44
 Excelsior: 209-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 124-5 in 38.3 overs
Vierling keeping Quick notionally in the hunt here, but the asking rate is growing increasingly demanding. Spectacular acceleration called for with close to eights needed, and it’s hard to see the Quick middle order managing it.

 Sparta 1888 vs Dosti United  17:32
 Dosti: 183 all out in 49.1 overs
 Sparta: 73-8 in 33 overs
Sparta folding now, Davids picks up a third.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  17:31
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
 HBS: 109-7 in 34.5 overs
THE moment, I reckon! Van den Burg brings Haseeb Gul back, Barresi goes for the big pull, and Gunning is right on the spot on the midwicket boundary. Just as well, because otherwise I’d be needing a new laptop!

 ACC Amsterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  17:27
 ACC: 217-7 in 50 overs
 VOC: 148-6 in 36.1 overs
Edwards moves into the twenties but loses another partner, van Ierschot goes for 7, caught off Raza. Big ask from here.

< HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  17:22
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
 HBS: 100-6 in 33 overs
The scoreboard is ticking along, but only at two an over or so, and the rate required continues to rise . . .

 ACC Amsterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  17:11
 ACC: 217-7 in 50 overs
 VOC: 139-5 in 32 overs
And a big wicket at het Loopveld too as Frenz runs Seelaar out with a direct hit for 52.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  17:09
 Excelsior: 209-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 100-5 in 30 overs
Big wicket at Thurlede. Shankar into the attack and in his third over has Mol caught and bowled for 42. Davey joins Vierling.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  17:02
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
 HBS: 74-6 in 26.2 overs
Coster fails to get on top of an on drive off Borren, and Gunning dives to take a very good catch. Navjit Singh joins Barresi.

 Sparta 1888 vs Dosti United  16:28
 Dosti: 183 all out in 49.1 overs
 Sparta: 54-6 in 24 overs
The collapse is well and truly on at Bermweg meanwhile.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  16:57
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
 HBS: 71-5 in 25 overs
As long at these two are together there’s hope for HBS, but the asking rate is over six now, and rising. Barresi’s moved on to 30, Coster to 17, and the stand’s worth 41. Leon Turmaine into the attack.

 ACC Amsterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  16:51
 ACC: 217-7 in 50 overs
 VOC: 126-4 in 30 overs
O’Dowd goes for 25, but Seelaar kicks on with Edwards, and despite a shaky start VOC look in a decent position again now. Again, this partnership is key but the game looks VOC’s to lose from here.

 HCC vs Punjab Rotterdam  16:46
 HCC: 166 all out in 49.1 overs
 Punjab: 105 all out in 26.~ overs
Punjab showed a fair bit of fight from an impossible position, but in the end Ali Ahmed wraps things up.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  16:43
 Excelsior: 209-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 81-4 in 24 overs
Vierling and Mol have stopped the rot here and are closing in on a 50 partnership. Quick just about hanging in there but a lot riding on this pair.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  16:38
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
 HBS: 52-5 in 19 overs
Michael Rippon into the attack from the Scoreboard End, and now Peter Borren from the other. Barresi is looking dangerous and Coster is starting to settle, but HBS have an Alp to climb from here.

 Sparta 1888 vs Dosti United  16:28
 Dosti: 183 all out in 49.1 overs
 Sparta: 38-4 in 15 overs
Double blow just as Sparta looked to be recovering, Pollard run out on the third ball of the 12th and then Bukhari caught next ball. scoring rate dips still lower.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  16:20
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
 HBS: 36-5 in 15 overs
Dennis Coster, nursing that injury he sustained while fielding, gets a seriously hard time from Gunning, who nearly knocks him over with a lifting delivery first up. Both bowlers are developing serious pace, and Gunning currently has three for 9 from his eight overs, with four maidens.

 ACC Amsterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  16:17
 ACC: 217-7 in 50 overs
 VOC: 81-3 in 20 overs
O’Dowd and Seelaar rebuilding well for VOC now after early wobbles. Long way to go still though.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  16:10
VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
HBS: 30-5 in 12.1 overs
Barresi drives Haseeb Gul sweetly through the covers for four. But then Ahmed swings across the line at Gunning, gets an edge, and Lees accepts his fourth catch of the innings.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  16:02
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
 HBS: 22-4 in 10.3 overs
Make that deep trouble as Morgan nicks Gunning to Lees. Adil Ahmed in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  16:00
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
 HBS: 22-3 in 10 overs
Another one for Haseeb Gul, as Coster gets a fine edge to Lees. HBS in trouble, and Barresi joins Morgan in the middle.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  15:55
 Excelsior: 209-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 40-4 in 11.3 overs
Wheels coming off for Quick like they’ve been conned into an needless a tire re-balancing, Rens van Troost the shady mechanic in question. He has four now, Vierling joins Mol.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  15:52
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
 HBS: 19-2 in 8.2 overs
Reward for Gunning for a very good spell, as Gomes top-edges a rising delivery to the third man boundary and Turmaine makes no mistake with the catch. Jaron Morgan in at four.

 Sparta 1888 vs Dosti United  15:48
 Dosti: 183 all out in 49.1 overs
 Sparta: 18-2 in 5 overs
A faulty shipment of metaphorical starters blocks seems likely. Sparta have lost both their openers early too, Anees Davids the man responsible, Rattu and Bell his victims.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  15:42
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
 HBS: 14-1 in 6 overs
Two maiden overs from Gunning, and Haseeb Gul is maintaining the pressure from the other end as well. VRA are definitely on top at the moment.

 ACC Amsterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  15:40
 ACC: 217-7 in 50 overs
 VOC: 44-3 in 10 overs
Perhaps there’s something wrong with the blocks. Zulfiqar Sr bags Schoonheim’s wicket and VOC find themselves under real pressure here. O’Down and Seelaar in the middle.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  15:37
 Excelsior: 209-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 25-2 in 7 overs
Landheer follows Bista as Quick too stumble out of the blocks in the chase, caught Etman off van Troost and Mol joins Stokkers.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA 15:28
VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
HBS: 8-1 in 2 overs
An on drive by Coster yields three, well saved by Rippon on the line. But than an audible nick by Visée sends the field up, and the HBS skipper is on his way. In comes Sharn Gomes.

 HCC vs Punjab Rotterdam  15:26
 HCC: 166 all out in 49.1 overs
 Punjab: 33-6 in 8 overs
Punjab have seen their way out of ignominious records territory, but they’ve just four wickets remaining and are less than a fifth of the way to their modest target.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  15:25
 Excelsior: 209-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 20-1 in 5 overs
Massive wicket early at Thurlede, Jay Bista chopping on to van Troost, gone for 13. Stokkers joins Landheer.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  15:20
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
 HBS: 4-0 in 1 over
Quirijn Gunning starts from the Sportlaan End, with Visée and Wessel Coster opening as usual. A loud but unsuccessful appeal for leg-before first up, then two through the covers and a single to mid-off. Haseeb Gul Mia from the Scoreboard End.

 HCC vs Punjab Rotterdam  15:19
 HCC: 166 all out in 49.1 overs
 Punjab: 13-5 in 4 overs
A relatively obdurate 14-ball stand is brought to an end by another run out.

 ACC Amsterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  15:16
 ACC: 217-7 in 50 overs
 VOC: 20-2 in 4.4 over
Botha again for ACC, van Baren the victim this time.

 HCC vs Punjab Rotterdam  15:06
 HCC: 166 all out in 49.1 overs
 Punjab: 5-4 in 1.4 overs
You wouldn’t think 4-3 in the second over is the time for chancing a risky second, but then you don’t play for Punjab.

 ACC Amsterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  15:05
 ACC: 217-7 in 50 overs
 VOC: 6-1 in 1 over
ACC strike an early blow too, Corey Rutgers gone for 4.

 HCC vs Punjab Rotterdam  15:04
 HCC: 166 all out in 49.1 overs
 Punjab: 4-3 in 1.3 overs
Well now, nightmare start for Punjab, two more down in the next, Gorlee and Overdijk holding catches off Ali Ahmed. Punjab stumble out of the blocks and fall flat on their collective face.

 HCC vs Punjab Rotterdam  15:00
 HCC: 166 all out in 49.1 overs
 Punjab: 3-1 in 1 over
And HCC have the wicket they wanted, Myburgh gone in the first over well caught by Street off Ninan. Game on, as they say.

 Sparta 1888 vs Dosti United  14:48
 Dosti: 183 all out in ~47~ overs
Sparta make up for their lamentable over-rate by bowling Dosti out for 183, getting to lunch just twenty minutes or so behind the rest.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  14:40
 VRA: 226-9 in 50 overs
That’s a pretty remarkable comeback by VRA, who recovered from 89 for six to reach what looks like the highest total of the day. Vikram Singh and Mitch Lees set them on the road to recovery, and then Quirijn Gunning and Haseeb Gul pitched in at the end, the latter contributing a breezy 12-ball 14 not out. They have, certainly, given themselves something to bowl at.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  14:24
 VRA: 201-9 in 46.4 overs
They do indeed, but then Lees goes, falling to a diving leg-side catch by Visée off Vink. There’s a long pause before the umpire’s finger goes up. Haseeb Gul Mia the last man.

 ACC Amsterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  14:22
 ACC: 217-7 in 50 overs
ACC finish on 217-7 from their allotted 50, shkipper Saqib Zulfiqar’s 57 buiding on the earlier good work of Frenz and Asad to get them to a competitive total.

 HCC vs Punjab Rotterdam  14:20
 HCC: 166 all out in 49.1 overs
Overdijk falls 3 short of a half century in the final over, last man out for 47. He and Ahmed did well after HCC’s early shambles, though 166 still looks below par. Early wickets, preferably including Myburgh’s, very much on the wishlist.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  14:17
 Excelsior: 209-5 in 50 overs
Van Bunge’s unbeaten 38 from 33 gets Excelsior to 209 after a slow start, hindsight suggesting it might have been useful to bat him a bit higher.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  14:13
 VRA: 188-8 in 44 overs
Mitch Lees continues to strike the ball well, and has moved on to 37. He’s getting good support from Gunning, and with six overs left there seems a good chance that VRA will get past the 200 mark.

 Sparta 1888 vs Dosti United  14:12
 Dosti: 161-7 in 41 overs
Vimal Tewarie is caught off Satdha to bring Hans in to join Davids, but the latter’s handy innings of 25 is brought to an end when Bukhari rturns and pins him in front. Masood joins Hans.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  14:07
 Excelsior: 198-5 in 48 overs
Woutersen falls victim to a direct hit from Bista to bring Shankar to the crease, but van Bunge is doing good work on return here. He’s on 33 from 28 and looks set to haul Excelsior over the 200 mark. Two overs to go.

 HCC vs Punjab Rotterdam  14:00
 HCC: 150-8 in 46.4 overs
Ahmed goes for a crucial 42, but he and Overdijk have done good work here to get HCC to 150. Lagas in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  13:53
 VRA: 165-8 in 39 overs
The 50 partnership comes up, but then Singh tries to hit Ahmed over long on and instead finds the hands of Vink on the boundary; he goes for 29. Quirijn Gunning comes in.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  13:51
 Excelsior: 166-4 in 42.5 overs
Ingram becomes Mol’s third victim, caught behind for 57. David Woutersen joins van Bunge.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  13:41
 VRA: 154-7 in 36 overs
VRA’s most productive partnership of the innings as Singh continues to play his shots and Lees joins in, pulling Adil Ahmed wide of mid-on for four. Singh has moved on to 26.

Crows fans have flocked to Craeyenhout. photo Reinout Scholte

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  13:44
 Excelsior: 156-3 in 42.5 overs
Ingram brings up his half century off exactly 100 balls, whilst van Bunge (for it is he) has injected some life into the innings, onto 14 off 11 balls.

 Sparta 1888 vs Dosti United  13:40
 Dosti: 115-5 in 33.1 overs
Hazeez does not long outlast Ahmed, he’s bowled by Snoep soon after posting his half-century. Davids joins Tewarie.

 HCC vs Punjab Rotterdam  13:33
 HCC: 115-7 in 40 overs
Overdijk and Ahmed trying to salvage something for HCC now, their much needed partnership worth 32 now.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  13:32
 Excelsior: 133-3 in 40 overs
Kroesen is finally removed by Stokkers, caught behind for 55. Ingram, still there on 43*, is joined by none other than the prodigal Daan van Bunge – if reports are to be believed.

 Sparta 1888 vs Dosti United  13:28
 Dosti: 104-4 in 30.3 overs
Ahmed and Hazeez’s partnership is brought to an end as Bukhari holds onto a catch off Saleem to see off Ahmed, Hafeez still there on 49* and is joined by Vimal Tewarie.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  13:26
 VRA: 133-7 in 31.4 overs
Finally, Singh goes on the attack, swinging Barresi over fine leg and then lofting him wide of mid-on for successive fours. 11 from the over in all. Then he drives De Mey through extra cover and Dennis Coster, diving to save the four, stays down. They take a drink while he recovers, and then Farshad Khan comes on as a sub.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  13:18
 Excelsior: 126-2 in 38 overs
Fifty for Kroesen from 102 balls, Ingram still with him on 41, also going at a strike rate of a shade under 50. Time to start hitting out you’d say.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA 13:08
VRA: 115-7 in 27.4 overs
Spin from both ends, with Julian de Mey from the Scoreboard End and Wesley Barresi from the other. But it’s as a fielder that Barresi strikes, as Turmaine pulls and Barresi, at short midwicket, dives to his right to snatch a low catch millimetres from the astroturf. Turmaine goes for a valuable 19, and Mitch Lees comes in.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA 13:00
VRA: 104-6 in 25 overs
VRA go past the hundred mark, with Singh and Turmaine batting solidly, Turmaine the more enterprising of the pair. Ferdi Vink has been operating in tandem with Navjit Singh.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  12:56
 Excelsior: 98-2 in 31 overs
Still no real sign of urgency from Kroesen or Ingram as Excelsior close in on three figures with 19 overs to go.

 Sparta 1888 vs Dosti United  12:55
 Dosti: 79-3 in 25 overs
Still Ahmed and Hafeez for Dosti, who have dug in well after Dosti’s disastrous start.

 HCC vs Punjab Rotterdam  12:52
 HCC: 81-6 in 28 overs
Wickets still falling at de Diepput, van Kessel departs and Walhain joins Overdijk.

 ACC Amsterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  12.50
 ACC: 108-2 in 30 overs
The fine partnership between Frenz and Asad was bought to an end when the latter was stumped for 40, but they’ve given ACC a decent platform. Sikander in with Frenz now, who’s on 56*.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  12:43
 Excelsior: 83-2 in 27 overs
Kroesen and Ingram still for Excelsior and closing in on a 50 partnership, but they’re finding it tough going. Rate’s been barely over 2 an over since Etman’s departure.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  12:40
 VRA: 89-6 in 19.4 overs
But that doesn’t help. Singh pushes forward and calls for the run. Morgan gathers and throws, Visée takes the bails off, and Van den Burg is short of his ground. Leon Turmaine in at eight.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  12:33
 VRA: 88-5 in 19 overs
Wetdijk, despite a shoulder injury, completes an outstanding ten-over spell, finishing with four for 48. A lot of work to do for VRA from here.

 HCC vs Punjab Rotterdam  12:32
 HCC: 67-5 in 22 overs
Bad to worse for HCC at de Diepput, Street and Jonkman both exit. Overdijk and van Kessel now and a respectable score is a long way off.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  12:22
 VRA: 83-5 in 16.1 overs
Just when it seemed that the innings was getting back on track, drinks strike. Or more precisely, Westdijk, who sends Rippon’s off stump cartwheeling. That’s four for Westdijk, as Vikram Singh joins van den Burg.

 Sparta 1888 vs Dosti United  12:20
 Dosti: 49-3 in 17 overs
Rahil Ahmed and Mohhamad Hazeez digging in for Dosti, they’ve added 38 since the loss of Kohli. Still a lot of salvaging to do though.

 ACC Amsterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  12.16
 ACC: 63-1 in 19 overs
Signs of acceleration now from Frenz and Asad Zulfiqar now as they bring up the fifty partnership.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  12:11
 VRA: 80-4 in 15 overs
A much-needed period of consolidation for VRA, as Rippon and Van den Burg dig in. But they’re quick to punish anything even a little loose, and when Navjit Singh replaces Coster Rippon drives him sweetly through the covers. Two boundaries apiece at this stage.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  12:07
 Excelsior: 50-2 in 16 overs
Fifty up for Excelsior meanwhile, still rather circumspect from Kroesen and Ingram though.

 HCC vs Punjab Rotterdam  12:02
 HCC: 38-3 in 11 overs
And HCC not looking in great shape either as Ninan goes cheaply, Jonkman now with Bryce Street.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  11:50
 VRA: 57-4 in 10 overs
Another one goes! Borren pulls Coster for four, but then clips him straight to De Mey at forward square leg. VRA in disarray again, as Emile van den Burg comes in.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  11:47
 Excelsior: 41-2 in 10 overs
Another for Mol and Etman’s the man to go caught Bista for 23. Ingram joins Kroesen.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  11:44
 VRA: 52-3 in 9 overs
Cooper hits another boundary, but then gets under a hook off Westdijk, Visée runs a long way to fine leg, dives full-length, and takes a great catch. Peter Borren joins Ter Braak. Then the latter falls to the hooking sickness, skying the last ball of the over to Morgan on the fine leg boundary. Enter Michael Rippon.

 Sparta 188 vs Dosti United  11:46
 Dosti: 13-3 in 10 overs
Big wicket at Bermweg meanwhile as Bukhari nicks off Kohli for no score.

 ACC Amsterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  11.42
 ACC: 24-1 in 10 overs
Rehmat Zulfiqar gone at het Loopveld, Frenz and Asad now.

 Sparta 188 vs Dosti United  11:30
 Dosti: 10-2 in 6.5 overs
A wicket apiece for Bell and Bukhari sees the openers back in the box, and Dosti immediately on the back foot.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  11:25
 VRA: 22-1 in 4.5 overs
Another big shout for a catch at the wicket off Westdijk and this time Szwarczynski – who had taken three twos off the over – has to go. He made 19 from 23 balls. Ben Cooper, back from Australia, in at three.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  11:24
 Excelsior: 32-1 in 5.4 overs
First down at Thurlede, Verhagen trapped LBW by Mol for 8. Joost Kroesen joins Etman, who has made a positive start, already into the twenties.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  11:20
 VRA: 16-0 in 4 overs
VRA making steady but not always entirely comfortable progress. Szwarczynski, though, has played two authentic shots: a late cut off Westdijk which speeds away to the boundary, and an uppish on drive which eludes the diving fielder and does likewise.

 Sparta 188 vs Dosti United  11:10
 Dosti: 0-0 in 2 overs
Tewarie and Ghori opening for Dosti, Bukhari and Bell share the new ball for the hosts and each open with a maiden.

 HCC vs Punjab Rotterdam  11:07
 HCC: 2-1 in 1 over
Early breakthrough at de Diepput as Gorlee goes, Ninan is joined by Staal.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  11:06
 VRA: 3-0 in 1 over
Berend Westdijk, who has passed a fitness test this morning, opens from the Sportlaan End to Eric Szwarczynki, with Daan ter Braak at the other end. But HBS are without an injured Farshad Khan, who is replaced by Navjit Singh, one of yesterday’s heroes. Westdijk bowls with plenty of life, getting Szwarczynski rocking back to avoid a bouncer. Then he lunges forward to push the next one through the covers for a couple. A big appeal for caught behind fails to impress the umpire. All in all, a pretty eventful start. Wessel Coster from the Scoreboard End.

 HCC vs Punjab Rotterdam  10:45
Once again it’s bat first all round as HCC win the toss and follow the crowd.

 Sparta 188 vs Dosti United  10:41
And Dosti have the toss at Bermweg, Vinoo Tewarie reckon’s it a day to bat first too.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  10:40
Emile van den Burg calls correctly for VRA, and they’ll have a bat too.

 ACC Amsterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  10.38
And from het Loopveld, where ACC have won the toss and will bat first too.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Quick Haag  10:37
First toss news coming in from Thurlede, where Excelsior have won the toss and elected to bat.

Rod Lyall 10:35
Good morning (/afternoon/evening) once again! This is Rod Lyall, reporting to you from Craeyenhout, where on an overcast morning the newly-crowned T20 champions HBS are taking on VRA Amsterdam in a crucial Topklase match. The important team news is that Michael Rippon is indeed in the VRA party, returning to the club for whom he first played in 2008.