Topklasse Live | Round 3 | As it Happened

 Bertus de Jong  17:05
We’re still about half an hour from the last rites here at Drieburg, but the chances of a resumption are minimal. No replays under the new format, so these two sides will have to wait for the 8th of July when they’ll play the return fixture at Thurlede. A second hundred of the season for Kohli the highlight here today, though the story of the day is of course Ali Ahmed’s remarkable demolition of HBS down at Craeyenhout to deliver HCC their first win of the season. Likewise getting their first points on the board were VRA yesterday, Dan ter Braak’s maiden Topklasse century inspiring them to a 25-run win over rivals ACC in the Amsterdam Derby. Sparta made short work of Punjab at Bermweg, Dost Mohammad and Max Hoornweg both bagging four wickets there. Quick meanwhile went entirely to pieces against VOC, bundled out for 63 at Hazelaarweg and would be bottom of the table were it not for Punjab being docked points for fielding Belgians Ali Raza and Mamoon Latif, whom the KNCB have ruled ineligible. More on that ongoing controversy later, for now that, barring a miracle here, is a wrap for us. We’ll be back live next week for another double weekend, previews and such in due course. Until then this is a damp Bertus de Jong signing off from a dreary Drieburg.

TK points table round 3
The table as things stand

 🌧 Weather Update 🌧  16:49
It’s still raining.

 🌧 Weather Update 🌧  16:17
The shower has subsided into a light but steady drizzle, and I’m afraid the outlook is bleak. No prospect of this letting up, and the storm expected in about an hour’s time. Safe bet we’re looking at our first rained out Topklasse game since May of 2016.

No handshakes as yet…

 🌧 Weather Update 🌧  15:39
The rain has finally arrived, and looks like it’s going to stay for a while. 16 balls left in the Dosti innings but I’d be surprised if we see any of them. Lunch on the table and I’d say we’re in for a long wait.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  15:36
 Dosti: 213-8 in 47.2 overs
And the second hundred of the season for Kohli, going to 99 with a towering six over midwicket off Bhatti and then pushing out on the off side for one more. He goes next over, down the wicket to Gijs Kroesen who bangs it in short, gloved through to Verhagen on the pull. His dismissal triggers a belated collapse, Davids clean bowled by Kroesen for 66 and Masood bowled by Hans as the clouds finally break.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  15:19
 Dosti: 175-5 in 44 overs
The hundred stand comes up, with Kohli now on 85 and Davids, who has twice planted Shankar back over his head for six, on 47. The momentum definitely with Dosti, as the fine drizzle continues to threaten worse to come.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  15:01
 Dosti: 145-5 in 40 overs
Kohli’s strokeplay becomes more expansive, particularly against Ingram, whose four overs go for 21 and who is replaced by Heggelman. Davids, however, lofts the Excelsior skipper back over his head for six. Sanjit Shankar is on at the Korfbal Court End, but the partnership continues to flourish.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  14:55
 HBS: 112 all out in 28.4 overs
 HCC: 113-2 in 21.3 overs
All over at Craeyenhout – Street takes them home, unbeaten 53 from him Tonny Staal keeping him company most of the way before nicking off off de Mey, Westdijk earlier with the only other wicket, having 8-wicket hero Ali Ahmed caught behind for ten. Convincing win for HCC, bouncing back from two opening defeats.

 📷 New Gallery 📷  14:48
Sander’s photos from yesterday’s match at Hazelaarweg have arrived! Check out the gallery here.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  14:41
 Dosti: 111-5 in 35 overs
And indeed, Kohli passes 50, from 93 deliveries with six fours. Lorenzo Ingram now operating from the Amstel Station End, in tandem with Gijs Kroesen.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  14:37
 HBS: 112 all out in 28.4 overs
 HCC: 87-2 in 19 overs
Staal departs for 33, but too little too late one feels. just 25 needed.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  13:55
 Dosti: 101-5 in 33 overs
Hundred up for Dosti, Kohli driving the scoring heading toward a not-entirely chanceless half-century, dropped off Gijs Kroesen on 40-odd.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  13:08
 HBS: 112 all out in 28.4 overs
 HCC: 75-1 in 15 overs
Staal and Street sail on serenely, 75 on the board after 15 and HBS look out of ideas already.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  13:55
 Dosti: 75-5 in 28 overs
Ghori doesn’t last though, falls victim to a direct hit from Hilditch and run out without scoring. Davids in.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  13:55
 Dosti: 75-4 in 28 overs
Bhatti finds the breakthrough here, Tewarie trapped LBW, Ghori in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  13:08
 HBS: 112 all out in 28.4 overs
 HCC: 40-1 in 10 overs
They’ve continue straight on at Craeyenhout. HCC have progressed to 40-1 in ten, Street and Staal at the wicket.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  13:55
 Dosti: 74-3 in 27 overs
First hint of a chance in a while as Tewarie looks to pull a short ball from Heggelman, stays a shade low and bottom edged across the stumps. Bhatti continues at the other end.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  13:43
 Dosti: 57-3 in 24 overs
Heggelman and Bhatti now for Excelsior, Tewarie drives Bhatti handsomely through the on side for four, and slices Heggelman uppishly between slip and gully for a hard run three, otherwise runs hard to come by.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  13:27
 Dosti: 47-3 in 20 overs
Hilditch bowled out at the korfball end, and Rens van Troost does likewise, Hilditch finishes with 1-16 from his ten, van Troost with 2-31. Heggelman brings himself into the attack.

 Bertus de Jong  13:19
So the details are in. Ali Ahmed Qasim took 8-36 in 8.4 overs. The first 8 wicket haul since Steven Smidt took 8-14 for Quick Haag against Hermes DVS in 2015, and only the second in the modern Topklasse.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  13:08
 HBS: 112 all out in 28.4 overs
Tough to keep up with the action at Craeyenhout, but word is Ali Ahmed has run absolutely rampant. 8 wickets for him, HBS 112 all out.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  12:58
 Dosti: 33-3 in 14 overs
And a breakthrough here too, van Troost finding Hafeez’s pads and a huge appeal, the fingers slow going up but it gets there in the end. Hafeez is livid. He’s convinced he hit it and isn’t shy about letting everyone know. Van Troost bowls two more balls to make it seven in the over. Umpire’s perhaps a little flustered. Vimal Tewarie joins Kohli. Still Hilditch at the korfball end.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  12:56
 HBS: 97-8 in 25 overs
The procession continues at HBS, Ali Ahmed wreaking absolute havoc. De Mey snicks it and great work from from Lagas behind the sticks taking it low to his right. Six for Ahmed now. Westdijk in.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  12:51
 Dosti: 32-2 in 12 overs
Van Troost drops short and is pulled away square by Hafeez for four, otherwise progress has been measured here. the occasional raindrop detectable but the heavy stuff has yet to arrive.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  12:42
 HBS: 92-6 in 21 overs
Coster doesn’t last long, caught behind off Jonkman and de Mey to the crease to join Gomes.

Reason to be fearful… (via

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  12:36
 Dosti: 24-2 in 8 overs
Kohli and Hafeez have calmed things down here, but it doesn’t look easy out there, five wides down leg side and into the sight screen from van Troost making the biggest impact on the scoreboard.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  12:26
 HBS: 87-5 in 18 overs
The collapse continues at Craeyenhout, Ahmed castled by his HCC namesake. Wessel Coster joins Gomes.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  12:18
 Dosti: 9-2 in 4 overs
And Dosti lose their second opener in the next over, Rahil Ahmed tamely lifting van Troost to cover. And two balls later a huge appeal for caught behind off Hafeez, Excelsior off and celebrating but the finger stays down. Hafeez ain’t going anywhere.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  12:16
 HBS: 83-4 in 17.~ overs
HBS’ top order again failing to live up to the hype, Morgan falls victim to a spectacular catch by Street at point.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  12:13
 Dosti: 7-1 in 3 overs
Tewarie drives van Troost through cover for the first boundary of the day, then glances fine off the pads to retain strike. Regrets it first ball of the next however as Hilditch finds his edge and Verhagen gathers gratefully. Kohli in at three and blocks out four, pushed past the point fielder for a single off the last.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  12:06
 HBS: 78-3 in 15.2 overs
Barresi gone, trapped LBW by Ali Ahmed.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  12:04
 Dosti: 1-0 in 1 over
And we’re underway here at Drieburg, Hilditch opens the bowling for the visitors, Vinoo Tewarie and Rahil Ahmed at one and two for Dosti. Tidy first over, single out through cover first ball and then dots. Rens van Troost from the other end…

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  11:56
 HBS: 70-2 in 13 overs
Two down now, Navjit Singh LBW. Morgan joins Barresi, who’s into the thirties./em>

 ⛅ Weather Update ⛅  11:43
Brightening appreciably here, still mostly overcast but the rain is holding off and there’s even a hint that the sun may yet make an appearance.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  11:33
And the rain has cleared long enough to get a toss in here, Excelsior have won it and will bowl first. Looking to get started at noon.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  11:25
 HBS: 31-1 in 5 overs
First wicket down at Craeyenhout, Visee gone after a typically brisk start.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  10:45
Better news from the Hague where HCC have won the toss and invited their hosts to bat first, and a timely start is expected.

 Dosti United vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  10:39
Light but persistent rain here at Drieburg, so no toss for now and no prospect of one in the near future. Some team news in the meantime, or rather lack of news. Both teams unchanged from Thursday.

 🌧 Weather Update 🌧  10:03
Pretty grim here in Amsterdam I’m afraid, overcast and drizzling. There’s some brighter sky moving in behind but looks like it’s going to be a start-stop day.

 Bertus de Jong  09:57
Good Morning all and welcome back to our Round 3 coverage, the delayed Dosti vs Excelsior and HBS vs HCC on the agenda today. I’m on my way to Drieburg for the former though we’ll do our best to keep you up to date with the latest from the Hague too.

 Bertus de Jong  18:50
So that’s 3/5ths of a wrap for us for this third round of Topklasse matches Quick’s batting shambles seems to have carried straight over from Thursday, whilst Punjab’s renaissance appears to be back on hold. VRA meanwhile looked at times convincing here at the Bos, but their notionally intimating top order once again proved surprisingly brittle. Two more games to go tomorrow when Exclesior head to Drieburg for a top-table clash with Dosti and HBS welcome Hague rivals HCC to Craeyenhout. Join us again in the morning.


 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  18:37
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
 ACC: 210-7 in 50 overs
An uneventful final over, the game winding to a close as ACC fall 25 runs short, and a maiden win for VRA this season.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  18:31
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
 ACC: 204-7 in 49 overs
200 up and respectability achieved, but hope of a win for ACC departed with Frenz. Botha picks out Cooper in the deep. Fine anticipation from Cooper, barely had to move. Potdar in, ter Braak to bowl the last.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  18:21
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
 ACC: 185-6 in 46 overs
Raja gets the big wicket, Frenz holing out to Singh on the long on rope for 63. Botha in and swinging for the ropes, almost caught second ball at shortish mid on, very tough chance full off the face one handed and spilled. 50 needed from the last four. Still Turmaine at the city end.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  18:11
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
 ACC: 177-5 in 44 overs
Rasool goes, stumped off Raja says the scorebook. 39 he made. I had my head down I’m afraid and apparently nobody else on the balcony saw it either. Raza in, Turmaine on at the city end.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  18:01
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
 ACC: 166-4 in 42 overs
Gunning plan abandoned, Raja back tight from him but ACC still ticking along. but the required rate edging toward nines. Borren to continue.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  17:53
Sparta: 222-8 in 50 overs
Punjab: 142 all out in 33.1 overs
Meanwhile it’s all over at het Zomercomplex, the hosts bundled out for 142. Dost Mohammad (4-40) and Max Hoornweg (3-30) the principle architects of Punjab’s demise

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  17:47
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
 ACC: 149-4 in 38 overs
Gunning into the attack, looks like van den Burg wants to finish it, doesn’t work out though as a top-edge fetches Frenz four and his fifty through fine leg. Threatening but leaky, seven from it in the end, ACC still in the game here.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  17:31
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
 ACC: 128-4 in 34 overs
Turmaine and ter Braak still, and Viv Kingma’s sat next to me with his ankle in ice, Haseeb Mia’s on for him. And drinks here, VRA on top Kingma reckons, need to string some good overs together with the pace off the ball. Big boundaries here so get the required rate up to 8 an over and wickets will come.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  17:15
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
 ACC: 107-4 in 30 overs
Still spin at both ends as ter Braak takes over from Raja, legspin from the Mulders end. Tidy from him, just one from it. Turmaine continues.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  17:04
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
 ACC: 98-4 in 27 overs
Here at the Bos meanwhile Turmaine has another, Sikander looking to cut and edging through to Szwarczynski behind the stumps. Raja at the other end, Rasool in to join Frenz.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  17:03
Sparta: 222-8 in 50 overs
Punjab: 120-5 in 24 overs
Some word at last from het Zomercomplex, where Punjab are five down with 120 on the board after 24 overs. Details to follow (hopefully).

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  16:44
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
 ACC: 74-3 in 21 overs
Turmaine into the attack and immediate result. Saqib down the track and yorks himself, it’s through him and into the stumps, gone for 39. Sikander in.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  16:11
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
 ACC: 46-2 in 14 overs
This pair look to be settling in for the long haul as Dunlop takes over from Gunning. This seems to unsettle Rehmat who cuts him straight to Borren at backward point, who holds it at the second attempt. Frenz in.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  15:55
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
 ACC: 31-1 in 11 overs
Kingma and Gunning continue to toil in the heat without reward, Zulfiqar and Zulfiqar content to wait on the bad ball, of which there has reliably been at least one each over. Gunning continues to look threatening when he gets it right, but the beginnings of a partnership here. Borren takes over from Kingma and opens with a maiden.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  15:36
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
 ACC: 20-1 in 6 overs
Rehmat finds the first boundary of the innings putting Kingma inside out over cover, drops just inside the rope. On drive for three form Saqib the only scoring shot from Gunning’s next, two singles and a wide from Kingma’s.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  15:21
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
 ACC: 8-1 in 3 overs
Rehmat gets off the mark with a big top edge trying to pull a short ball from Kingma, spirals over the keeper and drops safe. Kingma beats Saqib’s edge on the one occasion he attempts to play a shot, well left for the rest. Outside edge off Gunning drops short of slip, hustled singles, eight on the board.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  15:12
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
 ACC: 2-1 in 1 over
And we’re back here. Gunning to opens the bowling from the city end, Asad and Rehmat Zulfiqar opening. Asad quickly off the mark turning the first ball behind square for a couple, two dots and then gone! Gets forward, no stroke offered and smack into the front pad. Finger up. Saqib in. Kingma from the other end.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  14:25
 VRA: 235-8 in 50 overs
Dunlop finds the rope on the third ball with a deft flick off the toes wide of fine leg, but holes out next ball to Rehmat coming in off the rope at long off Raja in and ter Braak facing. Flicks the next over the shoulder for four, couple off the last and a decent finish for VRA, ter Braak carries the bat and finishes on 113*. He’s gotten the hosts to a competitive total, though the pitch looks true and the outfield quick. “Par” says the laconic van den Burg when asked for comment. Lunch here now, join us after the break.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  14:19
 VRA: 221-7 in 49 overs
Ter Braak tucks Kumar round the corner to bring up his century, cracking innings in the circumstances. They swing hard for the rest of the over but neither finds a sweet connection. Just six from it, Botha to bowl the last.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  14:15
 VRA: 215-7 in 48 overs
Botha brings the partnership to an end, Gunning flashing at a wide one and nicking through, gone for a crucial 23. Ter Braak on 99* at the other end as Dunlop joins him at the crease.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Quick Haag 14.06
 Quick: 63 all out in 27.5 overs
 VOC: 65-0 in 8.2 overs
And it is indeed all over at Hazelaarweg, as Edwards smacks Bista for successive boundaries and finishes on 38 from 33 deliveries.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  14:04
 VRA: 205-6 in 46 overs
200 up for VRA in the 46th and ter Braak’s got 95 of them, Alim back at the city end, Gunning on 20. Partnership worth 67 as we head into the death.

Ter Braak battles on in the heat – photo Bertus de Jong

 VOC Rotterdam vs Quick Haag 13.46
 Quick: 63 all out in 27.5 overs
 VOC: 48-0 in 6 overs
It’s Khan who is taken out of the attack after just one over, giving way to Thijs van Schelven at the Pavilion End, while Bista continues from the other. After two loose overs he settles to the task, but Edwards, who wants to get this over in a hurry, takes 12 off Van Schelven’s second. And VOC are almost there already.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Quick Haag 13.46
 Quick: 63 all out in 27.5 overs
 VOC: 15-0 in 2 overs
An untidy opening over from Jay Bista from the Airport End goes for 11, including two wides, one of them going all the way to the boundary. Mohammed Khan is more controlled, conceding a brace of twos to Scott Edwards, who opens with Corey Rutgers.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  13:45
 VRA: 174-6 in 40 overs
Gunning and ter Braak battling back into the game, Gunning still lightning between the wickets turning ones into twos. Potdar into the attack and ter Braak takes a liking to him, back to back fours off his second over, sweeping behind point and then driven wide of mid on. He’s onto 75 now.

 ☀ Weather Update ☀  13:29
It’s hotting up here at VRA, blazing sun and 23ish Celcius I’d say. Get along if you can.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  13:23
 VRA: 138-6 in 34 overs
Turmaine, who had been looking good, goes back to a fullish ball from Saqib, pinned on the crease and no hesitation from the umpire. Gunning in at 8 and they’ll take some drinks.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  13:16
 VRA: 132-5 in 33 overs
Turmaine cuts Raza square past the diving backward point, who recovers to haul it back just a hair inside the rope, doesn’t help much though as they’ve run four anyway. Ter Braak brings up a crucial half-century in the next over, his first for VRA, driving Saqib to long-off for one.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  13:15
Sparta: 102-3 in 30 overs
Bukhari and de Kok have rebuilt well after the early wickets, they’re on 40* and 38* respectively. Hundred up for Sparta in 30 overs.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  13:02
 VRA: 117-5 in 29 overs
The collapse very much on here at the Bos, van den Burg looking to cut Raza and that’s catching practice for Alim at backward point. Turmaine in, ter Braak still there on 45 now.

 Rod Lyall  12:56
By my count, that four-wicket haul gives Pieter Seelaar 299 wickets in the top flight. His figures today are remarkable: 9.5-3-8-4.
Apparently, lunch is being taken here at Hazelaarweg

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  12:54
 VRA: 109-4 in 27 overs
Quite the reversal here as the wickets keep coming. Borren looking to cut Saqib can only edge to slip where Sikander bags his third catch of the match. Van den Burg in, wicket maiden for Saqib.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Quick Haag 12.55
 Quick: 63 all out in 27.5 overs
Landheer is starting to look a little more confident, but Trappenburg, after surviving a couple of LBW shouts, edges Seelaar to Klaassen at slip. Khan lasts just one ball, trapped in front, and it’s all over.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  12:54
 VRA: 109-3 in 26 overs
Raza returns and fins immediate reward, has Cooper pushing forward first ball of his second spell, turns it past the bat and pegs back the stump. And two in two! Szwarczynski gone first ball, Sikander holding on at slip. Borren in and slaps the hat-trick ball to extra cover, blocks then next couple and then finds a single to third man off the last ball.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  12:44
 VRA: 102-1 in 24 overs
Ter Braak takes VRA to three figures with a lovely back foot straight drive off Alim, skipper Saqib brings himself on at the other end.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Quick Haag 12.39
 Quick: 57-8 in 24 overs
Three maidens in a row (by Hanif, Seelaar and Umar Baker), as Teun Landheer and Govert Trappenburg battle to settle in. Landheer finally gets off the mark, but the spinners are well on top.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  12:38
Sparta: 65-3 in 22 overs
Sparta have pushed on to 65 for 3 after 22 overs, Tim de Kok in the middle with Mudassar Bukhari, who’s just had a close call, caught off a no ball.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Quick Haag 12.27
 Quick: 54-8 in 19.1 overs
Vierling survives a difficult caught-and-bowled chance to Hanif, drives him back straight for four, and is bowled by the last ball of the over. Govert Trappenburg comes in, and then Van Schelven smacks Seelaar’s first delivery straight to Hanif at mid-on. Poor, poor cricket.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  12:25
 VRA: 77-1 in 19 overs
Alim takes over from Raza after the break, left arm orthodox. Ter Braak happy to just work him arround for singles, late dab down to third man for two and steady progress for VRA. Still Zulfiqar at the other end, both batsmen in the mid-twenties.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Quick Haag 12.18
 Quick: 50-6 in 17.2 overs
But not for long, as Seelaar pockets a sharp return catch off the second ball after the break. Thijs van Schelven in at eight.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  12:16
 VRA: 70-1 in 17 overs
Drinks here too. Cooper and ter Braak have made steady progress, still Raza and R.Zulfiqar collaborating, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen anything that might produce a wicket.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Quick Haag 12.15
 Quick: 50-5 in 17 overs
The fifty comes up as they take a drink at the Hazelaarweg. Doc Mol is still there and has reached 16, though not without surviving some edges and a couple of confident shouts for leg-before. There is, to put it politely, plenty of assistance for the bowlers out there. And for Quick it’s a matter of survival at the moment.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Quick Haag 12.03
 Quick: 45-5 in 12.2 overs
Hanif replaces Klaassen, and is rewarded with a soft wicket as Rooda, on 9, tries to pull and gets a leading edge, high to Max O’Dowd at deepish point. Daan Vierling joins Mol.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  12:01
Sparta meanwhile are two down for twenty after ten overs, but that’s all we can tell you at present. If you’re at the game, get tweeting! #TKLive

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  11:59
 VRA: 50-1 in 13 overs
Cooper starting positively, quickly into double figures as Rehmat Zulfiqar replaces Botha and is met with a fine-looking back foot drive for a couple, still Kumar at the other end and fifty on the board for the hosts.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Quick Haag 11.53
 Quick: 43-4 in 11 overs
Fletcher, after taking three for 19 in four overs, gives way to spin, Pieter Seelaar deciding to have a twirl himself from the Airport End. His first over concedes just a single. Klaassen’s a bit more expensive from the Pavilion End, concentrating on aggression, but he’s inducing plenty of false shots and always looks likely to take a wicket.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  11:44
 VRA: 33-1 in 10 overs
Botha’s still looking threatening, looking for a fourth stump line and taking it away from the bat, but there’s still a ball to hit every over. Beats Singh’s edge twice on the trot and then driven through cover-point for four. Raza takes overs from Kumar and he’s the one that finds the breakthrough, draws Singh forward and finds the edge, well held low by Sikander Zulfiqar at slip. Cooper in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Quick Haag 11.37
 Quick: 19-4 in 7 overs
Klaassen is generating plenty of life from the Pavilion End, but without any luck initially. It’s Fletcher who’s picking up the wickets, but after Stokkers hooks a Klaassen bouncer behind square for four he tries it again next ball, gets a top edge, and Rutgers drops back at short forward square leg to take a simple catch. Stokkers departs for 7, Rogier Rooda in.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  11:32
 VRA: 23-0 in 7 overs
Botha looking a handful here, through the slips off ter Braak’s edge, then beats Singh’s bat the following over. Looks to be a bit of lateral movement for him, but he’s not quite found his line. Leg side wide swings away from Frenz in the 7th over, and ter Braak whips the next ball off his pads for four through square leg.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Quick Haag 11.21
 Quick: 8-3 in 3.4 overs
Stokkers edges the hat-trick ball through slip, Davey takes two through the covers, but then the fourth ball of the over clips the top of off stump. Quick in deep trouble, as Geert Maarten Mol joins Stokkers.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  11:20
 VRA: 10-0 in 4 overs
Steadier start here at the Bos, Botha and Kumar sharing the new ball. Singh and ter Braak watchful, quiet first couple of overs before Botha misses his length in the third and is duly driven through mid off by Singh, lovely shot and a swift outfield, four runs.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Quick Haag 11.11
 Quick: 4-2 in 2 overs
Drama at the Hazelaarweg! Fred Klaassen opens from the Pavilion End to Jay Bista, starting with a wide. Otherwise a tidy over, but Bista pushes the final ball through short extra for a single. Pierce Fletcher starts from the Airport End, Bista squeezing a couple down through the gully. Then he edges the fifth delivery a little squarer, and it just carries to Van Baren at point. Steven Ekelmans in at three, and Fletcher surgically removes his middle stump first up!.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Quick Haag 11.01
Correction: It transpires that van Schelven decided to bat first. Life is full of surprises.

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  11:00
VRA are unchanged from Thursday, Szwarczynski still deputising the absent Lees behind the sticks. ACC have one change with Frenz back and Zulfiqar senior back into on-again, off-again retirement. We’re about ready to go here, Singh and ter Braak on their way to the middle for the hosts.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  10:49
And Punjab follow the trend, they’ve won the toss and will bowl first too. Some team news from Sparta, today’s XI: Ambrose, Bukhari, Buurman+, Dost, M.Hoornweg, Iqbal, de Kok, Pollard, Saleem, Sardha, Snoep*

 VRA vs ACC Amsterdam  10:44
And the visitors have the toss here at the Bos, and ACC will bowl first.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Quick Haag 10.40
The news from Hazelaarweg is that Quick’s new captain, Thijs van Schelven, has called correctly and invited VOC to have a bat. The regular captain, Jeroen Brand, has a football commitment today, it seems.

 ⛅ Weather Update ⛅  10:13
The Sun’s just beginning to burn through the clouds here at Cafe Anno 1890 with the temperature creeping up into the high teens, expect it’s a similar situation round the corner at VRA. Similar story in Rotterdam if reports are to be believed, and the forecast for the day is promising. There’s some heavy weather down south but we’re promised the worst of it will stay down in Belgium where it belongs, at least until tomorrow.

 Bertus de Jong  10:06
Good morning everyone and welcome once again to Topklasse Live. The third round is already upon us, at least in part, with two of today’s matches having been pushed back to tomorrow. Nonetheless we’ll have the action for you from Hazelaarweg where Rod Lyall will be bringing you the latest from VOC vs Quick Haag. Also in Rotterdam Punjab welcome Sparta to the Zomercomplex, whilst I’m on my way to the Bos where VRA will be taking on Amsterdam rivals ACC. We’re still 25 minutes away from the toss so in the meantime why not check out the preview for the weekend’s play?