Topklasse Live | Round 15 | As it Happened

 Bertus de Jong  19:29
So the excitement at todays’s matches more or less inversely proportional to the significance of the match in question. Excelsior and HCC played out a mid-table thriller to a tie, whilst Punjab cemented their place at the bottom of the table sinking to a 76 run defeat to VRA that looked inevitable from the moment Myburgh was run out. VOC stay ahead of the pack though with a comfortable win over Sparta at Hazelaarweg, whilst HBS kept their hopes alive with a win at Dosti. Quick made a decent go of chasing ACC’s 311 run total, but with a game against relegation rival Punjab still coming up, the Hanen still have reason to be nervous.

The Topklasse table after Round 15

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  19:14
 ACC: 311-7 in 50 overs
 Quick: 293 all out in 50 overs
Six off the first five balls of Knoll’s final over, but then Khan holes out to Saqib at long on. ACC win by 18 runs, but considering the hammering they took in the field, that was a very spirited chase, mainly due to two excellent innings from Bista and Mol.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  19:14
EXC: 200-7 in 50 overs
HCC: 200-9 in 50 overs
Three they needed, two they get. It’s a tie at Thurlede. I bet Lisa called it.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  19:10
 ACC: 311-7 in 50 overs
 Quick: 287-9 in 49 overs
Ekelmans hammers Saqib over long off for six, but is castled next ball. Imran Khan comes in, and clearly still believes, or at least is determined not to die wondering. He smacks Saqib for four and six, while De Mooij plays his part by giving him back the strike.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  17:07
EXC: 200-7 in 50 overs
HCC: 198-9 in 49.5 overs
Dead rubber or not there’s no question they want it. Trijzelaar and Lagas both run out looking for runs that weren’t there. Bijloos and Peter as last poir need a three-run partnership with one ball to get it. Peters on strike…

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  17:01
EXC: 200-9 in 50 overs
HCC: 197-7 in 49.2 overs
Bhatti cleans up the danger-man Walhain with four still needed, four balls to get them, Lagas joins Trijzelaar.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  18:57
 ACC: 311-7 in 50 overs
 Quick: 251-8 in 45.1 overs
Chris Knoll get to roll his arm over, and Stijn Allema, having done enough to remind us that he was once among the most promising young batsmen in the country, edges a fourth catch to Asad Zulfiqar. Tycho de Mooij in.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  18:54
EXC: 200-7 in 50 overs
HCC: 194-6 in 48.3 overs
And a couple of long balls he has hit. Walhain on 20 off 7, a four and two sixes, has put HCC right back in it. 7 needed off 9.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  18:44
 ACC: 311-7 in 50 overs
 Quick: 235-7 in 42.3 overs
Pretty certainly now, since he’s skied a return catch to Saqib and departs for a 94-ball 101. Stefan Ekelmans joins Allema.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  18:42
EXC: 200-7 in 50 overs
HCC: 168-4 in 46 overs
Ingram gets him! And you’d think that’s likely the game. Street LBW for 68, then Bhatti does van Kessel for a duck. Trijzelaar and the tail need 33 from the last 4 overs, though Walhain is with him and can hit a long ball.

Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam 18:33
ACC: 311-7 in 50 overs
Quick: 228-6 in 40.3 overs
Saqib returns, Brand waits a couple of balls before attempting the big swing, and the result is that his off peg is knocked back. And . . . in comes Stijn Allema, back in the top flight after a long absence. Mol, meanwhile, is on 96.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  18:33
VRA: 283 all out in 48.4 overs
Punjab: 207-9 in 50 overs
It’s over, thankfully. One more wicket for ter Braak who finishes with figures of 3-17, last pair Bajwa and Tariq bat out the draw.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  18:23
VRA: 283 all out in 48.4 overs
Punjab: 202-8 in 47 overs
This game’s been over for a while of course, Punjab again batting for respectability, and bringing up the 200 in the 46th over. 79 needed from 4 overs. Dan ter Braak bowling and 2-13 from 7 his current figures. Not bad for a supposed part-timer. This is quite boring.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  18:13
 ACC: 311-7 in 50 overs
 Quick: 214-5 in 36.2 overs
Mol moves on to 88 as the target goes below the hundred. But then Vierling spears an easy catch to Saqib Zulfiqar off dad and is succeeded by Jeroen Brand. As long as Mol’s there is not impossible, but ACC must still be favourites.</em

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  18:12
EXC: 200-7 in 50 overs
HCC: 148-4 in 42 overs
Overdijk and Street’s 84 run partnership comes to an end, Overdijk goes, Heggelman again, caught Kroesen. Tough to say how much it’s improved their prospects though with the required rate now well above a run a ball and Trijzelaar coming to the crease. A lot on the shoulders of Street, now on 58*.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  18:05
VRA: 283 all out in 48.4 overs
Punjab: 177-6 in 40.4 overs
Clever bowling by Ter Braak. A couple of loopy deliveries followed up by a quick flipper trapping the batter in front of middle and leg. Taking success in the nets into the middle.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  17:58
VOC: 169-8 in 50 overs
Sparta: 105 all out in 38.1 overs
Sparta put up a fight at least, recovering from 44-7 to reach triple figures, Ambrose making a defiant 37* with support from Dost Mohammad, but 169 was always going to be a serious ask at Hazelaarweg and early wickets pretty much sealed the game.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  17:54
 ACC: 311-7 (50 overs)
 Quick: 183-4 (31.5 overs)
This time the snick is unquestioned, and Stokkers goes, caught by Asad off elder brother Rehmat, having made 12. Doc Mol is on 62, as Daan Vierling joins him in the middle.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  17:45
VRA: 283 all out in 48.4 overs
Punjab: 158-4 in 37 overs
Recent Netherlands debutant Daniel J Ter Braak comes into the attack bowling his right arm wrist spin. Rumor has it he was all over Michael Rippon in the nets bowling his licorice all sorts. He does look like he is going to take a wicket.

 Dosti United vs HBS Craeyenhout  17:39
 HBS: 141 all out in ~45 overs
 Dosti: 122 all out in 39.3 overs
Wahid Massod and Arif Hoseinbaks gave them a scare, but nothing more. From 86-8 to 122-8, but no further. HBS title hopes survive another week.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  17:27
 ACC: 311-7 (50 overs)
 Quick: 143-3 (26 overs)
A dream debut for ACC’s Jamieson Mulready, who find himself under a skied drive from Bista at midwicket and takes the catch like an old pro. Bista departs for 85, made from 80 deliveries, with 12 four and two sixes. As if to prove that’s not the end of it, Mol clouts Raza for another six as he’ joined by Stokkers.

 Dosti United vs HBS Craeyenhout  17:19
 HBS: 141 all out in ~45 overs
 Dosti: 109-8 in 36 overs
Dosti meanwhile have staged enough of a recovery to cause HBS some real worry now. 33 needed, 2 wickets 14 overs.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  17:09
 ACC: 311-7 in 50 overs
 Quick: 115-2 in 22.2 overs
The toys are ejected from the pram by ACC there, as the rejection of an appeal for a catch at the wicket off Anees Raza generates a fairly explicit difference of opinion. Mol, having survived, rubs it in by driving just over the head of cover, and follows it up with a massive pull over backward square off Saqib. More leather-hunting in the gardens of Den Haag.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  17:09
VRA: 283 all out in 48.4 overs
Punjab: 118-4 in 27.3 overs
Peter Borren strikes! It was just a matter of time. The ex international skipper had 2 very close shouts the previous over. Gets Qadri caught with a full ball at extra cover Leon Turmaine back into the attack. Punjab got some work to do!. (says mystery guest contributor M.R.)

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  17:03
VRA: 283 all out in 48.4 overs
Punjab: 109-3 in 25 overs
Wicket! Adeel Raja sliding through a quicker delivery which finds the edge of Punjab’s in batter – Usman. Great over from the veteran ex-international.

 Dosti United vs HBS Craeyenhout  16:55
 HBS: 141 all out in ~45 overs
 Dosti: 86-8 in 30 overs
Dosti meanwhile also collapsing in the face of a modest total.

Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam 16:34
ACC: 311-7 in 50 overs
Quick: 81-2 in 16.1 overs
Mol greets the advent of Saqib Zulfiqar into the attack by sweeping him flat into the gardens beyond midwicket, and they take a drink while the search party goes for the ball. Quick aren’t entirely out of this, although it remains a huge ask.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  15:44
EXC: 200-7 in 50 overs
HCC: 64-3 in 20 overs
HCC three down now, first Stall was caught behind off Heggelman and now Ninan looking set on 32, is caught off Khan. Long tail on HCC today, much depends on Bryce Street, now at the crease with Hidde Overdijk.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  16:11
VRA: 283 all out in 48.4 overs
Punjab: 88-2 in 20 overs
Raza and Usman now for Punjab, building a platform. The former somehow survives a stumping appeal as Lees collects down leg and take the bails. “Can’t be stumped off a wide” as the say on the VRA balcony. Wrongly.

Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam 16:34
ACC: 311-7 in 50 overs
Quick: 69-2 in 15 overs
Zulfiqar senior bowls just two overs, and is replaced by the returning Sikander. A crucial partnership, this, for Quick, but they are given hope by the batting of Bista, who brings up a splendid half-century from just 45 deliveries.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  16:35
VOC: 169-8 in 50 overs
Sparta: 44-7 in 21 overs
Well, we said 169 was eminently defensible at the break, as it turns out it might as well have been 469. Sparta won’t be getting near it.

Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam 16:13
ACC: 311-7 in 50 overs
Quick: 39-2 in 9.4 overs
Davey goes, caught behind by Asad Zulfiqar standing up to Zaidi. Geert Maarten Mol joins Bista.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  16:11
VRA: 283 all out in 48.4 overs
Punjab: 56-1 in 12 overs
Double bowling change brings Turmaine and Dunlop into the attack, to little immediate effect. Bamunusinghe looks intent on making up for his role in Myburgh’s departure.

Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam 15.54
ACC: 311-7 in 50 overs
Quick: 37-1 in 8 overs
Bista (for it is he!) has moved briskly on to 30, from 22 deliveries. Davey has been more watchful, playing two maidens from Zaidi. Ahmed Zulfiqar on now from the Van Alkemadelaan End.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  16:02
VOC: 169-8 in 50 overs
Sparta: 33-3 in 13 overs
And an equally big wicket at Hazelaaweg, where Hanif has Pollard trapped LBW for 14. 169 looking a very good score just now.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  15:57
VRA: 283 all out in 48.4 overs
Punjab: 39-1 in 8 overs
Dreadful mix-up there, Bamunusinghe glances Gunning down to short third man, who fumbles the pick up, which is enough to set Bamunusinghe running. Myburgh hesitates and is lost, belatedly sets off for the danger end without any chance of making it home. Big wicket.

Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam 15.54
ACC: 311-7 in 50 overs
Quick: 23-1 in 5 overs
Ammar Zaidi opens from the City End, with Quick’s two overseas players clearly aware of just how much rests upon their shoulders. But when Zulfiqar drops one short it disappears over square leg for the first six of the innings. The next is scooped more inventively over fine leg for another. Then a sweet late cut goes for four.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  15:44
EXC: 200-7 in 50 overs
HCC: 32-1 in 8 overs
First wicket down at Thurlede, Heggelman has Jonkman caught behind. Tonny Staal in.

Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam 15.39
ACC: 311-7 in 50 overs
Quick: 2-1 in 1 over
Urgent message to all Quick followers in the Netherlands, Mumbai and anywhere else: the unfortunate who departed was Bob van Gigch, who took strike instead of his partner. Apologies to all concerned!

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  15:34
EXC: 200-7 in 50 overs
HCC: 25-0 in 6 overs
Ninan and Jonkman have got HCC off to a sound start meanwhile, 25 without loss after 6, Hilditch and van Troost opening the bowling for the hosts.

Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam 15.33
ACC: 311-7 in 50 overs
Quick: 0-1 in 0.3 overs
Sikander Zulfiqar starts from the Van Alkemadelaan End to Jay Bista, who flashes at the third delivery and is caught by Asad Zulfiqar behind the stumps. That’s a terrible setback for Quick, as Sean Davey joins Bob van Gigch.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  15:35
VRA: 283 all out in 48.4 overs
Punjab: 16-0 in 5 overs
Brief break in play here as Bamunusinghe glances Gunning fine for four and the ball pops over the fence off the rope and a search party ensues.

 Rod Lyall  15:22
Rehmat Zulfiqar’s 16 sixes equal the record for the top flight: set by Darron Reekers for Quick Haag against Kon UD at Nieuw Hanenburg on 20 August 2000

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  15:18
VOC: 169-8 in 50 overs
Sparta: 8-1 in 2 overs
And a good start for VOC too as Fletcher traps Bell LBW with the last ball of the second.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  15:15
VRA: 283 all out in 48.4 overs
Punjab: 5-0 in 1 over
And we’re back here too, Gunning opening the bowling to Myburgh, Bamunasinghe at the other end. The latter narrowly misses out on the first boundary as Dunlop chases down a drive on the long on rope. Five from it.

 Dosti United vs HBS Craeyenhout  15:09
 HBS: 141 all out in ~45 overs
 Dosti: 10-2 in ? overs
And there back underway at Drieburg, and HBS have made a good start defending a low total. Vinoo Tewarie bowled by Wessel Coster and Rahil Ahmed caught by Barresi at slips off de Mey.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  14.57
 ACC: 311-7 in 50 overs
The slaughter continues, with Rehmat still going and his father adding a four and a six of his own. Davey’s final over, after another straight six – Rehmat’s 16th! – is, however, a model of frustrating accuracy, and the final ball is skied into the gully, where Vierling runs a long way to take a great diving catch. Rehmat ends with 188, from 156 deliveries with 11 fours and those 16 sixes. Brutal, absolutely brutal.

 Dosti United vs HBS Craeyenhout  14:42
 HBS: 141 all out in ~45 overs
HBS, incidentally, were bowled out some time ago for 141. Barresi was left unbeaten on 29, but we’ve no further details at present.

Rehmat Zulfiqar raises the bat after an innings of 188 photo via ACC twitter

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  14:40
VOC: 169-8 in 50 overs
Three wickets at the death then for Mudassar Bukhari keep VOC on the back foot, though Klaassen and Fletcher add a handy 18 for the 9th wicket, and give VOC something to bowl at. 169 entirely defensible at Hazelaarweg but they’ll have to bowl well.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  14:34
EXC: 200-7 in 50 overs
Woutersen’s more than handy cameo of 28 off 19 from number seven provides some late impetus, Excelsior finish on 200 exactly.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  14.32
 ACC: 271-6 in 47 overs
And the second 150 of the day comes from Rehmat Zulfiqar, who greets the return of Imran Khan by belting him twice over midwicket for six. Khan retires nursing a shoulder injury, whereupon Rehmat the Relentless hits Bista for three more. He’s on 162 now, five sixes from that (broken) over.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  14:30
VRA: 283 all out in 48.4 overs
That will be Borren’s highest Topkalsse score, but it won’t be a not-out. looks to paddle-sweep Qadri and nicks through. Not a bad knock though. Raja doesn’t long survive his partner, run out for 36 in the next over. One wicket a nine balls to go. Scratch that, eight balls and no wickets as Dunlop is run out looking for a second that’s not there. 283 the total then.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  14.21
 ACC: 240-6 in 45.5 overs
The acceleration comes with a vengeance, with Rehmat adding sixes nos 7 and 8 in sundry diections, and Raza weighing in with some lusty blows of his own. It ends when Bista runs in a good fifteen metres from long off and dives forward to take the catch centimetres from the ground to remove Raza for a 32-ball 34. Father Ahmed joins eldest son Rehmat, who now has 131 from 136 balls.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  14:20
VRA: 275-7 in 47 overs
Borren brings up his 150 in typical style, down on one knee to Khan, slog swept square, hard and flat, holds the pose as it sails over the rope.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  14:18
EXC: 177-5 in 47 overs
Ninan has Hilditch caught for 39, but Shankar and Woutersen have done well to lift the rate.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  14.10
 ACC: 206-5 in 43 overs
But it’s Raza who goes after Stokkers, smacking him back over his head and onto the main ground, and then over long on. Rehmat follows suit, blasting Bista over extra for his sixth six.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  14:09
VRA: 255-7 in 45 overs
Borren is cutting loose here now, consecutive boundaries off Khan and Sikander Zulfiqar’s season high score under threat if Punjab can’t find a wicket now.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  14:05
VOC: 148-6 in 45.3 overs
Crucial wicket as they head into the death, O’Dowd gone for 53, caught off Bukhari. Up to Edwards to get them as many as he can now.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  14.00
 ACC: 176-5 in 40 overs
Rehmat, having moved at a stately pace to 99, reaches his second Topklasse hundred with a splendid straight drive off Stokkers. The milestone passed, he may go back into wrecking ball mode for the last ten overs, because only 26 came from the previous ten. Jeroen Brand was partly responsible for that, his spell of ten overs costing just 15.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  13:56
VOC: 140-5 in 42 overs
Fifty for O’Dowd in the meantime, it’s taken him a while to get going but an invaluable knock from him.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  13:55
VRA: 218-7 in 40 overs
And that’s a century for Peter Borren, muscular cover drive through extra to the rope. Follows it up with another. Raja in the twenties now too and plenty of overs to go, Punjab rather need a wicket here.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  13:48
EXC: 131-4 in 40 overs
Breakthrough at Thurlede as Ingram, who’s struggled rather to accelerate, comes down the track to van Kessel and is beaten and stumped. Shankar joins Hilditch.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  13:47
VRA: 205-7 in 39 overs
Valuable runs here from the old warhorses. Borren and Raja bring up the half-century partnership for the 8th wicket and drag VRA past 200. Borren not too far from a century either, one hit away now after slog-sweeping Tariq through midwicket for four.

 Dosti United vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:42
 HBS: 129-6 in 42 overs
Barresi and Vink have stopped the rot at Drieburg somewhat, 36 runs for the 7th wicket and set to get somewhere close competitive if they can kick on well from here.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  13.34
 ACC: 167-5 in 36.2 overs
A third wicket for Brand as Knoll fails to get over a drive and is easily taken by Bista at mid-off. Anees Raza in. Rehmat Z 97.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  13.34
 ACC: 165-4 in 35 overs
Having reached 91 from 89 deliveries Rehmat labours through the nineties against Brand and Mol: he’s faced a further 19 to reach 96, while Knoll, helped by a misfield which goes for four, is on 10.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  13:33
VOC: 116-5 in 36.1 overs
Big wicket at Hazelaarweg, Bell picks up his third and it’s Pieter Seelaar bowled for 27. You’ve not needed much to defend at Hazelaarweg this season, but Sparta may just scent an upset here if they can get through the tail in time.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  13:20
VOC: 113-4 in 35 overs
And VOC in triple figures too, Seelaar and O’Dowd both in the twenties now.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  13:18
EXC: 100-3 in 31 overs
Hundred up for Excelsior in the meantime, Ingram and Hilditch still.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  13.10
 ACC: 150-4 in 29.1 overs
 They take a drink, with the customary wicket to follow, as Sikander is well caught by Daan Vierling in front of first slip off the returning Mol. Debutant Chris Knoll joins Rehmat, on 91.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  13:07
VRA: 151-7 in 29 overs
Gunning doesn’t last long though, after a few attractive shots he’s brilliantly caught at cover, Usman diving low to his right to hold on one-handed and give Hussain his fourth wicket. Raja in.

 Dosti United vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:01
 HBS: 93-6 in 27 overs
And there’s been a remarkable collapse ove at Drieburg from what we can gather, though details are sparse.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  12:57
VRA: 141-6 in 27 overs
Busy little innings from Leon Turmaine is brought to an end as Hussain picks up his third wicket, via the ouside edge and the keeper’s gloves. Gunning in to join Borren who’s into the sixties.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  12.54
 ACC: 145-3 in 26.2 overs
But it’s Asad they get, well caught by Bob van Gigch at first slip for one. Sikander the next Zulfiqar to the crease.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  12:53
EXC: 86-3 in 26 overs
Street has his second, Kroesen caught behind and it’s none other than James Hilditch, who we had thought still injured, walking to the crease to join Ingram. Big partnership as ever this.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  12:51
VOC: 67-4 in 26 overs
Dost Muhammad has Rutgers trapped in front to bring Seelaar to the crease. He’s going to need a score here, Sparta not making it easy for the hosts.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  12.46
 ACC: 141-2 in 24.1 overs
Brand gets Saqib, trapped in front for 11. Asad in, but it’s Rehmat, now on 87 thanks to another six over square leg, that they really need.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  12:47
VRA: 121-5 in 24 overs
Well they’ve passed Myburgh’s predicted score, but Hussain’s return brings an immediate result. Lees hanging the bat outside off and again and edges behind. Good partnership that’s been, but they will have wanted more out of it. Turmaine in.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  12.40
 ACC: 131-1 in 23 overs
Rehmat is still going along at a run a ball; 77 not out now, with Saqib settling in at the other end. Jay Bista is running through his bowlers, trying Lesley Stokkers and now Bob van Gigch from the City End, with Jeroen Brand operating from the other. Nothing stems the flow, though.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  12:34
VOC: 46-3 in 20 overs
Rutgers and O’Dowd together and again for VOC, slow going at the moment though.

 Dosti United vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:30
 HBS: 74-2 in 19 overs
Miscommunication between the brothers Coster, Dennis volunteers his wicket.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  12:23
VRA: 91-4 in 19 overs
Lees taking a pretty cowbow attitude to this reconstruction effort. Judging this foundation sufficient he’s going aerial. Lifts Bamunusinghe over his head for four, the next is again in the slot in the sloot, straight again and lands with a splash. Myburgh at slip doesn’t see it lasting – “120 all out” he loudly prophesies.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  12.19
 ACC: 104-1 in 17.5 overs
Which comes through a Frenz top edge off Davey, safely taken by young Tycho de Mooij at mid-on. He departs for 36, and is succeeded by Saqib Zulfiqar.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  12.15
 ACC: 100-0 in 17 overs
That does nothing for the Quick cause: three for Frenz through backward square turns into seven thanks to a wild throw which goes for four overthrows. Nor do five wide down the leg side from Bista. The dots in between are neutralized by such things. And Quick are desperate for a wicket.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  12:17
EXC: 58-2 in 17 overs
Both openers gone at Thurlede now and Jonkman removes Verhagen for 19. Ingram in.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  12:15
VRA: 76-4 in 18 overs
Drinks here and VRA still very much up against it. Lees and Borren continue to play positively but a long way for them to go.

 Dosti United vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:10
 HBS: 71-1 in 16 overs
Sharn Gomes and Wessel Coster’s opening stand of 71 is brought to an end as the former is stumped for 20.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  12:09
VOC: 43-3 in 17 overs
VOC lose their third as Schoonheim, who had been driving the scoring, is run out for 31.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  12:03
EXC: 57-1 in 15.3 overs
And Street finds it, Heggelman bowled for 22. Kroesen in.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  12:02
EXC: 57-0 in 15 overs
50 partnership for Verhagen and Heggleman meanwhile. Jonkman and Street looking for HCC’s first wicket.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  11:58
VRA: 55-4 in 13 overs
Trap was set for that. Short and kicking up from Khan with deep square leg back behind square. Van den Burg goes after it but can’t get on top of it nor get it fine enough. Easy catch. Lees in.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  11.57
 ACC: 79-0 in 13.4 overs
So Davey replaces Mol at the City End, while in Bista’s next a great shot over midwicket brings Rehmat Zulfiqar to a fine half-century, 51 from as many balls, with six fours and three sixes. Nor is he done yet: a truly massive pull off Davey clears boundary, the path beyond and the fence beyond that, either onto the tennis courts or into the garden next door. That one’s not coming back.

 Dosti United vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:49
 HBS: 26-0 in 8 overs
Sharn Gomes and Wessel Coster opening for HBS meanwhile, steady start from them.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  11.45
 ACC: 62-0 in 11 overs
It’s Mol who’s been the more costly, though, and he’s still on. Apart from a steady fourth over he’s conceded a string of boundaries; 0-38 from his five overs to date. Bista replaces Davey after two overs, and he goes for just a single.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  11:45
VRA: 44-3 in 11 overs
Hussain and Tariq still bowling unchanged here, lots of rebuilding to be done for Borren and van der Burg but they’re happy to play their shots. Anything overpitched is going to the rope. Not been too many bad balls yet though.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  11:42
EXC: 35-0 in 10 overs
Verhagen and Heggleman still, solid start for the hosts. Jonkman brings himself into the attack.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  11.30
 ACC: 44-0 in 7 overs
A flurry of boundaries brings an early change by Quick, with Sean Davey on at the Van Alkemadelaan End. He immediately finds length and line, conceding just a four through point.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  11:23
VRA: 23-3 in 5 overs
A couple of attractive cover drives from Cooper augur misleadingly well for an innings that is brought to a premature end by Tariq, who nicks him off in the fifth over. Van den Burg in and VRA in serious trouble.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  11:20
EXC: 13-0 in 5 overs
Steadier start from Excelsior, Verhagen and Heggleman opening, Ninan and Overdijk sharing the new ball.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  11.18
ACC: 2-0 in 4 overs
Rehmat hits the second ball of Khan’s second over up and over point: doesn’t really middle it, but it flies beyond the rope anyway. Not a huge ground this, and that could set the pattern of the day. But three balls later he drives square, all along the ground and a much more controlled shot for four. An edge through the slips by Frenz off Mol yields another boundary, and later in the over a square drive off the back foot does likewise.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  11:09
VOC: 1-2 in 3.3 overs
Early breakthroughs at Hazelaarweg too where Seb van Lent, promoted to open to shield Corey Rutgers’ finger, manages just the one run. Dirk van Baren doesn’t even manage that. Two wickets for Warren Bell.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  11:09
VRA: 8-2 in 2 overs
Ter Braak and Szwarczynski opening for VRA, Tariq takes the first over himself. A bit too straight early and lets both openers off the mark glancing to leg, dots thereafter. Ter Braak using his feet to Hussain brings the keeper up with immediate effect. Ter Braak is pushed back in the crease and offersa regulation outside edge. Cooper in early, and his first act is to call Szwarczynski through for a lunatic second run. Borren in.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  11.07
ACC: 2-0 in 1 over
And good morning from Rod Lyall at De Diepput, where it’s already pretty warm, certainly at the second ground where ACC are batting. Imran Khan opens from the Van Alkemadelaan End to Richardt Frenz, with Rehmat Zulfiqar his partner at the other end. Steady start; a single apiece. Geert Maarten Mol from the City End.

 Bertus de Jong  10:52
Two clubs turning up without scorers again today incidentally. *sigh*

 Dosti United vs HBS Craeyenhout  10:47
And some belated news from Drieburg, where HBS won the toss and will bat too. No Visee or Westdijk today though we hear, both carrying injuries.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs HCC  10:39
And Excelsior likewise fancy a bat.

 VRA Amsterdam vs Punjab Rotterdam  10:36
Here at the Bos the hosts win the toss too, VRA will bat first.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 188  10:35
And from Hazelaarweg, where VOC have the toss and will bat first too.

 Quick Haag vs ACC Amsterdam  10.34
News from de Diepput is that ACC have won the toss and will bat.

 ☀ Weather Update ☀  10.26
Still mercifully cool for now, though it’s not going to stay that way. That said, the standards of this absurd Summer today’s expected high of 26 Celcius is positively chilly.

 Bertus de Jong  10:22
Good morning all, and we’re back. After the excitement of last week’s international interlude we return for the first of the final four rounds of the Topklasse, with both relegation and the championship still up for grabs – though not for all of course. I’m here at the Bos where today’s game between VRA and Punjab could have implications at both ends of the table, with VRA currently VOC’s nearest rival at the top and Punjab looking to heave themselves off the bottom of the table. Their best hope is to catch either ACC or Quick Haag, whose match at de Diepput is thus of some significance, as is that between VOC and Sparta at Hazelaarweg, if only for VOC to consolidate their position. HBS meanwhile will need to see off Dosti at Drieburg if they are to stay in contention a the top. The day’s final game down at Thurlede however, where Excelsior take on HCC, is unlikely to be of any great relevance to anyone but the teams themselves,m the first of several dead rubbers that the format was always likely to generate.