Topklasse Live | Round 8 | As it Happened

 Bertus de Jong  19:08
Not a whole lot of edge-of-your seat stuff this week but some encouraging performances for those backing the Dutch in the Tri-Series that starts next week, with a number of dutch internationals putting in encouraging performances. The big story of the round is of course Excelsior’s implosion against Sparta, their first loss of the season and one which keeps things interesting at the top of the table. With all the other likely challengers, VRA, VOC and HBS all recording wins the title contest suddenly looks wide open. We’ll be back next week of course for the ninth round, join us then.

The Topklasse Points table after Round 8

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  20:25
 ACC: 300-8 in 50 overs
 HCC: 271 all out in 48 overs
That proved a fairly decent guess, HCC all out for 271 in 48 overs we’re belatedly informed.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  19:05
 ACC: 300-8 in 50 overs
 HCC: ?
Well de Diepput has gone radio silent, and presumably had they won they’d be eager to share the news. So we’re going to work on the assumption that they have lost by 30-40 runs.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  18:53
 ACC: 300-8 in 50 overs
 HCC: 264-9 in 46 overs?
So the last word from de Diepput is that HCC were down to their last wicket, with de Lange and Peters needing 37 off the last four overs. Safe to say they’ve lost by now but it seems they’re determined to keep it quiet.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  18:30
 ACC: 300-8 in 50 overs
 HCC: 250-8 in 43 overs
So de Diepput hosts the last living match today, where HCC need another 51 runs from the last seven overs. Bryce Street’s 102 has kept them in the game but he’s been run out and they’ve since lost Hidde Overdijk too. Floris de Lange joins Lagas for the denoument.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  18:20
 HBS: 276-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 216 all out in 47.3 overs
And Quick bow out 60 runs short, Daan Vierling did get his fifty though, unbeaten for 52 in the end, and Wesley Barresi pick of the bowlers with 3-30.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  18:19
 VRA: 217 all out in 49.4 overs
 Dosti: 172-9 in 50 overs
And all done, Dosti play out their overs in the ed but the result has not been in doubt for a while, Ben Cooper and Emile van den Burg the unlikely heroes with the ball, controlling the rate in the middle overs, Cooper picking up the key wicket of Kohli and van den Burg finishing with career-best figures of 3-31 in a comfortable win for the hosts.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  18:08
 HBS: 276-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 207-8 in 45 overs
And the only question remaining at Craeyenhout is whether Vierling will make his half century, he’s two away now but wickets coming as quick as runs.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  18:06
 VRA: 217 all out in 49.4 overs
 Dosti: 165-9 in 46 overs
And this match is heading the way one might expect, Masood and Hoseinbaks hole out off van den Burg, Mia and Cooper the catchers. Will all be over soon.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  17:47
 HBS: 276-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 178-8 in 40 overs
Likewise there’s only one way this is going at Craeyenhout now. Quick 8 down, Mol gone for 40, Vierling on 29 but batting for pride really. Adil Ahmed in no small part responsible, his figures are 3-45 as things stand.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  17:46
 VRA: 217 all out in 49.4 overs
 Dosti: 142-7 in 40 overs
Another down and the momentum entirely with the hosts now. Hans caught behind off Turmaine. Van den Burg almost has Hoseinbaks next over a a wild swipe is shelled at deep backward square by the as yet unidentified substitute fielder, who’s on for the shoulder injury-nursing Dan ter Braak. Masood in with him now. required rate over 8. Hard to see them getting there.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  17:36
 VRA: 217 all out in 49.4 overs
 Dosti: 137-6 in 35 overs
And that’s another big wicket. Davids caught down the leg side off Turmaine and all of a sudden it looks like we’re in for a tense one here.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  17:37
 HBS: 276-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 161-6 in 36 overs
Doc Mol and Vierling likewise keeping Quick in the game, they’re on 40 and 24 respectively.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  17:30
 ACC: 300-8 in 50 overs
 HCC: 142-4 in 34 overs
A remarkable recovery meanwhile from HCC, though they’re still well off the pace. Street and Jonkman have put together a solid partenership for the fifth wicket, and the former is on 60*.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  17:22
 VRA: 217 all out in 49.4 overs
 Dosti: 129-4 in 34 overs
Kohli racks up another fifty, van den Burg persists with the part-time combo of himself and Ben Cooper, his hand forced somewhat by Peter Borren’s limp, presumably a result of the blow he suffered while batting, and of course the fact that Viv Kingma’s sat here on the balcony rather than out on the field. Remarkably enough, it pays off. Cooper finds Kohli’s edge, Lees finds an extra yard in his dive from somewhere, full length to his right one-handed and great take. Davids in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  17:07
 HBS: 276-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 138-6 in 30 overs
Doc Mol and Daan Vierling are holding steady for Quick, though the former is scoring rather more freely than the latter. They’re on 36 and 9 respectively. If double the score after thirty holds true we’re headed for a tie, Quick’s scorer Jaap Krulder observes, though admittedly Quick would get there 12 down.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  17:04
 VRA: 217 all out in 49.4 overs
 Dosti: 103-3 in 29 overs
Hafeez with a most un-Hafeez-like slash outside off (we’re told), and nicks van den Burg through to Lees. Not the wicket they wanted but they’ll take it. Rahil Ahmed to the crease. Kohli on 47.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  16:55
 HBS: 276-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 112-6 in 22 overs
Quick are in serious trouble at Craeyenhout, despite a useful 37 from Lesley Stokkers. Any remaining hopes hinge on Geert Maarten Mol, but with six wickets down it’s seemingly only a matter of time.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  16:47
 VRA: 217 all out in 49.4 overs
 Dosti: 95-2 in 26 overs
And Ben Cooper finds the breakthrough, just as we started digging through scorecards to find Tewarie’s last back to back fifties he chips Cooper up to Turmaine at extra cover, gone for 42. Sorry Vinoo. Hafeez in at four.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  16:35
 ACC: 300-8 in 50 overs
 HCC: 73-4 in 21 overs
HCC have enjoyed a brief passage of respite, a 4th wicket partnership of 30 runs arresting the procession, but Gorlee it’s over now as Gorlee is caught, Jonkman in and HCC not looking like coming close to chasing this.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  16:24
 VRA: 217 all out in 49.4 overs
 Dosti: 73-1 in 18 overs
Van den Burg not afraid to experiment in his pursuit of a wicket, Ben Cooper into the attack, bowling medium pace today. The hoped-for breakthrough continues to elude them however as Kohli and Tewarie both move into the thirties. Still Turmaine from the other end.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  15:52
 Punjab: 147-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 148-3 in 19.5 overs
And cruise they did. VOC wrap up an easy victory, Seelaar just sneaks in a quick unbeaten half-century off 40 balls, O’Dowd left to rue his comparatively sluggish innings, left stranded on 49* off 47, without any more runs to get.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  16:10
 VRA: 217 all out in 49.4 overs
 Dosti: 62-1 in 15 overs
First and only blood to Mia thus far. Tewarie and Kohli looking serene here. They’ve put together an fifty partnership, the highlight of which was undoubtedly the Tewarie pulling Mia high over the square boundary for six. Vand den Burg turns to the rarely called-upon Singh for the 16th.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  16:01
 ACC: 300-8 in 50 overs
 HCC: 42-3 in 10 overs
HCC stumbling out of the blocks in the chase, three wickets gone, Ninan, Staal and Ahmed all LBW. Gorlee in at five.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  15:59
 HBS: 276-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 71-4 in 14.2 overs
Another down at Craeyenhout, Davey gone for 11, Stokkers and Doc Mol in with an a lot of work to do.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  15:52
 Punjab: 147-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 94-3 in 13 overs
Early wobbles for VOC but O’Dowd and Seelaar have more than steadied things, rollicking along at sevens. Look to be cruising.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  15:40
 HBS: 276-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 44-3 in 10 overs
Two wickets for Farshad Khan and HBS well on top, Landheer gone for 4 and Bista for 27. Davey and Stokkers now for Quick.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  15:25
 VRA: 217 all out in 49.4 overs
 Dosti: 10-1 in 4 overs
And Mia has first blood at the Bos, banged in short and Vimal on the hook, high and hard but not high enough to clear Ben Cooper at deep fine leg. Kohli at three.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  15:22
 Punjab: 147-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 35-2 in 6.2 overs
VOC meanwhile are two down already,Rutgers’ underwhelming season continues as he’s bowled by Saleemi for 15, and Schooneheim caught off Tariq for 12. O’Down and van Baren in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  15:20
 HBS: 276-5 in 50 overs
 Quick: 12-1 in 5 overs
And one wicket down at Craeyenhout, Bob van Gigch the man to go. Bista and Landheer now for Quick.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  15:15
 VRA: 217 all out in 49.4 overs
 Dosti: 4-0 in 2 overs
We’re underway here again, Mia and Gunning with the new ball and a tidy start from them. Double Tewarie opening pair for Dosti today, Vinoo and Vimal in.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  14:26
 VRA : 217 all out in 49.4 overs
VRA’s innings comes to an end 2 balls short of fifty overs, Mia looking to pull Kohli and that’s a huge top edge, Rahil Ahmed tracks back a long way to take a good diving catch.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  14:25
 ACC: 300-7 in 50 overs
Bang on 300 in the end for ACC for the loss of 7 wickets. Frenz out for 117 in the end.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  14:24
 Punjab: 147-9 in 50 overs
Punjab meanwhile have struggled to 147-9 from their 50. Ashan Bamunusinghe left unbeaten on 53.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  14:20
 VRA : 209-8 in 48 overs
Wickets frustrate VRA’s attempts to accelerate, Davids finds Turmaine’s stumps and Lees holes out on the long off rope. Gunning and Dasgupta to do what they can with the last two overs.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  14:14
 HBS: 276-5 in 50 overs
HBS finish on 276-5 from their 50, Barresi unbeaten on 77 at the end, Adeel Ahmed having contributed 41. A solid score then, though Quick did well to keep things from getting out of hand despite wickets coming only rarely after Visee’s early blitz.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  14:02
 VRA : 192-6 in 44 overs
Hoseinbaks brings an end to what was looking like a promising partnership, van den Burg down the track, misses and loses a bail. Lees joins Turmaine who’s on 20 and looking run-hungry.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  13:59
 ACC: 265-1 in 45 overs
Saqib goes for 80 to be replaced by Sikander. Frenz still there and looks set to bat through the innings, in the meantime having reached his maiden Topklasse century.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  13.47
 Excelsior: 41 all out in 28.1 overs
 Sparta: 42-1 in 9.1
And it’s all over at Sportpark Bermweg, as Faisal Iqbal strikes three consecutive fours off Hilditch and then lofts Sohail Bhatti over the covers to complete a very comprehensive victory. Iqbal ends on 29.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  13:52
 HBS: 221-4 in 45 overs
Geert Mol has removed Gomes for 79 in the interim, but Barresi is kicking on, he’s got his half century and HBS will be looking to go hard in the final five.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  13:48
 VRA : 174-5 in 40 overs
Turmaine and van den Burg doing good work for VRA, but again the top order has failed to really live up to its reputation, on course for a competitive rather than intimidating score. That’ll help though, Turmaine sweeps Hafeez hard out square and through the legs of the fielder.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  13.47
 Excelsior: 41 all out in 28.1 overs
 Sparta: 21-1 in 7
Excelsior begin as if they think they can defend this, and Iqbal and Tim de Kok don’t look entirely comfortable. But the false shots aren’t going to hand, and without doing anything outrageously silly the batsmen are halfway to their target.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  13:39
 Punjab: 123-8 in 41.2 overs
Bamunusinghe’s dogged resistance continues, he’s on 37 from 99 balls. He’s only got 3 partners left though, Seelaar having removed Saleemi for 9. Scratch that, two partners as Bajwa gets himself run out. Tariq in.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  13:36
 ACC: 229-1 in 40 overs
300 very much in sight for ACC as we head into the final ten, they need 7 an over to get there, Frenz on 84 and Saqib on 69.

 Rod Lyall  13:35
But it’s not an all-time record for Excelsior: they were bowled out for 24 by Haarlem (now Bloemendaal) in 1954.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  13:30
 VRA : 155-5 in 36 overs
Borren gone, Hans has him pinned in front for 22, Turmaine in and brings up the 150 on his first ball sweeping behind square.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  13.27
 Excelsior: 41 all out in 28.1 overs
 Sparta: 5-1 in 1.2
Usman Ishfaq and Faisal Iqbal lead the chase, facing James Hilditch from the Schollebos End and Tom Heggelman. Ishfaq takes a single from Hilditch’s first ball, and then goes after the Excelsior skipper, lofting his first delivery over mid-off for four. But the next lobs tamely to Bhatti at mid-on, who takes the catch head-high.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  13:23
 ACC: 198-1 in 37 overs
And Saqib has raced to fifty, Frenz still there and deep into the sixties. ACC have an excellent platform here with 13 overs to go.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  13:22
 HBS: 166-3 38 overs
Drinks at Craeyenhout and HBS are well set, Gomes and Barresi have put together an 87-run partnership, they’re on 46 and 31 respectively.

 Rod Lyall  13:18
Excelsior’s total of 41 is certainly their lowest in the top flight since 1988, and possibly ever. They were dismissed by Kon UD for 44 back in 1984, and for 48 by HCC in 2014.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  13:15
 VRA : 134-4 in 34 overs
Skipper and ex-skipper looking to get things going again after that mini-collapse, but Borren takes a nasty looking blow on the ankle as he advances on Davids. It seems to have made him angry, couple of overs later and he reverse sweeps Mahesh Hans with what can only be described as contempt.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  13.03
 Excelsior: 41 all out in 28.1 overs
But it’s Dost Muhammad who traps Bhatti in front, to finish with the extraordinary figures of five for 4 from 8.1 overs, with four maidens.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  13.03
 Excelsior: 41-9 in 28 overs
Muhammad’s in-swing is too much for Van Troost, who sees his leg stump removed by a full toss. I apologise to Bhatti, who comes in now, his partner being Haider Khan. It will be no consolation to either that Bell’s successor at the Schollebos End is Mudassar Bukhari, back to finish it off.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  12.58
 Excelsior: 41-8 in 26.1 overs
Bell has switched to the Schollebos End to complete his ten overs, and with the first ball of his last he rearranges Van Slobbe’s woodwork. Sohail Bhatti doesn’t often get a chance to bat, but he certainly has today. Bell’s a bit quick for him, though, and finishes with two for 15 from his set.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  12:58
 VRA : 116-4 in 28 overs
And another for Davids here, who has the dangerous-looking Cooper caught at midwicket by Vinoo Tewarie. Van den Burg in and VRA suddenly faltering.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  12:56
 ACC: 148-1 in 30 overs
Fifty for Frenz in the meantime, and he is in fact batting with Saqib Zulfiqar we’re now told, who’s already on 24. Admittedly they do look somewhat similar, but you’d expect this particular source to be able to tell them apart…

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  12:54
 HBS: 122-3 in 30 overs
Gomes and Barresi push on for HBS, the former on to 39*.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  12:53
 Punjab: 78-6 in 22 overs
Another down at the Zomercomplex, Usman caught off Hanif for 12. Saleemi in

 VRA vs Dosti-United  12:50
 VRA : 113-3 in 26 overs
Szwarczynski’s uncharacteristically awful season continues, caught down the leg side by Ahmed off Davids for 10. Borren in and sees out the over.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  13.44
 Excelsior: 41-7 in 24 overs
Woutersen is caught in two minds by Muhammad, neither forward nor back, and his off stump is rocked back. Three for 4 for Muhammad, and Rens van Troost comes in.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  12:38
 Punjab: 72-5 in 22 overs
Punjab meanwhile have lost another, Latif and Bamunesinghe’s attempt to stabilise the innings is thwarted by O’Dowd, who has the Latif trapped in front for 16. Yasir Usman in at 7 and looks to counterattack, he’s on to 12 off ten balls.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  12:35
 ACC: 113-1 in 25 overs
And a belated breakthrough at de Diepput, Rehmat goes for 66, replaced by brother Asad. Or not. Sikander comes in at three, there’s been some order re-jigging it seems.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  12:32
 VRA : 99-2 in 22 overs
Fifty partnership up here, but they won’t get much further, Singh is down the track to Hoseinbaks but can only clip it tamely to Kohli at short midwicket. Szwarczynski in and off the mark with a two out to deep extra.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  12.28
 Excelsior: 34-6 in 19.3 overs
Bukhari plays Tony Lock to Atse Buurman’s Jim Laker, taking a routine catch at midwicket as Hilditch fails to get over a tentative clip to leg off Muhmmad. Davi van Slobbe makes his first Topklasse appearance for Excelsior, and not at the most opportune of moments.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  12:23
 VRA : 94-1 in 20 overs
Cooper and Singh going well here, the former puts Hands over the rope and into the bushes to trigger the drinks break the latter then drives him beautifully through extra cover for four when they come back. Tewarie brings himself on from the Mulder end.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  12:22
 HBS: 80-3 in 20 overs
Stokkers into the attack and finds immediate reward, has the dangerous Morgan caught on the long on rope by Ekelmans for 1. Barresi joins Gomes.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  12:19
 ACC: 97-0 in 20 overs
Frenz and Zulfiqar closing in on a century partnership at de Diepput, Rehmat has his half century and Frenz not far behind.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  12:12
 HBS: 78-2 in 18.2 overs
Bista’s having a fine first outing as skipper at Craeyenhout, three maidens, a wicket and now an excellent low catch in the outfield off to remove Dennis Coster for 22 as van der Horst strikes with his second ball.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  12.08
 Excelsior: 31-5 in 15.5 overs
Five for Buurman! Heggelman plays at Muhammad, the field goes up, followed by umpire Van den Dries’s finger. Heggelman departs, shaking his head, and David Woutersen joins Hilditch.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  12.04
 Excelsior: 30-4 in 15 overs
Kroesen and Hilditch had started a rebuilding exercise, and Bell and Bukhari have given way to Dost Muhammad and Usman Saleem. But from the final ball of the latter’s first over Kroesen, after some enterprising running, becomes the fourth to nick through to Buurman, and departs for 9. Skipper Heggelman in, with his side in danger of a complete rout.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  12:03
 VRA : 65-1 in 16 overs
Cooper looks in a rambunctious mood today, happy to go arial over the infield, and indeed the outfield as he steps down the track to lift Masood back over his head and the rope next to the sight screen. Kohli into the attack now.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  11:56
 ACC: 70-0 in 15 overs
ACC’s new opening partnership looks to be paying off so far, Frenz is on 28 and Rehmat 39. 70 up for no loss in 15.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  11:54
 Punjab: 39-4 in 10 overs
Punjab meanwhile in all sorts of trouble at the Zomercomplex, they’ve lost 4 wickets in the powerplay for just 39 runs.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  11:50
 VRA : 46-1 in 13 overs
Breakthrough here and it’s ter Braak that goes, trying to put Hafeez over mid on but ends up spooning it to Davids. Cooper in at three to join Singh.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  11.48
 Excelsior: 23-3 in 10.5 overs
And a third victim for Buurman, and that’s the big one! Ingram edges Bukhari, and Excelsior are in real trouble, despite a lovely opening straight drive from Joost Kroesen to post the first boundary of the day from the bat. Hilditch joins him in the middle.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  11:45
 HBS: 58-1 in 11 overs
Captaincy seems to agree with Jay Bista. He’s bowled 4 overs, three of them maidens, current figures 4-3-1-4.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  11.38
 Excelsior: 14-2 in 9 overs
Another catch for Buurman, this time off Bukhari, who is operating round the wicket to the lefthanders. Shankar gets the edge, and departs for 4. Joost Kroesen comes in at four, joining Ingram, who has just got off the mark after facing 17 deliveries.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  11:37
 VRA : 41-0 in 10 overs
Meanwhile here at the Bos ter Braak and Singh also continue to build, ter Braak making the running, he’s on 27, Singh has 9. Hafeez replaces Davids at the Mulder end.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  11:34
 ACC: 40-0 in 9 overs
The new Combo of Frenz and Rehmat Zulfiqar have put together something of an opening partnership at de Diepput, they’re on 12 and 28 respectively, ACC 40 without loss.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  11:32
 HBS: 51-1 in 7 overs
Visée goes early but not without making an impact, Bista has him caught in the slips by van Gigch for 43 from 19 balls. Quick breathe a collective sigh of relief.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  11.28
 Excelsior: 12-1 in 6 overs
A good battle is developing between Bukhari and Bell on the one hand and Shankar and Ingram on the other. Bell is developing real pace, and gets one to lift alarmingly to Ingram. The sixth over is a maiden.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  11:24
 ACC: 21-0 in 5 overs
A steadier start for ACC at de Diepput meanwhile, they’re on 21 without loss after 5 overs.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  11:22
 HBS: 40-0 in 4 overs
Toby Visée is in that sort of mood at Craeyenhout it seems. He’s on 36* off just 14 balls and HBS are 40 without loss after 4, this despite one of said overs being a maiden from Jay Bista.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  11.18
 Excelsior: 10-1 in 3.4 overs
A breakthrough for Bell, as Etman, on the front foot, gets a fine edge through to Atse Buurman behind the stumps. Lorenzo Ingram joins Shankar.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  11:17
 VRA : 12-0 in 4 overs
Ter Braak finds the first boundary of the innings with a lofted straight drive off Hoseinbaks, though it takes its time to reach the rope. Outfield not quite its usual zippy self it seems. Seven runs off the over, but Davids keeps it tight at the other end. Masood replaces Hoseinbaks for the fourth and gets stared with a maiden, passing Singh’s edge a couple of times too. Looks to be doing a bit out there.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  11.10
 Excelsior: 6-0 in 2 overs
Mudassar Bukhari opens from the Schollebos or Scoreboard End to Tim Etman, who takes a single from the fourth ball. This brings Sanjit Shankar on strike, and umpire Morokosi is immediately in the action, turning down a raucous LBW appeal to the audible displeasure of Bukhari. To make matters worse, the ball runs all the way to the boundary for four leg-byes. Warren Bell’s opening over from the Bermweg End is less eventful, a single to Etman off the first delivery the only significant action.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  11:05
 VRA : 2-0 in 1 over
We’re underway here at the Bos, Anees Davids opening from the Mulder end, Singh and ter Braak opening for VRA. Davids coming through at a fair pace, Singh keeps on the back foot for most of the over barring an attractive cover drive that brings a couple. Asief Hoseinbaks will share the new ball. They’re on the artificial today for reasons not yet clear, Dosti seem a little disappointed.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  10:55
Just time for some selection news from Quick, Jeroen Brand is unwell, Bista in charge and van julius van der Horst comes into the side. Navjit Singh also returns for HBS.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  10.52
Here at Sportpark Bermweg Tom Heggelman has called incorrectly, and Sparta have inserted the visitors. Presiding over events will be visiting South African umpire Tom Mokorosi, who will be officiating along with Adrian van den Dries. The outfield may be a little damp after the rain, but otherwise the ground is looking splendid.

 HCC vs ACC Amsterdam  10:50
And HCC have won the toss too, but they buck the trend and elect to field first.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  10:45
Here at the Bos too, and Emile van der Burg prefers to bat.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VOC Rotterdam  10:44
Luck is with the hosts at the Zomercomplex too, Punjab also elect to bat first.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Quick Haag  10:40
Word from Craeyenhout is that HBS have the toss and will bat first.

 ⛅ Weather Update ⛅  10.15
We’ve had a fair bit of rain in Amsterdam the last couple of days, but it all looks fairly promising this morning. The sun’s just starting to burn through the last of the clouds and the temperature’s creeping up into the 20s. A bit of a breeze just kicking up as well and the outlook looks fine for the rest of the day, still looks a bit bowl-first overhead to me though. The rest of the country looks much the same if reports are to be believed, so we fingers crossed we’ve a five-match day on our hands.

 Bertus de Jong  09:45
Morning everyone and welcome back for another round of Topklasse action, and hopefully we’ll see rather more activity than the weather permitted last week. We’ve a full slate of five games lined up today, I’m en route to the Bos again for VRA vs Dosti united, and we’ve dispatched anther convoy to Berweg where Rod will be bringing you the latest from Starta 1888’s top-table clash with Excelsior. Meanwhile VOC will take on Punjab at the Zompercomplex in Rotterdam’s newest derby, whilst a rather older rivalry will play out at Craeyenhout where HBS take on Quick. Finally ACC are off to de Diepput to meet HCC, in the only game that produced disagreement in today’s preview.